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Activating Governance for End Users in Office 365 and SharePoint - SPS Vancouver 2016

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Planning and implementing a governance strategy that is empowering, manageable and scalable is key to running a successful Office 365 and SharePoint environment. Building this plan requires “planning” that runs across the business with the support of the C-levels but with the end users in mind. This session will look at an understanding of the business challenges, the justification points, and the technology issues that should be addressed. SharePoint governance should be planned but fluid in order to reflect the constant changes that will happen especially in Office 365. In this session, we’ll explore how aligning governance content to your business and delivering it in-context will help insure change management and user adoption.

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Activating Governance for End Users in Office 365 and SharePoint - SPS Vancouver 2016

  1. 1. ACTIVATING GOVERNANCE FOR OFFICE 365 AND SHAREPOINT USERS March 12, 2016 Heather Newman CMO & Co-Founder, Content Panda @contentpanda @heddanewman
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  4. 4. Happy International Women’s Month Calling all women in technology to share your stores and be heard on the IT Unity Women in Technology community site. http://www.itunity.com/community/women-in-technology
  5. 5. ImproveIT! Book - Essays on SharePoint Analytics & Adoption The paperback and Kindle editions are available on Amazon. The free eBook is available here: http://www.improveit.how
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  7. 7. Agenda  End User Adoption Campaign  What is governance and why is it important?  A case study  A governance checklist  Q&A
  8. 8. http://fasttrack.microsoft.com/office End user adoption and governance has not changed in 15 years for SharePoint or Office 365 People just don’t take the time to do it, because its not easy.
  9. 9. Adoption Campaigns Vision Objectives/Goals Executive Sponsors Champions Theme Communication Vehicles Roll Out Gamification Metrics @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  10. 10. Outline Your Vision It’s All About Value Why SharePoint? What is your vision?
  11. 11. Get Sponsored “Before you roll out SharePoint…” @heddanewman contentpanda.com Executive Support
  12. 12. “Use Case” Driven Look to the Business Sales and Marketing R&D, Production and Operations Finance and Accounting Information Technology HR and Internal Communications Legal & Compliance
  13. 13. Release Functionality in Phases Exposed Active Directory data in SharePoint search Slight user interface customization to out of box search Executive communication to entire org Case Study: Business Use Case Focused Results: Company wide adoption of SharePoint
  14. 14. Champions Rock Your Project Top down and bottom up – gotta have both The most excited The biggest critic @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  15. 15. Bill of materials Executive announcements Who is your target audience Develop Your communication plan @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  16. 16. Look to Training Partners @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  17. 17. Expert Opinions & Guidance There is great information out in the world that exists through sites like IT Unity.com and Microsoft MVP or influencers websites. They have been working on user adoption a long time and their best practices are excellent. Sue Hanley, Christian Buckley, Dan Holme, Eric Riz – great folks to follow. @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  18. 18. Documentation FAQ or How-to portal complete with guides and videos Checklists Knowledge Base Books @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  19. 19. Make it fun (buck the company culture) Use an online scavenger hunt as a fun way to encourage usage Provide recognition for content contribution or usage Gamification @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  20. 20. Measure Success and Expand Broaden Engagement Create Surveys Listen to Issues and Pivot on Them @heddanewman contentpanda.com
  21. 21.  Large oil equipment manufacturing company  Global Offices  Heavy SharePoint adoption with extensive ‘organic growth’  A few facts:  4 versions of SharePoint (2003-2013)  165 Web Applications  7,000 Site Collections  25K+ Sites  4.7 TB of data Why Governance?
  22. 22. • Want to know if governance is needed? • Talk to the helpdesk! • Support calls for permissions issues • Document management becomes dumping ground • User support for untrained staff (how do I?...) • Risk / Legal concerns • Compliance? What compliance? Helpdesk – making the case
  23. 23. SharePoint Governance Plan Governance Principles Governance Roles and Responsibilities Communication Strategy Change Management Strategy Risk Management Strategy Information Architecture Governance Benefits Realization Strategy Maintenance and Review Strategy What is Governance?
  24. 24. Three Areas of Governing
  25. 25. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff598584.aspx Go get this if you haven’t seen it. Great foundation for your Governance Plan.
  26. 26.  Dynamic  Manageable  Inviting  Best Practice Considerations
  27. 27. Rethinking SharePoint Governance, Training, Support, User Adoption
  28. 28. Millions of people use SharePoint every day… we think SharePoint is pretty awesome, but…
  29. 29. Lets talk statistics for a minute…
  30. 30. the percentage of organization users introduced to SharePoint without training…52percent
  31. 31. the percentage of knowledge students forget 24 hours after training70percent
  32. 32. the average time spent per day by knowledge workers searching for information2. 5 hours
  33. 33. the number of people who like asking for help… 0
  34. 34. Demo Surfacing Governance content using contextual awesomeness
  35. 35. The number of people who complained about having the information they want, where and when they need it0
  36. 36. Q&A
  37. 37. Thank you for your time! Heather Newman CMO, Content Panda Heather.newman@contentpanda.com 206.234.4337 @heddanewman