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Best Practices on Instagram and Hootsuite

  1. Instagram and Hootsuite Best Practices & Dashboard Overview
  2. Speaker Bio Ella Badis Hootsuite Social Media Coach @Hoot_EllaBadis Join the conversation using #HootsuitePro
  3. Introduction to Instagram Building an Instagram Strategy Instagram on Hootsuite Agenda
  4. • Social network for visual content: images & videos • Over 300+ million users • Popular with teens and adults between the ages of 18 - 29 • Encourages user-generated content • Add popular # hashtags to visual to discover your content Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro What is Instagram?
  5. • Grow your social presence • Build community together • Showcase brand personality • Monitor brand mentions by customers Why you should be on Instagram?
  6. Building an Instagram Strategy
  7. Ask yourself, what do you hope to accomplish by using Instagram? • Do you want to share a creative visual portfolio of your work, product and/or service? • Do you want give followers a behind the scenes look at your company culture? • Share stories from your community and/or campaigns? 1. Set Goals
  8. Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro S.M.A.R.T Goals Goal: To increase brand exposure by getting 10 likes on each of my Instagram photos by end of August. Steps to Achieve: PIC 1. Post 3 visuals per day at different time 2. Insert hashtags in each visual 3. Compare engagement on weekly basis S.M.A.R.T Goals Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  9. Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro • Conduct an Instagram audit to determine what your followers are saying about you • Monitor your followers to see what kind of content they are sharing • Is your audience already using unique hashtags? Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro 2. Get to know your fans
  10. Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro Brand Hashtag Tagline that is central to your business (Long- term) Unique word for your contest, promotion and/or marketing campaign (Short-term) Campaign Hashtag Very popular keywords/topics and are instantly changing in real time Trending Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro 3. Ella’s Bucket of Hashtags
  11. Examples of each type of hashtags Brand Hashtag Examples Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  12. Campaign Hashtag Examples Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  13. Trending Hashtag Examples Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  14. Keep it to the point Use capital letters for multiple words Avoid hashtag overload Associate something unique to your brand Look up hashtags before you use! Add hashtag to printed materials #Tip: #How #To #Hashtag Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro
  15. Instagram on Hootsuite
  16. Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro Add Instagram to your Hootsuite dashboard Make sure you have the latest version of Hootsuite installed on your device. Ensure that your Push Notifications are turned on (Phone: Settings) ○ iPhone/Android ○ Hootsuite Mobile App ○ Instagram on Hootsuite App Tweet your questions with #HootsuitePro Instagram for Hootsuite Checklist
  17. Thank you Join the conversation using #HootsuitePro @Hoot_EllaBadis