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Baseline 6 mo
Group x Time Interaction p = .034
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Zamzee Poster Presentation - Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children

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Using Technology to Counter the Effects of Sedentary Behavior

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Zamzee Poster Presentation - Global Summit on the Physical Activity of Children

  1. 1. 65 70 75 80 85 Baseline 6 mo Low-densitylipoprotein(mg/dL) LDL CHOLESTEROL Group x Time Interaction p = .034 5.0 5.2 5.4 5.6 5.8 6.0 Baseline 6 mo HbA1c(%) GLYCATED HEMOGLOBIN* * Measurement adherent: Group x Time Interaction p = .012 0 1 2 3 Baseline 6 mo C-REACTIVE PROTEIN C-ReactiveProtein(mg/L) ZAMZEE CONTROL SECONDARY OUTCOMES USING GAMIFICATION TO INCREASE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IN CHILDREN Zamzee Research Study and Pilot Insights A project of ZAMZEE RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL AND BIOMARKER STUDY Nicole Guthrie MS, Fred Dillion BA, Jana Haritatos PhD, and Steve Cole PhD OBJECTIVE Assess the impact of Zamzee, an accelerometer-linked online motivational system, on MVPA in a diverse sample of US middle school-aged children. Zamzee combines individualized feedback, progress monitoring and goal setting, tangible incentives, and intrinsic motivation features to promote long-term increase in physical activity as measured by a 3-axis accelerometer system with automated upload to a central database. BACKGROUND Most US adolescents do not achieve CDC-recommended levels of moderate-to- vigorous physical activity (MVPA), placing the next generation of Americans at increased risk for a diverse array of chronic diseases. There is a great need for new scalable interventions that can persistently increase MVPA in adolescents. CONCLUSIONS The Zamzee activity meter/motivational website system can consistently increase MVPA over 6 months in middle school-aged children, with favorable effects on blood lipid and metabolic parameters. PRIMARY OUTCOMES STUDY DESIGN & DEMOGRAPHICS THANK YOU TO OUR PARTNERS The participants, families, physicians and administrators of the pediatric weight management pilot sites. INSIGHT 1 Average Weekly Minutes of Physical Activity SELF-REPORTED MINUTES 571 ZAMZEE MEASURED MINUTES 237 INSIGHT 2 Average Attendance (Completion Rate) at Final Class Zamzee Pilot Cohort has Increased Program Completion Rates Compared to Historical Average HISTORICAL AVERAGE 57% ZAMZEE PILOT* 87% *Sub-set of total population n= 31 OBJECTIVE Assess the impact of Zamzee on children and family members enrolled in pediatric weight management clinics. BACKGROUND Many healthcare providers now offer weight management clinics to children and families struggling with childhood obesity. As part of promoting healthy behavior change, there is a great need in these clinics for scalable, low-cost interventions that increase the physical activity of clinic participants. ZAMZEE IN PEDIATRIC WEIGHT MANAGEMENT CLINICS Findings from Pilot Study SUMMARY The use of Zamzee in pediatric weight management clinics in the pilot project provided physicians with an objective measurement of physical activity which differed significantly from self-reported data. In addition, use of Zamzee resulted in an increased percentage (52% at one pilot site) of participants completing the assigned program. Moreover, we saw higher engagement with the Zamzee program when it was used as a family (84% versus 17%). These are promising indicators that Zamzee could be a scalable, low-cost intervention that increases the physical activity of children enrolled in pediatric weight management clinics. STUDY DESIGN & DEMOGRAPHICS Program Length: 5-20 weeks | February - June 2013 6Pediatric Weight Management Clinics 148Patients 166Family Members 6-18 YEARS OLD (MEAN AGE:10.95 STANDARD DEVIATION: 2.64) BMI > 85TH PERCENTILE + CO-MORBIDITY, OR BMI > 95TH PERCENTILE AVERAGE MINUTES OF MVPA PER WEEK over the 6 month study AVERAGE MINUTES OF MVPA PER STUDY WEEK 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 MVPA(minutes/week) Week 6 12 18 24 ZAMZEE CONTROL Patient Self-Reported Minutes of Physical Activity Were Significantly Greater Than Zamzee Measured Minutes TIME CARRYING ZAMZEE DURING WAKING HOURS 6mos. [24 weeks]22.2MEAN BMI 25% OVER 25; 8% OVER 30 (5.2 STANDARD DEVIATION) 12.7 MEAN AGE (0.8 STANDARD DEVIATION) 11-14years oldPRIMARY MVPA ASSESSED CONTINUOUSLY OVER 6-MONTH FOLLOW-UP SECONDARY LIPID, METABOLIC & INFLAMMATORY BIOMARKERS ASSESSED AT BASELINE AND 6-MONTH FOLLOW-UP (4 SITES) RANDOMIZED TO THE ZAMZEE MOTIVATIONAL WEBSITE OR PASSIVE MONITORING CONTROL1:1 448 MIDDLE-SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN 46% 54%GIRLS (244)BOYS (204) Highly Engaged Children (8+ weeks participation) 87% Children Using Zamzee Without Family Children Using Zamzee With Highly Engaged Family Members 83% 17% 84% 16% HIGHLY ENGAGED NOT HIGHLY ENGAGED HIGHLY ENGAGED NOT HIGHLY ENGAGED INSIGHT 3 Children More Likely to be Highly Engaged in Zamzee if Family Participates in Program RESULTS Within the biomarker sub-study, the Zamzee group showed more favorable pre to post-study changes in LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and, in protocol-adherent participants, HbA1c. Non-significant effects were observed for CRP and BMI. AVERAGE HIGHER RATE WITH THE ZAMZEE GROUP COMPARED TO CONTROL MVPA RATE 4.5x MORE DAYS THAT THE ZAMZEE GROUP MET THE CDC-RECOMMENDED 60 MINUTES OF MVPA/DAY MVPA LEVELS ZAMZEE GROUP 3.1% ± 0.3% OF DAYS CONTROL GROUP 0.7% ± 0.4% OF DAYS P < .0001 59%ZAMZEE GROUP MEAN MVPA = 118 MIN/WEEK ± 3 CONTROL GROUP MEAN MVPA = 74 MIN/WEEK ± 5 OVER THE 6-MONTH STUDY, NO DECREMENT IN DIFFERENCE OVER TIME. GROUP X WEEK INTERACTION, P = .9415 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 MVPA(minutes/week) CONTROL ZAMZEE 74 118 INCREASE OVER CONTROLS p < .0001 59% PRIMARY OUTCOMES