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Blynk hotel app

Blynk offers revolutionary product for Hospitality industry. The product is a Mobile / Tablet based "Guest Experience & Marketing" App for Hotels, which empowers hotels to Revolutionize Guest Experience, Improve Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Cross-Selling, Impulse Buying, Guest Loyalty and above all Increase RevPAR.

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Blynk hotel app

  2. 2. Blynk Hotel Empowers you with Presence on Increase EnhanceMobile Platform RevPAR Guest Experience (iOS, Android) Increase Improve Increase Profitability Branding / Marketing Employees /by Cross-Selling / Advertising Operations Efficiency Reduce Revolutionize the Operational / way of accessing Competitive EdgeManpower Costs hotel services / info
  3. 3. Guests’ Benefits
  4. 4. CALL BACK SERVICENo need to pick up the HOUSE KEEPINGtelephone and be on hold anymore. Request commonly used housekeeping services such asSimply tap to request the room cleaning, turn downreception, valet, bell desk, service, pillows, toiletries andconcierge and other such much moreservices, to give a call back tothe room. IN-ROOM DINING Place in-room dining orders directly from the app. Multi-restaurant support, detailed item description and images, shopping cart, special instructions to the chef and timed delivery option.
  5. 5. HOTEL SERVICES SHOPPINGExplore and make booking Browse through the productsrequests for all hotel services, offered by the hotels shops andlike spa, gym, pool, etc. in a place orders for in-roomunique and interactive manner delivery. CONCIERGE Discover local attractions and events presented in a multimedia format. Conveniently book event tickets, transportation and recreational activities.
  6. 6. OTHER FEATURESSPECIAL OFFERS Local weather, laundry, wake-upGet the most out of the hotels call, express checkout and manyspecial offerings and discounts. more. NOTIFICATIONS Track service requests, order details and status updates.
  7. 7. Hotel’s Benefits
  8. 8. LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP Use existing Wi-fi networks,INCREASE REVPAR guests devices and existingSmart advertising, interactive computers to preventservice offerings, impulse buying duplication of expensiveand live reporting results in equipment.increasing hotel revenue. Cloud based service avoids buying and maintaining expensive servers. SMART ADVERTISING Dynamically manage and run pre-defined, time-sensitive and targeted advertisements on guest devices. Increase exposure of hotel offerings to guests.
  9. 9. FAST AND EASY SETUP CUSTOMIZATBLE APPTemplate based architectureleads to express customization Update the look and feel of theand fast launch of app. app from the CMS site.Intuitive web based Content Add new hotel services with aManagement System (CMS) site few clicks.requires minimal user training. LIVE UPDATE Whether it is in-room dining, housekeeping, restaurants, spa or hotel shopping, instantly update all your offerings and prices through the web portal. All updates are pushed immediately across all devices.
  10. 10. TRACK GUEST REQUESTS OPTIMIZE WORKFORCETrack and manage all guestrequests and orders through the Reduce phone operators andCMS site. human errors as guest requests are directly logged into theTask lists makes is very easy for system without humanhotel staff to manage their intervention.pending items. REAL-TIME REPORTING & STATISTICS Get up-to-date information regarding guest activities, requests and preferences, Track time taken to complete guest requests. Monitor short and long term trends to make informed decisions based on factual data.
  11. 11. Amazing ROIBased on our Market Research we expect anestimate: Increase in Room Service Bill by up to 12% Increase in Restaurant Revenue by up to 8% Increase in Direct Marketing Revenue by up to 22% Increase in Internet Revenue by up to 7% Increase in bookings of luxurious amenities like Spa and Golf Revenues by up to 4%
  12. 12. Unbelievable Pricing! “ Pay as you Use ”This Revolutionary Product has an unbelievable and exciting pricingwhich you just can’t deny!!!The revolutionary App, with your content and branding, is all yours atan unbelievably low One-time Setup Fee and a small transaction feeper-guest/night!Moreover, we offer usage discounts!No Risk! No Long-Term Commitment!Contact us Today... For more details...
  13. 13. Screenshots
  14. 14. Contact UsBLYNK Systems Pvt. Ltd. www.blynk.it Email: i@blynk.it Mob: +91 9898 909 214