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Put Your Research Skills to the Test
January 12th - 26th
1. You ar...
4. You're workingwithaprofessoronan environmental law historyproject.She hasaskedyoutofind
the earliestmentionsof the te...
7. You are a legal internworkingforthe Global Defense Council (GDC) inWashington,DC. Yourboss,
c. Now,use Westlawtofinda lawreview article onthistopic. Provide asummaryof thisarticle in
3-4 sentences (copyingandpast...
12. Weatherand othernatural disasterscanpose risksto companiesinawide varietyof industries.As
such,these companiesmustin...
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Hlsl research competition 2015 qs[2]

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2015 Harvard Law School Library Research Competition Questions.

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Hlsl research competition 2015 qs[2]

  1. 1. 1 HARVARD LAW SCHOOL LIBRARY LEGAL RESEARCH COMPETITION Put Your Research Skills to the Test January 12th - 26th 1. You are Bluebooking ajournal article onthe impactof the swelteringheatonthe foundingfathersin draftingthe declarationof independence andare havingtrouble finding sourcesfromthe American colonial period. a. List three waysyoucan gethelpfroman HLS research librarian(forsome ideas: http://asklib.law.harvard.edu/).[3points] b. Identifyadatabase where youcouldfindhistorical newspapersfromthe colonial period. [2 points] 2. As part of preparationfora class-actionlawsuitaboutlampsthatpreventseasonal affective disorder,yourmanagingattorney mentionsa1916 decisionfromthe FirstDistrictAppellateCourtof Illinois,whichwill be helpfulinyourresearchbecause itprovidesadefinitivedefinitionforthe durationof winter. a. Provide acitationto thiscase. [2 points] b. What monthsdoesthe court state constitute wintermonths?[2points] c. The court usestwo basesof reasoningforthisdefinition. Name them. [2points] d. Usingthe WestKeyNumberassignedtothe relevantHeadnoteinthiscase,findanother relevantcase froma differentstate. Provide the keynumberandthe citationtothe second case. [2 points] 3. In orderto ward off the winterchill inNew England,youdecidetotake a tripto Australia!Use WestlawNexttofindaJanuary5, 2015 newsarticle from the CairnsPostor an article fromthe Daily Telegraph. Whatisthe scorchinghightemperature expectedinSydneybyJanuary9th? Provide the WestlawNextcitationforthe article youfound( [year] WLNR[documentnumber]). [2points]
  2. 2. 2 4. You're workingwithaprofessoronan environmental law historyproject.She hasaskedyoutofind the earliestmentionsof the termsglobal warmingandclimate change (inthe environmental context) inlawreviewarticles. a. What source(s) mightyouuse tosearch? [2 points] b. Please give 1-2citationstoearlyarticleswitheachterm. [2 points] c. Your professoralsowantstolookfor local resourcesonthe topic. What Massachusettsspecific sourcesare available onLexisAdvance forEnvironmental Law? [2points] 5. Overthe break,you’ve beenworkingonyourhobbies.You’ve beenspendingyourspare time developingamethodtodiverthurricanesawayfrompopulatedareas.Youstartwonderingwhether your ideamightbe patentable. Youhaven’ttakenanyintellectual propertyclasses,soyou’ll needto do some backgroundresearch. a. You decide thatyouwant to start witha quicksummaryof patentlaw.You usedthe book Understanding CivilProcedure tostudyfor exams. DoesHLSL have anythingfromthe Understanding…seriesonpatentlaw?If yes,where canyoufindit? [2 points] b. A fellowweathercontrol enthusiastremembersseeingabrief article fromearly2014 abouta decisiondenyingapatentfora methodof controllinghurricanes. Yourfrienddoesn’tremember where she sawthe article,butdoesrememberthatitwas ina legal currentawareness/news source.Identifythe article andthe decision. [2points] Bonus:What movie isreferencedinthe article?DoesHLSLowna copy? [2 points] c. The patentin the case wasdeniedfor“lackof enablement.”You’dlike toreada more in-depth discussionof enablement. Identifyamajoronline treatise onPatentLaw.Copyandpaste the definitionof enablementfromthe source. [2points] d. Searchfor patents.Identifythe earliestissuedUSpatentthatyou can findfora processor device tocontrol stormssuch as typhoonsorhurricanes. [2 points] 6. You’ve beenaskedtofinda pair of 19th centuryEnglishcases: 1 F & F 162 and1 F & F 165. a. What do these citations standfor?Whatresource didyouuse to findthisinformation? [2 points] b. Have these casesbeenreprinted?Where? [2points] c. Findthe cases. Name the partiesandbrieflydescribe the factsof the cases.[2 points] d. Finda contemporarynewspaperaccountof the underlyingincident. [2points]
  3. 3. 3 7. You are a legal internworkingforthe Global Defense Council (GDC) inWashington,DC. Yourboss, SydneyEllenWade,hasjuststrucka bargain withthe Presidenttohelppassan energybill requiring a 20 percentreductionof the emissionof greenhousegasoverthe nexttenyears.If the GDC can secure 24 Senate votesforthe bill,the White House willdeliverthe remainingvotesneededtopass the bill. Althoughyourbossisgoodat thinkingonherfeet,she needssome backgroundinformation aboutlegislative andregulatoryattemptstocurb greenhousegasemissionsbefore she meetswith Senate leadership. a. FindtwoHLS LibraryResearchGuidesthatwouldbe helpful onthistopic. [2points] b. Ms. Wade mentionsthatthe EPA recentlypublishedareportabout greenhouse gasemissions. Provide acitationto thisreportincludinganinternetlink. [2points] c. Your colleaguesare workingonseveral proposedregulationscurrentlyopenforpubliccomment