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  1. 1. Name: hesham Mahmoud Mohamed abd-algaid Email:hesham_roudy@yahoo.com Phone number: 002- 01155493137 Address: Elfostat– cairo, Egypt Personal Data:-  Gender : Male  Date of Birth: 3th August, 1994.  Nationality: Egyptian.  Religion: Muslim.  PERSONAL STATEMENT I am a person who believes that one day I will cause change to the entire world only by my mind because minds are the basics for any development that happened in our life. I began to work in the field of scientific research by applying my first paper in treatment of waste water by using bio polymer chitosan and its derivatives. I will work in developing my qualifications more and more till reach my goal that reducing global warming effects and greenhouse effect and other problem that really harm our environment and increasing awareness against pollution. Environment pollution concerns not just a state of welfare because it affects adversely on our health which need it to develop our earth.  EDUCATION  Graduated from el-nil secondary school, beni-suef, Bani-sueif, Egypt.  Student in the fourth year at faculty of science, special chemistry department, Bani-sueif University, Egypt.  G.P.A=3.60(total)  PERSONAL SKILLS  Problem solving  Good communication  Team work
  2. 2.  Activities:-  Participate in the fifth scientific conference in 3/5/2016.  Scientific visit to Zewail City.  Member and organizer in life makers and resala charities  Member in cultural committee at union of students in faculty of science from period 2012 to 2014  Courses and certificates:-  scientific certificates:-  training certificate from cocacola Egypt from period 20/8/2015 to 27/8/2015  Training certificate from Egyptian iron & steel company in the period from 9/8/2016 to 20/8/2016  Training in Water Company in Beni- suef.  Languages:-  Arabic my mother language ( excellent )  English (speaking –writing –listening ) very good  French (good)  PERSONAL INTERESTS  Playing football  Tennis.  Reading  REFERENCES References are available on request.