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Time Bandits

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A brief show of the models for The Fortress of Ultimate Darkeness

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Time Bandits

  1. 1. Time Bandits The Fortress of Ultimate Darkness Directed by Terry Gilliam London 1981
  2. 2. Top view of the main model showing how the perspective is used to compensate for the lens. Lenses tend to widen the verticals as they rise.
  3. 3. View of model. Faded bad photograph includes cutting from The Meaning of Life. The backdrop was extended as the shot widened. This is never satisfactory on canvas as vertical joints will always show especially so severely cross lit. Fortunately smoke disguised them
  4. 4. Closer view showing how we raised the model elements proud to enhance the illusion
  5. 5. Behind the lights On the distant wall is a full size replica of Venus by Botticelli
  6. 6. Often a third of the stage is for equipment and lighting This is behind the sky backdrop. The cables connected through buzz bar boxes, made of wood. Health and Safety would have a field day. A 'spare' blue sky is leaning against the columns as we decided to go with a smoky grey sky.
  7. 7. Elevation of the intermediate Gate House This shows the bridge which was hollow to allow the magnets to be pulled.
  8. 8. Another shot showing my hand poised for a reset We tried to keep this model but had no room for it even at Terry's office in Covent Garden.
  9. 9. Another shot of the same
  10. 10. Still from film. I think this was one of the inset shots after the main shoot
  11. 11. Still showing the camera tracking out and dwarfs moving along the bridge. The two stuck ones can clearly be seen looking as if they have paused to look over the parapet. Seemingly non descript details like ladders and scaffolding adds realism and humanity.
  12. 12. Still showing finak composite shot of the dwarfs on Dungoness Beach, Kent, the 'Invisible Barrier and the model
  13. 13. The End See more on http://marchill.org