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How To Hire Best Talents For Your Startup

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In this topic "How To Hire Best Talents For Your Startup", we are learning about the various challenges of Startup Recruiting, Understanding the mindset of Millennials & Top 5 tips on various Recruiting Methodologies. If you are struggling to hire for your startup, get in touch with Hirers!

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How To Hire Best Talents For Your Startup

  1. 1. How To Hire Best Talents For Your Startup
  2. 2. • 56% entrepreneurs say their #1 challenge is hiring the right people. • In a startup, recruitment can be time consuming and tiring. Let’s know some basics!
  3. 3. • Venture funded start-ups are able to hire talented people since they can afford the industry standard salary benchmarks
  4. 4. • Most start-ups are non-funded in the tech, non-tech arena So “struggle to find, lure and hire best people”.
  5. 5. Current Challenge in Startup Hiring • In the 90’s – salary is the only or greater motivation for job shifts. You reach out to your potential candidate and tell them you can offer x% from existing salary, you got their attention right there
  6. 6. • Millennials want ‘more’ – their expectation is beyond the tangible benefits (friendly work culture, creative work environments, good management, flexi- hours, challenging tasks, career growth, engagement, paid- vacations)
  7. 7. So How To Hire For Your Startup? Let’s Get started!
  8. 8. 1. Define what your startup offers apart from salary • great work place, awesomeness of existing team, impact of your products/services, flexi hours, friendly founders, creativity boosters, paid- trainings, paid- vacations
  9. 9. 2. Get the role clear, write it down • you cannot hire the right person until you know what you want in that person
  10. 10. 3. Define your recruiting process • unless you have a proper screening, shortlisting, interviewing, recruiting mechanism in place, you cannot find the right match
  11. 11. 4. Choosing right recruiting channels • if you are on a budget – ask references from friends, alumni, industry network, social media, online job boards. • If you can afford, engage with a Recruitment agency specializing in Startups.
  12. 12. 05. Hiring & On-boarding • hire the person you seem fit for the position and keep in touch, follow-up constantly till he joins. • On the day of on- boarding – introduce the new-hire to your team members and give a well planned induction
  13. 13. Our Suggestions for Startup Recruiting • Finding and hiring the best talents for your startup is a tiresome, time-consuming process but it is attainable. • To tap the right resource, to find the exact match, to hire the best person – Always Be Recruiting.
  14. 14. Remember hiring best people for your company is your duty and responsibility
  15. 15. Struggling to hire for your Startup? Get in Touch with Hirers! clients@thehirers.com | +91-996-260-6690 connect: facebook | twitter | linkedin google+ | blog | website Tune in for more presentations!