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Feedly is a great RSS Pedagogy and School Libraries

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Feedly is a great RSS feed reader to help you monitor lots of resources quickly.
Smore or Tackk works well to create newsletter types of pages where you can add new
resources and news.
Flipboard Magazines allow you to create collections of articles, links to resources,
images, news and more. Users can subscribe and get updates in a variety of ways,
depending on the source.
Tumblr blog – it’s easy to add notes, photos, links to articles to a tumblr. Your audience
can subscribe to update through their own tumblr account, visit it via it’s URL or via an
RSS feed
Diigo Groups – Bookmark items in Diigo and add items to a diigo group that your
audience can subscribe to updates via email or RSS.
RSS magic – Anything with an RSS feed gives you lots more options. Readers can
subscribe via their own feed reader or email. And you can display updates in a widget on
your web/wiki pages.
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