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Emerging Technologies

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Emerging Technologies

  2. 2. Facebook ◦ The main technology that I like is Facebook. ◦ I can keep in touch with family regardless of how far away they are. ◦ I can upload pictures for family members to see how much my son has grown. ◦ This technology stood out to me because it is a great social network and I can keep my information private.
  3. 3. Flickr ◦ Flickr is a great site to share pictures (although I only share nature pictures.) ◦ I like that you can also look through other people’s images. ◦ I like being able to share beautiful nature pictures with nature lovers.
  4. 4. YouTube ◦ YouTube is a great site to go to when I want to watch music videos or to get a good laugh. ◦ I plan to use this in the future for entertainment. ◦ It stands out to me because it helps to keep my son occupied on road trips when he gets tired of playing his games. 
  5. 5. Google ◦ I like being able to type in a topic that I want to learn about and Google popping up with all kinds of different sources of the information I want to know. ◦ I plan to use Google in the future for any type of research or any information I may want to know. ◦ This site stood out to me because it is a very informative site and can be used for many things.
  6. 6. Google Translate ◦ I liked Google Translate because it is quick and easy to translate any information into any language you want to. ◦ I plan to use Google Translate in the future to help me learn other languages. ◦ Google Translate stood out to me because it is a good way to translate and learn to be bilingual.
  7. 7. Twitter ◦ I did not like Twitter because some people post every little move they make and everything they do. ◦ I definitely do not plan to use Twitter in the future and will be deleting my account as soon as I am officially done with this course. ◦ Twitter is not the kind of social networking site that I am interested in.
  8. 8. Wikipedia ◦ I did not like Wikipedia because it is a user submitted database and some people find it funny to purposely mess someone’s information up. ◦ Some of the information on Wikipedia is correct, but I have found some incorrect information that I was very thankful that I done a little more research before I used the information in a project.
  9. 9. Meetup ◦ I did not like Meetup because I am not one for meeting up with strangers. It can be a good thing for some people, but I watch too much news so that isn’t something I am interested in doing. ◦ It can be dangerous to meet up with someone you do not know. Anyone can tell you anything you want to “hear” over the computer, but they aren’t always who they claim to be.
  10. 10. Blogger ◦ I did not like Blogger because it is a public site and I am very personal. I do not like people that I do not know to know anything about me without me knowing they are good people. ◦ I know you only post what you want others to see on this site, but it was just one of my least favorites. It did not stand out to me. I thought in the beginning that I would like it, but I don’t.
  11. 11. Amazon ◦ I do not like shopping online because there are too many hackers out there that can steal your account information and use your hard earned cash, especially using the well-known sites such as Amazon. ◦ Amazon is great for someone who enjoys doing their shopping online, but I prefer shopping in person so I know exactly what I am getting (most of the time.)