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Government 2.1 - "Mobile Government Services" by OGCIO

Mr. Kenneth Cheng, Assistant Government Chief Information Officer (E-government Service Delivery), OGCIO

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Government 2.1 - "Mobile Government Services" by OGCIO

  1. 1. Embracing the New Era ofMobile E-government Service Delivery Government 2.1 Conference Office of the Government Chief Information Officer 16 June 2011
  2. 2. Latest trend• Rising public readiness and expectation for mobile public services – Rising mobile penetration rate : 193.2% in February 2011 – Over 900,000 HK people going online via mobile devices every week – 48% of respondents in a survey use a smartphone actively: doubles the global rate of 23% – Over 250 Hong Kong mobile apps in iPhone app store
  3. 3. Overseas experience in providing mobile public services • SeeClickFix iPhone app: US citizens to take part in improving their living environment • www.gov.sg iPhone app: Singapore Government to disseminate public information
  4. 4. OGCIO sets an example and launches Mobile GovHK• Mobile GovHK launched in 2010: a citizen-centric mobile web portal• Provides links to other public services, e.g. mobile government directory, location-based weather report and traffic condition
  5. 5. Examples of mobile apps provided by otherdepartments and public organisations Agriculture, Fisheries Hong Kong Observatory and Conservation Hong Kong Tourism Board Department
  6. 6. Mobile apps for service delivery• Majority of mobile apps are for information dissemination. Mobile apps for service delivery even more useful.• OGCIO provides technical support and assists B/Ds in launching mobile apps for delivering e-services. Hong Kong eTransport Tell me@1823 (Public Transport Enquiry Service) Rolled out on To be rolled out in 12th April 2011 summer 2011 • Search for point-to-point public • Make enquires, complaints or transport routes provide suggestions to the • Obtain specific route information on Government anywhere, anytime schedules, fares and stops
  7. 7. Tell me@1823 mobile app• For enquiries, complaints and suggestions anywhere, anytime• Allows uploading of files, real time photo-taking, video / audio recording as well as providing location-based information 7
  8. 8. Introduction video of the “Tell me@1823” iPhone app
  9. 9. Hong Kong eTransport mobile app• point-to-point public transport routes search 9
  10. 10. Looking ahead• More mobile e-forms for complaints/submissions• To develop mobile public event finder• To develop centralised SMS gateway and notification system• To explore mobile payment options
  11. 11. Public sector information (PSI) and mobile apps • Opening up PSI for re-use: A global trend • Utilising PSI for mobile apps • OGCIO launched a pilot scheme on 31 March 2011.
  12. 12. Pilot scheme on public sector information – Data.One www.govhk/Data.One Pilot Scheme launched in March 2011 e.g. Average traffic speed in main (18 months) roads and cross-harbour journey Geo-referenced public Real-time traffic data facilities dataNames, addresses and co-ordinates, Eg. Snapshot images of trafficetc. of public facilities such as conditionsgovernment offices, hospitals,schools, country parks as well asrecreational, cultural and sportsvenues
  13. 13. Public Sector Information (PSI) and mobile apps• Four mobile apps making use of the real-time traffic data have been launched.
  14. 14. Thank you!