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OPS II. Pres. file 11_24_Kőszeg

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OPS II. Pres. file 11_24_Kőszeg

  1. 1. Between Borders Autumn journey to Kőszeg
  2. 2. After a long train-ride, finally we got there…
  3. 3. The accommodation was at the border. Behind the garden it is Austria - the town has often been called ‘’Door to Europe” being close to the bordermeaning a point to connect the West throughout the Hungarian history
  4. 4. Past and Present
  5. 5. There is a beautiful lake in Kőszeg. At the lake we can rent boats. - not only a symbol but also natural value and touristic availability
  6. 6. There are some wonderful houses in the suburban streets in Kőszeg - providing great opportunity for living in a fascinating atmosphere
  7. 7. It is worth having a walk down the square
  8. 8. People are incredibly trustful
  9. 9. The vintage festival is a popular event in each autumn. - cultural and touristic effects - entertainment and intercultural possibilities
  10. 10. The red wine is just awesome! Relatively cheap and very delicious drink. It is the best with bread smeared with fat and a little red onion - the festival brings people together - improving foreign language performance
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!