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GSEEM 2012 (int.week_malardalen_may2012)

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GSEEM - Global Software Engineering European Master, meeting in Sweden. See also http://www.gseem.eu

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GSEEM 2012 (int.week_malardalen_may2012)

  1. 1. GLOBAL SOFTWARE ENGINEERINGEUROPEAN MASTERWWW.GSEEM.EU International Week MDH, 2012 Patricia Lago Henry Muccini Ivica Crnkovic
  2. 2. The GSEEMGSEEM: Global Software EngineeringEuropean MasterEstablished in 2006Double Degree Master programme in Global Software EngineeringMix of technical, social-cultural, and management competencieswww.gseem.eu
  3. 3. The GSEEMGSEEM is for Computer Science students, specializing in Global Software EngineeringAn international double master program, ...1 year at one GSEEM site (60 ECTS credits),1 year on another GSEEM site (60 ECTS credits),... and you get two Master degreesMaster thesis is done in the second year and the wholeprogram is in English
  4. 4. Partner Universities →UDA: University of L’Aquila, Italy →MdH:Mälardalen University, Sweden →VUA:VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  5. 5. What is Global Software Engineering about?Software is now produced in a distributed wayPeople from different countries, with different culturaland social skills, with different technicalknowledge, have to work together on the sameproject.Thereofore, GSE it is not just a matter of technicalskills, but is characterized by four aspects:technical, social and cultural, organisational, communication
  6. 6. How the GSEEM meets GSE expectations?In line with our goals, the GSEEM program providesthree module typesGSEEM uses interdisciplinary global environment- andspecialized modules with the innovative concept of“shared modules”GSEEM offers three profiles: Web Systems and ServicesEngineering, Real-time Embedded Systems, Model-driven Analysis and Design
  7. 7. GSEEM program structureGSEEM program provides three module types : Foundation modules; Specialized modules; Global environment modules.
  8. 8. GSEEM ProfilesGSEEM will offer three different GSE profiles fulfilledby the Specialized modules: Model-Driven Analysis and Design of Complex Software Systems; Real-Time Embedded Systems; Web Systems and Services Engineering. EGOS Foundation UDA VUA MDU Software Architecting Mandatory background X X X The Profiles UDA VUA MDU AD Profile – Model-driven Analysis and Design of Complex Sys. X ES Profile - Real-time Embedded Systems X WS Profile - Web Systems and Services Engineering X
  9. 9. GSEEM Objectives in a Tweet The objectives of the GSEEM are to provide students with an excellence in Global Software Engineering based on sound theoretical foundations and practical experience, to let students experience thetechnical socio-cultural organizational communication challenges of global development. This is achieved by a tight integration of world-class research, education and collaboration with industry with a global distributed approach.
  10. 10. The VU consists of 19.000 students, 2.000academics and 2.000 employees.They are part of the 12 faculties, 6interfaculty institutes.VU provides 149 Bachelor & Masterdegrees.A clear organization with short lines ofcommunication.
  11. 11. Software and Service Engineering group @ VUA Focus: Social, Sustainable, Software and Services Software and Service Architecture Green IT Service Business Innovation Architecture Knowledge Management Virtual Communities for GSE
  12. 12. Amsterdam You can find many big IT companies in Amsterdam IBM CISCO TOMTOM Google
  13. 13. AmsterdamBut also smaller and independent and start-ups like tosettle in Amsterdam
  14. 14. The UDA consists of 25.000 students, 700academics and about 1.600 employees.UDA delivers 91 Bachelor & Master degrees, 22PhD programmes, 40 specialization schools, 301-year specialization courses.UDA manages 7 joint Master degrees, 3Erasmus Mundus Master degrees, and ispartner in many Erasmus Mundus, IPs andTempus projects.
  15. 15. Software Engineering group @ UDAFocus: Model-Driven Analysis and Design of Complex Software Systems Software Architecture Verification and validation Model Driven Engineering Performance Engineering Code Synthesis Modeling and Analysis under Uncertainty
  16. 16. L’Aquila» 1 hour driving from Rome» 45 mins driving to the cost» 15 minutes driving to the mountains
  17. 17. MÄLARDALEN UNIVERSITY (MDH)• One of Sweden’s larger institution of higher education (~14 000 students)• Organized in four schools o School of Health, Care and Welfare o School of Sustainable Development of Society and Technology o School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) o School of Education, Culture and Communication (UKK)
  18. 18. Software Engineering Division @ MDHFocus: Software Engineering of Industrial Embedded Systems Software Architecture Component-based Software Engineering Model Driven Engineering Real-time and Embedded Systems High Integrity Systems Software Development Processes + ca 10 PhD students
  19. 19. Challenges(Organizational) Challenges • Differences in application and enrolment schedules • Align local regulations (e.g. master thesis) • Differences in tuition fees (EU/EER students and not)
  20. 20. Best practices • Strong link between education & research • Personalized yet standard student study plan • GSEEM students choose flexibly the year of mobility for each visited university, but … • Fixed mobility seems a more effective idea • Create strong industrial ties • students step in the profession and gain understanding of their future career • companies train talented future employees • Uniform interface (application, rules) • Strive for quality • Use fellowship programs to attract excellence • Build strong student community (if student come, their friends follow), use social media, invest in them (they are our best ambassadors)
  21. 21. GSEEM ambassadors 2011/2012 Anne Jon Schoonoven, University of Mälardalen, Sweden, 2011-2012 “The best about being abroad is that you meet so many new people and their perspectives on life and Software Engineering.” If you want to know more on daily life in Sweden, mail or skype me!
  22. 22. GSEEM ambassadors 2011/2012Jos Hoebe, University of L’Aquila, Italy, 2011-2012 "What I like most of being abroad is that you get a fresh look on things. This allows you to think outside the box more while at the same time being challenged by the difference in culture."
  23. 23. GSEEM ambassadors 2011/2012Florian Uunk, University of Mälardalen,Sweden, 2010-2011“What Id like best about studying abroad:meeting amazing people from all over theworld and getting different perspectives Florian @ University of Hawaii, MScon my studies.” thesis, semester 1, 2011-2012
  24. 24. Achievements215 applicants so far55 GSEEM students so far22 GSEEM scholars got the Double DegreeWinner @ ICSE 2009 SCORE → SCORE challenge → 50 projects submitted from all over → 3/6 GSEEM teams in the final → GSEEM students winnersFinalist @ ICSE 2011 SCORE
  25. 25. www.gseem.eu