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Amanda Ward. Host Responsibility at SKYCITY Auckland


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Amanda Ward. Host Responsibility at SKYCITY Auckland

  1. 1. Ms. Amanda Ward Host Responsibility at SKYCITY Auckland
  2. 2. Host Responsibility at SKYCITY Auckland New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Vancouver Jan 27-29, 2014 Amanda Ward SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 4
  3. 3. Operations Overview • • SKYCITY is a diversified trans-Tasman gaming and entertainment business Owns and operates multiple properties throughout Australasia: New Zealand Darwin – Auckland – Hamilton – Queenstown – Queenstown Wharf Adelaide Australia – – Adelaide Darwin SKYCITY Entertainment Group Auckland Hamilton SKYCITY -owned casino property Other non SKYCITY Casino Confidential Queenstown 5
  4. 4. SKYCITY Auckland • 110 Table Games • 1647 Electronic Gaming Machines • 2 Hotels • 1 Conference Centre • Over 20 Restaurants and Bars • VIP Gaming Areas • International VIP Gaming Areas • Approximately 3500 Staff SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 6
  5. 5. Legislative Requirements: Host Responsibility • The New Zealand Gambling Act 2003 required all gambling providers to:  Develop a policy for identifying problem gamblers and to take all reasonable steps to implement the policy to identify actual or potential problem gamblers  Offer information and advice about problem gambling, including self-exclusion and details of counselling options to persons the operator believes is a problem gambler  Issue an exclusion order for up to two years if a customer identifies themselves as a problem gambler and requests to be excluded from the venue  • Remove any person who enters the gambling area of a casino venue in breach of an exclusion order From this Legislative requirement came our Host Responsibility Program – Implemented Dec 2007  Reviewed and revised Sept 2013 SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 7
  6. 6. Host Responsibility Program • Problem Gambling Gambling Act 2003 • Responsible Sale of Alcohol Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 8
  7. 7. Role of Host Responsibility • SKYCITY Auckland has a dedicated „Host Responsibility‟ function   • Prevent and minimise gambling and alcohol-related harm Provide support and advice to the business about host responsibility Key activities  Manage all host responsibility-related information –  Provide information and advice to customers who we suspect may be problem gamblers –  Problem gambling indicators, staff observations, customer interviews, third party inquiries Offer exclusion and refer customers to problem gambling counsellors Staff training – –  How to identify possible/ probable indicators of problem gambling Reporting observations Engage with service providers, researchers, regulators – Regular meetings, provide information, show and tell site tours for all counsellors, telephone-helpline staff SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 9
  8. 8. Staff Training • All SKYCITY staff receive host responsibility training  In-depth classroom-based training provided for more senior staff  Legislative background and context  Significance of our Host Responsibility Programmes  Indicators of problem gambling – –  “Four Red Flags” 25+ other indicators Customer interactions and importance of PREVENTION – • • • Appropriate interactions / Reporting observations Content covers gambling harm prevention and minimisation and responsible service of alcohol External stakeholders invited to present Liquor Licensing Police invited to present SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 10
  9. 9. New Approach to Staff Training • New requirements (more courses, more content) provided impetus for a new approach to training  • Embraced e-learning for refresher training and training to a wider group Shifted emphasis from compliance focus to taking responsibility to improve the working environment  Encourage staff to report “rude or undesirable behaviour” that may be associated with early stages of problem gambling  Frontline staff taught to pass on problem gambling-related information about customers, eg via phone, email, notes on back of roulette cards  Demonstrate to staff that their actions (reporting and intervening) can make a difference, eg – Customers behaving rudely will receive a letter… their behaviour improves… the working environment improves SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 11
  10. 10. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention • Identifying early signs of potential harm and intervening is critical   • Exclusion should be seen as last resort “Slow down” initiative Staff training and engagement is key to success   • The “eyes and ears on the floor” Knowing what to look for and how to interpret customer behaviours Importance of accurate, timely reporting of observations   • Staff are required to report observations Appropriate follow-up action can then be taken Staff can see resulting changes in customer behaviour  Safer, more enjoyable and responsible gambling environment for everyone SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 12
