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Paragraph writing sample L4 history

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A sample paragraph about Militarism as one of the Main causes of WWI

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Paragraph writing sample L4 history

  1. 1. Unit 2: Causes of World War I Paragraph Writing Choose one cause of World War I and write a well-structured paragraph. Remember to include a topic sentence, well-linked supporting sentences to back up your argument and a concluding sentence. Militarism is a long-term cause of the First World War because it caused an indirect effect on the event studied. Militarism means that the army and navy of a country is given high priority by the government. A country´s strength and power are reflected in her army and navy. The growing division in Europe between 1900 and 1914 led to an arms race between the main countries of Europe. Firstly, Germany had the biggest army in Europe and was the one that had increased the most. The German and French armies had doubled during these years. Moreover, a naval competition or tension started between Britain and Germany. Britain felt threatened because Germany turned from the sixth to the second largest, and that generated tension, and they started to build more and better battleships. In 1906 Britain produced a new kind of battleship called “dreadnought” and Germany responded with her own battleships. As a result, this increased the Anglo-German mistrust and also, divided Europe into two armed camps. Last but not least, militarism also includes war plans, which are strategies prepared by the generals to fight and win a war. One example is the Schlieffen Plan, which consisted in invading Belgium, to give France a surprise attack from the north and then attack Russia. As a result of this plan, Germans would avoid a war on two fronts. To conclude, militarism can be considered one of the long-term causes of World War One. Reminder: Linkers = = Exemplification of argument Topic Sentence EEEnlarging on topic sentence/ defining Argument Illustration Argument Illustration Illustration Illustration Concluding Sentence