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Windows 10 update 1809 cfcs oct14 2018

This is the October meeting of the CFCS WinSIG on Sunday, October 14, 2018. At this meeting I discussed the October 2018 update to Windows 10, known as version 1809. There was a short discussion about the issues that appeared with the pre-release of the upgrade.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update New Features discussed were *Dark Theme for File Explorer - *Fluent Design - *Your Phone App - *Timeline for Phone - *Microsoft Edge - *Search - *Gaming - *Windows Mixed Reality - *Emojis - *SwiftKey - *Cloud Clipboard - *Snip & Sketch - *Renaming Start Tile Folders - *Accessibility - *Windows Security

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Windows 10 update 1809 cfcs oct14 2018

  1. 1. 1809
  2. 2. • DarkTheme for File Explorer • Fluent Design • Your Phone App • Timeline for Phone • Microsoft Edge • Search • Gaming • Windows Mixed Reality Windows 10 October 2018 Update New Features • Emojis • SwiftKey • Cloud Clipboard • Snip & Sketch • Renaming StartTile Folders • Accessibility • Windows Security
  3. 3. DarkTheme for File Explorer
  4. 4. Fluent Design
  5. 5. Your Phone App
  6. 6. Setting up my PC
  7. 7. Setting up my Android Phone
  8. 8. Now view the Android phone on the PC Screen
  9. 9. Timeline for Phone
  10. 10. Another feature that mobile users will find handy. The April 2018 Update introduced Timeline on PCs, making it easier to gain access to what you were working on. Now, this feature is available on your phone, meaning you can scroll back in time to pick up where you left off while working on files and browsing websites. It is also possible to share or remove activities from a specific day or hour.
  11. 11. Microsoft Edge
  12. 12. The latest version of Edge focuses on improving reading, but also pays due attention to the look and feel of the user interface. Microsoft also offers a bit more customization — reading PDFs in the browser is now a more pleasant experience, and there are several changes under the hood to improve the technology. For starters, Edge now comes with Microsoft Learning Tools baked in, and the browser also offers support for themes and an offline dictionary that serves up definitions of highlighted words. You also get access to Grammar Tools that separate words into syllables and highlights parts of speech to make it easier to understand. It is also possible to have a word read aloud if you want to hear the correct pronunciation or learn its meaning.
  13. 13. You can now decide whether web videos should play automatically on Advanced Settings > Media autoplay. Using this new feature, you can select the behavior according to your preferences: •Allow •Limit •Block
  14. 14. You’ll also find a new version of the learning tools for Microsoft Edge available for Books and Reading View, which now lets you choose from a variety of new page themes and add wider spacing to improve reading fluency, in the “Text options” tab. To make it easier to identify the parts of speech, in the “Grammar tools” tab, you can now change the color in which the parts of speech should be highlighted as well as enable a label right over it. Also, the new line focus option, in the “Reading preferences” tab, helps you to improve focus while reading an article by highlighting sets of one, three, or five lines.
  15. 15. Search
  16. 16. Gaming
  17. 17. DirectX Raytracing is now fully supported on the platform, meaning users no longer have to enable developer mode to see it in action. Raytracing is a new rendering technique that not only improves image quality but has all the potential to become the standard method for generating 3D worlds.
  18. 18. The Game Bar is now a dedicated app, making it easier to use while also bringing a new look and new audio controls so you can do more with your games with fewer interruptions.
  19. 19. Windows Mixed Reality
  20. 20. You can now stream audio to both the headset and the computer speakers simultaneously. In the Windows Mixed Reality experience, when using an immersive application pressing the Windows key or using the bloom gestures, Quick Actions allow users to easily Go Home, view the time, or launch Mixed Reality Capture tools (Photo, Video, and more). Also, you will find a new Flashlight feature, which adds the ability to peer into the physical world without the need to remove your headset and prevent fumbles.
  21. 21. Emojis
  22. 22. SwiftKey
  23. 23. Cloud Clipboard
  24. 24. Delete Pin or Unpin
  25. 25. Snip & Sketch
  26. 26. Snip & Sketch replaces the Screen Sketch feature that was previously part of Windows InkWorkspace. It makes a simple job of snipping pieces of the screen and creating a screenshot. It will also replaces the SnippingTool.
  27. 27. 1803 1809
  28. 28. Renaming StartTile Folders
  29. 29. Task Manager
  30. 30. Power usage —This column will provide an instantaneous view of apps and services using power. Power usage trend —This column provides a power usage trend over two minutes for running apps and services.This column will be blank when you start an app but will populate based on the power usage every two minutes.
  31. 31. Accessibility
  32. 32. Magnifier
  33. 33. In the “Network & Internet” section, the Data Usage page is getting updated to include data usage stats for mobile data using a SIM card while roaming. Data Usage
  34. 34. Windows Security
  35. 35. Windows Defender Security Center name has been changed to Windows Security. The October 2018 Update also comes with Windows Account Protection improvements that now does a better job of identifying the paired device that is being monitored for Dynamic Lock.