Sarah Leggett, The National Archives

il y a 11 ans 520 Vues

John Ploughman, Driving Standards Agency

il y a 11 ans 353 Vues

Elliot Ross, ActionRocket

il y a 11 ans 487 Vues

Nick Halliday, NAO

il y a 11 ans 305 Vues

Sarah Nagra, Suffolk Council Trading Standards

il y a 11 ans 295 Vues

Francis Bacon, Royal Society

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Beth Lowell and Georgia Warren, Blue State Digital

il y a 11 ans 621 Vues

Ben Hoare, Lewisham Council

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Dan Slee, comms2point0

il y a 11 ans 238 Vues

Alan Ferguson, Central Bedfordshire Council

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Steph Gray, Helpful Technology

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Social simulator overview 2012

il y a 12 ans 346 Vues

Mailcamp: Hayley Cashmore, Three Spires Consulting

il y a 12 ans 262 Vues

Mailcamp: Paul Kent, London Borough of Hillingdon

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Mailcamp: John Glover, INOVEM

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Mailcamp: Simon Burgess, Sift Media (Public Technology)

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Mailcamp: Andy Snow, MHRA

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MailCamp: Donna Grant, JISCmail

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