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  1. Ayeyarwady’s Delta region and Mawtin Point, Cape Negrais • Location: 15°57'17.49"N 94°14'37.28"E • Ayeyarwady Division, the lowest expanse of land in Myanmar • Ayeyarwady Basin region • Plays a dominant role in the cultivation of rice in rich alluvial soil • Mawtin point in the Bay of Bengal is a famous landmark of Myanmar 1
  2. Shwedagon pagoda • Location: 16°47'51.82"N 96° 8'59.36"E • Known as Golden Pagoda built on the 52 meter high Singuttara High, 112m tall • Constructed more than 2,600 years ago • Located in Yangon, commercial city 2
  3. Inle lake (Floating Farms) • location : 20°30'37.09"N 96°54'39.57"E • Shan State, Shan Hills (880 m elevation) • the second largest lake in Myanmar • One of the world heritage place by UNESCO (1974) • Unique nature of lnle lake’s life cycle 3
  4. Bagan • Location: 21°10'0.04"N 94°52'30.19"E • Ancient city where 1st Myanmar is founded by Anawrahta King in 11th century • UNESCO World Heritage Site with more than 2200 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries • One of Novel place • Situated in Central Myanmar Dry Zone by side of Irrawaddy river 4
  5. The confluence: the start of the Irrawaddy River • Location: 25°42'11.70"N 97°30'10.43"E • Site of great cultural meaning to Kachin Society or heartland of their cultural identity • Important region of the Irrawaddy river formation 5
  6. ● Location: 28°19'48.25"N 97°32'5.54"E ● Eastern Himalaya,Kachin State, Northern Myanmar ● Highest mountain(5881meters) in South East Asia ● Hkakabo Razi National park: stronghold biodiversity in Myanmar with rich flora and fauna ● Snow and glaciers dominate regions ● Need to focus on environmental protection and development of scientific expeditions of this region Hkakabo Razi Mountain 6
  7. Mandalay Palace ● Location : 21°59'34.23"N 96° 5'50.87"E ● Mandalay Division in Central Myanmar ● The last royal palace of the last Burmese monarchy. ● A primary symbol of Myanmar and major tourist destination ● Historical buildings, acts and architecture. 7
  8. Myeik Archipelago(Islands) • Location: 12°29'32.27"N 98°31'57.63"E • Southern Part of Myanmar (Adarman Sea) • Natural composition with 800 islands characterized mainly by limestone and granite • Offshore are extensive coral reefs • Clean and Isolation nature • Offshore are extensive coral reefs • One of the most travel attraction place 8
  9. Mount Popa • Location: 20°55'6.05"N 95°14'58.49"E • Central Myanmar in Mandalay Division • It is extinct volcano area • It has wide range of dry zone ecosystem and environment. • Effect Central Myanmar’s weather 9
  10. Thaphanzeik Dam • location: 23°18'4.15"N 95°20'46.62"E • Sagaing Region, a large facility built on Mu River • about 6.4 km long dam • Support 30 megawatt of electricity and water supply for grate area of paddy fields 10