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  1. 1. Evaluation Digi-Pack
  2. 2. How do my products use, develop and challenge forms and conventions or real media products?
  3. 3. How do my products use, develop andchallenge forms and conventions or real media products?
  4. 4. Overall how effective is the combination of your main products and your ancillary products?Personally, I believe that when combined my products are considerably effective as they sharesimilar aspects and conventions. Although it is evident I havent used the same actress (issues areexplained within blog post Issues) they still link as they have a similar hair style and colour and areof a similar age. The two products link together through the use of colour scheme, font,positioning and imagery.Colour Scheme: The same colour scheme is used through out both Album cover and back andPoster. The colour scheme consists of a galaxy theme, tones of purple , blue, teal and silver. Thiscolour scheme is also furthered in the use of the images I have selected.Font: Conventionally, I have used the same font throughout my products; both on the CD front andback and on the masthead for the poster. The font that I have used is Impact. It is bold, distinct andunique; all of which are contributing factors to making my products eye-catching and desirable tomy target audience.Positioning: I consider the positioning of my images to be rather unique , especially on the back ofthe CD where the image is separated into equal sized sections.Imagery: I have used the same actress in all of my images, the very image Ihave used on my CD Cover I have featured primarily on my Poster.