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Future of Mobile Web Application and Web App Store

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What is the Future of Mobile Web Application ?
Mobile Web could be the final winner of the Mobile App Race ?

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Future of Mobile Web Application and Web App Store

  1. 1. Mobile Web Application &Web Application StoreJonghong JeonETRI, SRCEmail: hollobit@etri.re.krBlog: http://mobile2.tistory.com http://twitter.com/hollobithttp://www.etri.re.kr
  2. 2. Age of Mobile App Store
  3. 3. “I am certain that the mobile telecoms world will count its time in two Eras. The Era BI: time Before the iPhone, and the ER A AI: time After the iPhone” Author of “Digital Korea”, Tomi T Ahonen http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2007/05/entering_iphone.html http://www.tomiahonen.com/ hollobit@etri.re.kr5
  4. 4. Apple … iPhone … App … App Store6
  5. 5. “App” is …7
  6. 6. Current count of App Stores ….q WIPConnector.com8
  7. 7. The App Store As A Digital BM9
  8. 8. App Economy - Download Rates Source: TechCrunch10
  9. 9. App Economy - Download Rates Source: TechCrunch11
  10. 10. App Economy - Download Rates12
  11. 11. Mobile App Store Revenue (2008~2014) Mobile Application Stores Revenue Opportunity, Worldwide, 2008-2014 (Millions of Dollars)13
  12. 12. New wordsq App Economyq Appconomyq Developer Economyq Freemiumq In-App Purchaseq Appcosystemq Paywallq App Consultingq App Marketing14
  13. 13. Mobile Web Application
  14. 14. Web App vs. Native App16
  15. 15. Web App vs. Native App17
  16. 16. Web App vs. Native App18
  17. 17. Why Native App ?19
  18. 18. Why Web App ?20
  19. 19. Hype Cycle for Web21 21
  20. 20. Emerging Working Items – W3Cq New WG & XG § Web Performance Working Group § Voice Browser Working Group § Web Notification Working Group § Web Application Security Working Group § Web Event Working Group § Point of Interest Working Group § Linked Data for Government WG Charter § Model-Based UI XG § Social Web XGq Workshop § Workshop on Augmented Reality on the Web § Workshop on Web on TV § Workshop on Privacy and data usage control22
  21. 21. The Web as an application platformq Standards for Web Applications on Mobile: February 2011 current state and roadmap § http://www.w3.org/2011/02/mobile-web-app-state.html23
  22. 22. Web Application Architecture HTML5 (Web forms, Video/Audio, Canvas..) Web Application APIs (Web IDL, Web Socket, Web Worker, Web Database….) XMLHTTPRequest Widgets API Device APIs CSS (Calendar, XML ECMASCript Camera GPS, File,..) DOM HTTP + URI/IRI+ Unicode24
  23. 23. Considering point Mobile App Developer’s view End user’s view25 http://blog.appsfire.com/infographic-ios-apps-vs-web-apps
  24. 24. Web App Store
  25. 25. Web App Storeq Mozilla’s Open Web App Store (2010.5.20) § http://blog.mozilla.com/blog/2010/05/20/an-open-web-app-store/ § http://blog.mozilla.com/blog/2010/10/19/prototype-of-an-open-web-app-ecosystem/ § http://mozillalabs.com/blog/2010/12/building-the-open-web-app-ecosystem/ § http://techcrunch.com/2010/10/19/mozilla-web-apps/ § https://apps.mozillalabs.com/q OpenAppMKt (2010.7.30) § http://www.openappmkt.com/q Chrome Web Store (2010.12.7 open) § https://chrome.google.com/webstoreq GetJar HTML5 Mobile Web App Store (2010.12.23) § http://www.getjar.com/q Opera, web-based mobile app store, called the Opera Mobile Store (2011.3.8) § http://mobilestore.opera.com/us,en,usd/mobiledevice.html27
  26. 26. Android Market Web Storeq http://market.android.com/28
  27. 27. App Store vs. Web Store Any Devices Device Devices (PC, TV, Car, Tablet…) Client App Store Browser Browser Front Front Web Web Web Server Store Web App App App Server Server Store Store Store Native Native Web Cloud Native Appp App App App29
  28. 28. WAC - Technology Evolution WAC 1.0 demo devices available at MWC 201130
  29. 29. Mozilla’s Open Web Appsq The basic set of concepts required to enable Open Web Applications are: § Application manifests, which describes the location, requirements, and capabilities of an application. § An application repository, which holds the manifests for all of the users installed applications. § A method to install an application into a users repository, which can be used by stores and directories or by an application developer (for self- published applications). § A application dashboard, which is a user interface through which to manage, browse, and launch installed applications. § An optional network interaction to allow applications to confirm the users ownership of a paid registration (i.e. from an application store).31
  30. 30. Google’s Installable Web Appsq the experience of using a web app is still poor compared to that of using a desktop app.q Problem: Web apps are special to users, but not to browsers § bookmarks for web apps look the same as bookmarks for other web pages. § security defaults that make sense for normal web pages are often a bad match for web apps.q Solution: Installable web apps § installing a web app is like creating a super-bookmark to it. Source: http://code.google.com/intl/ko-KR/chrome/apps/docs/index.html32
  31. 31. Web Store = Future of App Store WAC http://www.distimo.com/appstores/33
  32. 32. Mobile Web App Golden Age Mobile Golden diversity Age Smartphone Standardization finish Widely commercialize HTML5 Apps Beyond 4G LTE 2010 2011 2012 2013 hollobit@etri.re.kr34
  33. 33. Conclusionsq The App Store As A Digital BMq New-generation web applications to challenge native app dominance in mobile service distribution § User interface and hardware capabilities dominate demand for native interface § Distribution control and cost advantages are key drivers behind web app developmentq But, the experience of using a web app is still poor compared to that of using a desktop app. § User requires better user experience in mobile environment § Web should learn from the strong points of Native Appq Web could be the final winner of the Mobile App Race ? § Mobile Browser is just one of Native App. § We need new type of web application in mobile • Installable Web Application & Web App Store35
  34. 34. Thank you For more discussion : JongHong Jeon (hollobit@etri.re.kr) +82-42-860-5333 Blog : http://mobile2.tistory.com/m http://twitter.com/hollobit OR36