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Progress Report - Solid progress and AI is the True North

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Key takeaways from Holger Mueller of Workday Innovation Summit, held at Cavallo Lodge in Sausalito from April 22nd till 24th 2019.

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Progress Report - Solid progress and AI is the True North

  1. 1. © 2010-2019 HMCC & Constellation Research, Inc. All rights reserved. 1#WDaySummit Progress Report – Workday Innovation Summit MyPOV: Good event for Workday, solid progress. Key innovation was under NDA. Good to see all in on ML / AI. Some messaging, maybe roadmap too conservative. But good update / event. Yearly Workday analyst meeting, held at beautiful Cavallo Point North of Golden Gate Bridge. Very well attended by analysts and influencers. Key Takeaways • Workday keeps innovating across Plan / Fin / HCM / Analysis Suite • In HCM Workday doubles down on Skills, let’s see if the bet works • Workday Cloud Platform makes good progress on Build scenario • Solid belief and investment into AI / ML as fundamental disruptor