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Killer Content Marketing

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Presentation from MicroConf 2013 about Online Marketing

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Killer Content Marketing

  1. Killer Content Marketinghttp://kiss.ly/microconf2013hitenHiten Shah, @hnshahMicroConf 2013, Las Vegas
  2. !“Predictable acquisition of recurring revenue with annual prepayin a good market creates a cash machine.”Jason CohenASMARTBEAR.COMThe goal...
  3. @hnshah #microconf
  4. Self-Funded and Very Profitable
  5. What is User Experience?Venture Funded and Growing
  6. What is User Experience?Story of a Product from Idea to Acquisition
  7. HTTP://CUSTDEV.COMDo customer development
  8. FINDTHECOREProblem-
  11. !Our hypothesis is that (certain type of person)have a problem doing (certain type of task)Problem HypothesisHypothesisFramework
  12. !Our hypothesis is that product managers havea problem doing effective customer research.Problem Hypothesis
  13. What we wanted to learnWhat are they doing now?1What are other tools missing?2Who is involved?3How frequent / severe is the pain?4What are other customer complaints?5
  14. How we learnedphone interviews20paper user tests3landing pages2hacky mvp1
  15. What we learnedPeople are not doing customer research.!They want private feedback and targeting.It requires developer involvement.It is a constant pain.!!!
  17. !"How you get to the customer is as important, if not more, thenwhat you get to the customer."Patrick VlaskovitsCUSTDEV.COM
  18. Channels getcrowded fast.
  19. HTTP://KISS.LY/DREWDROPBOXGoogle AdWordsCost per acquisition: $233-$388For a $99 product.Fail.
  20. Make your own channel
  21. Who are yourcustomers?
  22. Where do theyhang out?
  23. How should youengage them?
  24. What is User Experience?
  25. Who are your customers?Our hypothesis is that product managershave a problem doing effective customer research.Problem Hypothesis
  26. Where do they hang out?Product Managers Hang Out onOther People’s Websites
  27. How should you engage?POWERED BY KISSINSIGHTS LINK
  28. How we tracked ithttp://www.kissinsights.com/?utm_source=suview&utm_medium=dark&utm_campaign=google.comUTM CAMPAIGN BUILDER: HTTP://KISS.LY/UTMBUILD
  29. How we tracked it
  31. Acquired!WeSoldKISSinsightsIt’s now called QualarooMORE ABOUT THE ACQUISITION - HTTP://KISS.LY/TCKISSINSIGHTS
  32. Your marketinghas to align withyour customers.
  33. x J $Build Grow ConvertCreate Your Audience
  34. NATHANBARRY.COM“The more I help you, the more you will trust me.”Nathan Barry
  35. Nathan’s Modelx J $FreeContentPaidContentSaaSSubscriptionBuild Grow Convert
  36. Build your audienceNATHANBARRY.COM
  38. Grow your audienceNATHANBARRY.COM/WEBAPPS/
  39. Grow your audienceNATHANBARRY.COM/AUTHORITY/
  40. Convert your audienceCONVERTKIT.COM
  41. !BRENNANDUNN.COM“Write with the intention of appealing to a specific audience.”Brennan Dunn
  42. Brennan’s Modelx J $EmailNewsletterPaidContentSaaSSubscriptionBuild Grow Convert
  43. Build your audienceFREELANCERSWEEKLY.COM
  46. Convert your audiencePLANSCOPE.IO
  47. EARTHLINGWORKS.COM“Who has time to learn every new piece of software they run into?Not me. Im pretty sure you dont either.”Ruben Gamez
  48. Ruben’s Modelx J $Free Guide andNewsletterSampleProposalSaaSSubscriptionBuild Grow Convert
  49. Build your audienceBIDSKETCH.COM/BLOG
  50. Grow your audienceBIDSKETCH.COM
  51. Convert your audienceBIDSKETCH SAMPLE PROPOSAL EMAIL
  52. Convert your audienceBIDSKETCH.COM
  53. Teach people howto solve theirproblems.
  54. Learn from youraudience andcustomers...
  55. HTTP://CUSTDEV.COMDo customer development
  56. Questions you can ask customersHow did you first find out about [Your Product Name]?What persuaded you to purchase from us?How would you describe [Your Product Name] to a friend?What prompted you to start looking for this type of service?If you could change one thing about this website, what would it be?What other products or services should we offer?How would you describe [Your Product Name] to a friend?Which other options did you consider before choosing our service?Why did you decide to use [Your Product Name]?Why do you use [Your Product Name] rather than the alternatives?What would persuade you to use [Your Product Name] more often?How would you persuade people like yourself to use [Your Product Name]?LOTS MORE ON QUANTITATIVE & QUALITATIVE DATA: HTTP://KISS.LY/MICROBONUS
  57. Marketing isdistribution.
  58. Strategies for B2B distributionIntegrationsWork EmailsEmbedsPowered ByFree Stuff
  59. Integrations
  61. 17,000,000+ 50,000,000+ 100,000,000+Platforms with distribution potential100,000+ 200,000+ 550,000+150,000+50,000+3,000,000+ 3,000,000+ 5,000,000+ 5,000,000+
  62. How to optimize integrationsIntegrations make your product betterMeasure your conversions and revenueDiscover valuable integrationsAsk customers about integrationsMake your partner pages awesome
  63. Work Emails
  64. Work EmailsPODIO.COM
  65. Work EmailsYAMMER.COM
  66. How to optimize “Work Emails”Optimize on-boardingShow people who they should followUtilize invitations during on-boardingMeasure # of people in every companyDiscover the engaging interactions
  67. Embeds
  70. How to optimize embedsWhy should people embed?Make it as easy as possible to embedTrack how well your embeds convertTest relevant call to actionsOptimize for search but don’t obsess
  71. Powered By
  72. Powered By
  73. How to optimize “Powered By”What are you Powering?Test the copy of your call to actionTest and optimize your landing pagesTrack views, clicks, conversions and LTVMeasure individual effectiveness
  74. Free Stuff
  75. Free StuffGRADER.COM
  77. How to optimize free toolsMap to customer decision makingThink about what you can repurposeEducate your prospectsTest your ideas minimally (ghetto)Measure and optimize revenue
  78. GO!
  79. Thank You!Killer Content MarketingDownload the slides:http://kiss.ly/microconf2013hiten