  11. 11. Strong Host Responsibility Contributes to Employee Engagement • An independent, company-wide engagement survey was commissioned in April 2009 to gauge employees‟ opinions and attitudes about SKYCITY • The survey included questions about host responsibility and employee gambling-related harm  • Results were positive:    HRP requires SKYCITY to report on staff perceptions of the effectiveness of the employee gambling harm prevention initiatives When asked if they “know where to go for information or advice on employee issues, including problems due to their own or someone else‟s gambling”, SKYCITY Auckland staff on average said they either “agree” or “strongly agree” Responses to three out of the four host responsibility-related questions were in the top six of all 58 questions In March 2013 SKYCITY commissioned another company-wide engagement survey to gauge employees‟ opinions and attitudes about SKYCITY as an employer.    The survey included questions about host responsibility, including employee gambling-related harm. 77% of SCML employees responded to the survey. Employees at SKYCITY are more engaged than any previous year the survey has been undertaken. Like previous surveys, the results regarding employee perceptions about host responsibility were very positive. Responses to two out of the four host responsibility-related questions were in the top five of all 58 questions in the survey, these items have been consistent top performers since 2010. Results showed responses to the statement “I believe SKYCITY is a responsible host” was again one of the top five drivers of whether an employee is engaged in their job and had a 78% favourable response from employees. SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 13
  12. 12. Lessons Learnt • Training is critical   Engage staff though training / check the training is understood  • Keep content simple Show staff how they can make a difference – and improve their workplace Simple, discreet customer resources  • Know your audience / speak their language „Floor smart‟ Host Responsibility staff are an asset SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 14
  13. 13. Employee Lanyard & Training Poster – Problem Gambling Indicators SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 15
  14. 14. Reported Observed Indicators Year 2008 1003 2009 1170 2010 2482 2011 2944 2012 3788 2013 SKYCITY Entertainment Group Number of Observations 4837 Confidential 16
  15. 15. Improved Customer Resources • New requirements (responsible gaming brochure, more indicators of problem gambling) provided impetus for revision of customer resources • Simplified resources     • More translations : Exclusion brochures and associated documentation now available in 12 languages:  • „Self-exclusion‟ and „Concerned about someone else‟s gambling?‟ Good translations – checked by our staff for accurate contextuality Four strong indicators of problem gambling called „Four Red Flags‟ Training posters and lanyards developed Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Hindi, Khmer, Korean, Japanese, Maori, Samoan, Thai, Tongan, Vietnamese Focus on take-away format in discreet locations    Redesigned „Helping Hand‟ (showing counselling agencies‟ contact details) wallet cards distributed throughout gaming floor – less emphasis on large signs Smarter placement of materials – more likely to get picked up Unattended children brochure placed in all 660 hotel rooms to raise awareness of NZ law among international visitors SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 17
  16. 16. Self-Exclusion Brochure SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 18
  17. 17. Exclusions Year Self Exclusions SKYCITY Exclusions 2008 224 36 2009 394 65 2010 396 127 2011 388 156 2012 394 195 2013 420 138 SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 19
  18. 18. Breaches Year Number of Breaches 2008 247 2009 279 2010 300 2011 345 2012 314 2013 390 SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 20
  19. 19. SKYCITY Exclusion Brochure – Aimed at Concerned Others SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 21
  20. 20. Third Party Approaches Year Number of Approaches 2009 44 2010 68 2011 77 2012 58 2013 64 SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 22
  21. 21. Unattended Children & What are the Odds? Brochures SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 23
  22. 22. Casino Environment, Advertising & Promotions • Requirements for the casino environment   Exit points and public telephone facilities must be clearly visible  Customers must be visible to venue staff on the gaming floor  Gaming areas must be well lit, utilising natural light where possible  • Clocks must be displayed in all gambling areas Non-gaming entertainment options must be available Advertising   • Bans on jackpot advertising Restrictions on signage affixed to casino venues Promotions  Significant regulatory scrutiny around promotional activity  Require internal sign-off by Legal, Regulatory and Host Responsibility teams SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 24
  23. 23. Pre-Commitment SKYCITY Pre-Commitment 2013 Number of Players 2000 Enrolled Unenrolled* Breached Limits* Never Breached Limits* *Includes players that had enrolled in December 2012. SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 25
  24. 24. Pre-Commitment Number of Players Breaching Limits Once or Multiple Times for PreCommitment in 2013 Number of Players 600 1 2 3 4 SKYCITY Entertainment Group 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Number of Times a Player Has Breached Limits Confidential 15 16 17 18 19 20 26
  25. 25. QUESTIONS SKYCITY Entertainment Group Confidential 27
  26. 26. Session Evaluation
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