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Playing to your passion

Playing to your passion - Abu Dhabi, supplement, GN Focus, GulfNews - 26 March 2015

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Playing to your passion

  1. 1. Playing to your passion Music, art, dance, history. .. a celebration of culture takes ; centre stage in the capital as the emirate aims to become i a beacon of creativity in the region L By Hina Navin I Special to GN Focus '. Z"| m «nutmeg. .. -1!‘ ; . Courtesy of Abu Dhabi Classics FINGER ON THE PULSE: Lydie Solomon delights with her recital of Frédéric Chopin's compositions during a concert held as part of Abu Dhabi Classics he UAE capital has big plans to enhance its rank- ing as a cultural hotspot in the Middle East. From expanding its cultural footprint througli iconic museums to hosting some of the finest talent in diverse fields, Abu Dhabi is set on becom- ing even more art-friendly. The popularity of the Saadiyat Cultural District is also growing globally through world-class archi- GN Focus March 26. 2015 tcctural wonders such as the Lou- vre Abu Dhabi, Zayed National Mu- seum and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, which will showcase some of the finest cultural assets from across the globe. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, expected to open later this year, will be the first: museum to start operations in the district. It is Paris’ Louvre Mu- seum’s first international outpost and will house art, manuscripts and objects of historical, cultural and sociological significance. Manarat Al Saadiyat, a tempo- rary exhibition space on Saadiyat island, hosts a series of cultural programmes aimed at develop- ing art appreciation and growing awareness of the museum and its content. One of these events is Lou- vre Abu Dhabi: Talking Art Series, currently in its fourth season. “The series is a vital part of Louvre Abu
  2. 2. Dhabi’s engagement with the schol- arly community as well as local, re- gional and international audiences, giving the public an insight into the universal narrative of the museum, ” says Hessa Al Daheri, Programmes Manager, Louvre Abu Dhabi. “Fos- tering an awareness and under- standing of art, history, culture and society through debate and dis- cussion, it will highlight key loans from the French museum in dia- logue with artworks from Louvre Abu Dhabi’s permanent collection. ” Seeing‘ Through Light, which concludes today, is the pre-opening exhibition of the Guggenheim Abu "Dhabi. Showcasing contemporary art from across the globe, the ex- hibition at Manarat Al Saadiyat revolves around light and gives art aficionados an idea of what to ex- pect once the gallery opens in 2017. Zayed National Museum, due to open next year, will be the UAE’s first national museum. It will nar- rate the region’s history and the unification of the country. Abu Dhabi also hosts exhibitions and concerts highlighting art, mu- sic, theatre and dance. After a three- year break Abu Dhabi Classics re- turns with the theme The Traveller last October. The international con- cert season, organised by the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority (TCA Abu Dhabi), presents around 12 concerts by musicians from more than 20 countries. Next month, Mi- lan’s La Scala Academy orchestra will perform at two venues, and a performance by French pianist Ber- trand Chamayou is scheduled for May. Shaikh Sultan Bin Tahnonn Al Nahyan, Chairman of the board of TCA Abu Dhabi, says, “For future seasons, we are planning to stead- ily increase the number of events to meet both public demand and to strengthen the focus on education. ” This year’s Abu Dhabi Festival, a mega music and cultural gather- ing, has the theme, Idea: The Seed of Invention. Organised by the Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Founda- tion (ADMAF), it runs until April 2. “The Abu Dhabi Festival is the UAE‘s foremost celebration of art and culture and each year brings Courtesy of Abu Dhabi Festival and Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Top: A scene from Othello: The Remix by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater: Above: An artist's rendering of the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi together some of the world’s great- est musicians, performers and art- ists, ” says Huda 1. Al Khamis Kanoo, Founder of ADMAF and the festival. “Having been a beacon of crea- tivity on the capital’s calendar for 12 years, the Abu Dhabi Festival’s rep- utation as a festival of firsts is well established. We not only offer our audience a cornucopia of memora- ble and meaningful experiences but also a unique opportunity for art- ists from this region and elsewhere to meet, exchange and share while reaching a new market. ” The gala fest includes shows such as Othello: The Remix by the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Bee- thoven Violin Concerto, and Sergio Mendes: Beats from Brazil. Exhibi- tions include View From Inside: Contemporary Arab Photography, Video and Mixed Media Art and Emimti Insights. Abu Dhabi Art, organised by TCA Abu Dhabi, presents an array of art programmes, talks and events with renowned artists, collectors and galleries from across the globe. Last edition saw a new programme, Beyond, which included sculptures and installations across Abu Dhabi. Some of the artists covered includ- ed Ai Weiwei, Alexander Calder, Richard Long, Martin Creed, Mo- hammad Kazim and Hassan Hajjaj. Performing arts programmes in- cluded a concert by rock icon Patti Smith and the Middle East pre- miere of a visually and aurally rich cine concert by William Kentridge and Philip Miller. I GN Focus ‘ March 26, 2015 ‘ Abu Dhabi Festival offers an opportunity for artists to meet and share while reaching a new market '35