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QR Code Quest: WWI begins

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QR Code Quest: WWI begins
A Quest using QR codes to complete activities linked to how WWI began created by Prof. Barbara Cernadas for Level 4 MYP

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QR Code Quest: WWI begins

  1. 1. WWI BEGINS Q R C O D E Q U E S T L E V E L 4 2 0 1 6
  2. 2. OBJECTIVESCRITERIA OF ASSESSMENT CRITERION A: KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING - Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subject-specific content and concepts through descriptions, explanations and examples CRITERION C: COMMUNICATING - Communicate information and ideas using an appropriate style for the audience and purpose ATL SKILLS: COMMUNICATION: - Negotiate ideas and knowledge with peers and teachers - Make inferences and draw conclusions - Make effective summary notes for studying SOCIAL: - Manage and resolve conflict and work collaboratively in teams - Build consensus THINKING: - Create original works and ideas
  3. 3. GROUPS GET INTO Receive QR code #1 Follow instructions Show it to your teacher. If content and quality are appropriate... Receive QR code #2 Read p.27. Make a web explaining why Britain went to war (no more than 2 sentences per arrow). Add a #hashtag to each reason with a key word that will help you remember it. Show it to Barby to get code #2.
  4. 4. Look at source I on page 27. Describe the characters (attitudes, physical appearance and weapons) and explain what the message of the source is. Show it to Barby to get code #3.
  5. 5. Make a chart with 2 columns and 6 rows. The heading of column 1 should be "What the Schlieffen plan assumed" and column 2 "Why the Schlieffen plan failed". The left side column should have the following: - Belgium wouldn't resist - The British wouldn't join the war or would do so late - The Russians would be slow to mobilize - The German armies would encircle Paris - The French armies would surrender quickly. Complete the right side column with info from page 35
  6. 6. Choose either option 1 or 2 and write a short paragraph. 1) Imagine you are a German general. Write a brief account for your superiors back home explaining why the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) ruined your plans. Use page 33. 2) Imagine you are a German soldier invading France through Belgium. Describe your reaction to the quick arrival of the BEF and the implications this will have for your plan.
  7. 7. 5. The first paragraph on page 34 ends with "Their armies (BEF and French) were reinforced with every available soldier from Paris, transported by taxis or buses." Imagine you're a member of the French government. Design a poster that will help the soldiers persuade the taxi and bus drivers to abandon their usual route and take them to the front to fight. Appeal to their sense of nationalism and their hatred of the Germans.