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[STEAM] EduMedia Intro

EduMedia Intro
Online STEAM

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[STEAM] EduMedia Intro

  1. 1. eduMedia Bring ScienceAlive https://www.edumedia-sciences.com
  2. 2. eduMedia is the best onlineresource for STEMteachers. Elementary sciences Earth and lifesciences Physics Chemistry Mathematics 2 Flexible and easytouse, simulationsare engaging and attractive.
  3. 3. Resources comewith documents andservices adapted to your needs: summary, learninggoals, teaching materials. Simulations are organizedby subjects orby standards. Highly interactive simulations How mountains areformed? What is an atom? How do we treat sewage? Enhanceyour teaching with our constantly growing collection: 800 simulations 60 videos 60 quizzes 4
  4. 4. In order totake full advantageof STUDIO, you will beinvited to createyour “Teachers’area”. Create your own customizedvideo usingthe video capture tool. This service is for you if you flip your classor if you just want to provide apersonalized content fora differentiated instruction. Organize your selection of resources, including yourown video recordings, in aspecific folder. Thenshare this folder with your students using aclasscode. Share Theshare button allows you to post our resource directly to your favourite platform.eduMedia simulations arein HTML5,ready tobe included and executed everywhere. Get more information about STUDIO with our user guide available onlinein www.edumedia-sciences.com, in the “Help”section. Favourite Videocapture Share 6
  5. 5. Why tochoose eduMedia? “I am teachingan introductory course on electromagnetism to firstyear students, most ofwhom have neverstudied electricity. These simulations are the most valuable tool I found on the web to illustrate whatis goingon.” AntonioAlmeida - Teacher Userfriendly interface 8 Becauseteachers don’thaveto bother with technology, we worked hard to build the most easyto use website. Usability is our top priority soyou canfocus on pedagogy. 15years of expertise eduMediahasbuilt the largest repository of K-12STEM simulations, translated in8 languages, usedin over 10.000 schools around theglobe. Single Sign-Onand interoperability eduMediais compliant with your LMS.Wecanalso developIP recognition or Single Sign-On accessaccording toyour technological environment. Aturnkey solution Aslong asyou areregistered, eduMedia team will remain beside you for anyrequest. In addition with our user guides, we have published acollection of videotutorials to get started with us. Privacy policy eduMedia is ateacher tool. We don’t track or store anystudent data. Pleaserefer to our Privacy Policy pageon our website to understand how careful we are with your personal information.
  6. 6. eduMedia’s offers are indicatedonline Select the subscription that fits your needs and get a quoteonline. Elementary Secondary www. edumedia-sciences .com Numberofstudents 10 <100 100to200 >200 1teacher 1year US$200 Wholeschool 1year US$280 US$350 US$450 <300 300to1000 >1000 1teacher 1year US$300 Wholeschool 1year US$500 US$700 US$900 Numberofstudents