that deal withgreenhousegasemissions. Provide acitationtoone suchregulation. [2points] d. You knowthat the Senate CommitteeonEnvironment&PublicWorkshas a Subcommittee for CleanAirand NuclearSafety. Provideacitationtoa relevanthearingbythatcommittee (recent or historical). [2points] e. Since thisisa heavily-researchedtopic,Ms.Wade wouldalsolike toreview anycompiled legislative histories. Findalegislative historyforthe CleanAirAct(or anysubsequent amendments) andprovideacitation. [2 points] f. Many stateshave enactedstatutestohelpreduce orlimitgreenhousegasemissions. Use the 50 State StatutorySurveysonWestlawNexttofinda surveythataddressesthese issues. How manystatescurrentlyhave suchlaws? [2 points] g. Ms. Wade wantsto make sure she alsohas her federal basescovered. WhatFederal Statute addressesaGlobal Climate Change Program? [2points] 8. You are lookingforinformationabouthow moderngovernmentsactinresponse toissuesrelatedto climate and energy. Whenyoustartedthisresearch,youcame across thisNY Timesarticle: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/19/world/europe/germanys-effort-at-clean-energy-proves- complex.html. Nowyouwanttofindoutmore about whatis happeningwiththisissueinGermany. Assume,forthisexercise,thatyoudon’treadGerman(evenif youdo). a. Is there a special Germanname forthe ideaof changingenergysourcesfromcoal andnuclearto renewable? If so,whatis it,and whatit itsapproximate English translation. [2points] b. Nowthat youknowthe German name for this,findtwoEnglish-languagearticles,publishedin 2012 or later,that discussanyaspectof thisissue. One article shouldcome fromareputable newspublicationandthe otherfromanacademicjournal that isnot relatedtolaw. Write a one- to two-sentence summaryof the mainpointof eacharticle youfind. [2points]
  4. 4. 4 c. Now,use Westlawtofinda lawreview article onthistopic. Provide asummaryof thisarticle in 3-4 sentences (copyingandpastinganabstractis fine if there isone). [2points] d. Searchin HOLLIS+ for anyEnglish-languagebooksorbookchaptersonthistopic inany of the Harvard Libraries. Listone of thembelow – include the title,the call numberand locationof the book,and a linktothe HOLLIS+ record. [2 points] e. What isthe English-languagename of Germany’sfederal agencythatdealswithenvironmental issues? Provide the linktoitsEnglish-language website. WhoisGermany’sfederal environment minister?[2points] Go to the English-languagewebsiteof the agencyreferredtoin part(e) above. Usingthe informationthere,answerthe questionsbelow. f. Are any legal provisionslistedinthe sectionthatdiscussesnuclearsafety? Whatisthe English- language name of the German federal statute thatregulatesnuclearenergy? Whenwasit promulgated,and,accordingtothe site,whenwasitlast amended? Whatdoesitregulate,and how? What is the effectof the mostrecentamendment? [3 points] g. In the area of the site thatprovidesaccesstolegislation,isthere astatute relatedtorenewable energysources? Whenwasit promulgatedand,accordingtothissite,whenwasitlast amended? Accordingtothe language of the act, what are “renewable energysources”? [3 points] 9. UsingBloombergBNA Law Reports,identifythe countrythatisconsideringprovidingcreditsto businessandhomeownersforsurpluspowergeneratedbyrooftopsolarpanels.How muchmoney will the governmentraise forthisventure? [2points] 10. Is there a statutoryprovisioninCaliforniathatallowsthe state toborrow moneytopurchase electricity? If so,whatisthe statutorycitation,whenwasthe statute enacted,andwhatisthe maximumamountof debtindollarsthatis allowed? [3points] 11. In 2009 an earthquake inthe Abruzzo regionof Italycausedover300 deathsandover1,000 injuries. In the aftermath,six scientistsandagovernmentofficial were triedformakingstatementsthat reassuredthe populace and,manyargued,causedgreatercasualtieswhenthose whotrustedthese predictionsdidnotevacuate. [Note:forthese questionsyoumayneedtocite a combinationof governmentandnewssources]. a. What was the initial outcome of thiscase? [2points] b. Where wasthe case appealed?Whatisthe website of the courtthat heard the appeals? [2 points] c. Can the case be furtherappealed? [2points]
  5. 5. 5 12. Weatherand othernatural disasterscanpose risksto companiesinawide varietyof industries.As such,these companiesmustinclude riskfactorswarningtheirinvestorsaboutthese risksincertain of theirfilingswiththe SEC. a. What are tworesourcesthatcan be usedto findsuchfilings? [2points] b. What isan example of acompanythathas includedsucha riskfactor inone of theirfilings? Provide alinkto the filing. [2points] 13. You owna two-familyhome inCambridge. Asyoushovel yoursidewalkandwalkways,youstart chattingwithyourneighbors,who’ve ownedthe buildingnextdoorforfortyyears. Yourmention your concernaboutkeepingupwithsnow removal andmakingsure thatno one slipsonthe snow and ice on yourproperty.Your neighborstellyounottoworry. Underthe “Massachusettsrule”you can’t be liable forsomeone slippingandfallingif it’sthe resultof anatural accumulationof snow. You’re not sure that this iscorrect, so youdecide tolookintoit. a. In Massachusetts,forpurposesof determiningthe landlord’sliabilitywhensomeone slipsand fallsonice or snow,is itimportantto determinewhetherornotthe accumulationwasnatural? Has thisalwaysbeenthe rule? [2 points] b. What isthe leadingmoderncase onthistopic? [2 points] c. Keycite /Shepardize/BCitethe case andlistall Massachusettscitingcaseswithnegative treatmentof the case (yellow orredflags) [2points]