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HOSHVA PR Obolon Case (eng)

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HOSHVA PR Obolon Case (eng)

  1. 1. Client:  Obolon  Ukraine   Сontact  person:  Project  Owner:  HOSHVA  PR   Kateryna  Kholodylo   kholodylo@hoshvapr.com.ua  
  2. 2. Background   •  In  2008,  according  to  WHO,  Ukraine  ranked  as   a  No.  1  in  the  world  by  alcohol  consumpLon   among  children  and  youth.  It  was  reported  that   number  of  teenagers  who  drink  alcohol   increased.  Beer  is  the  most  popular  beverage   among  them  •  “Drink  responsibly”  –  a  social  project  of  “Obolon”  company,   which  provides  a  one-­‐way  communicaLon  through  the   project  site  •  Students,  the  main  target  audience  of  the  project,     are  not  acLvely  involved  in  the  iniLaLve,  because     the  project  is  purely  instrucLve  in  nature  which     makes  it  uninteresLng   How  can  we  make  young  people  focus  on   responsible  drinking?  
  3. 3. Aim  and  objecLves  Aim:  •  PromoLon  of  responsible  aTtude  to  beer  consumpLon       Objec7ves:   •  Pay  students’  aVenLon  to  the  problem     of  excessive  and  irresponsible  beer  consumpLon   •  Inform  the  generally  accepted  norms     and  restricLons  of  beer  consumpLon     •  Involve  young  leaders  to  form  a  responsible   aTtude  towards  beer  consumpLon      KPI’s:  •  Number  of  leaflet-­‐contacts  –  60  000  •  Total  number  of  contacts  –  not  less  than  100  000  
  4. 4. Challenges  and  SoluLons  Student  youth  do  not  understand   the  problem  and  mostly,  not   interested  in  their  own  health?   To  inform  about,        how  excessive  consumpLon  of   beer  can  harm  to  each  of  us   Youth  is  hard  to  impress?     Bright  &  stylish  format     Corporate  sector  has  some   difficulLes  to  talk  with  students   in  their  language?   Content  of  communicaLon   created  by  student  leaders  
  5. 5. CreaLve  idea  &  Format  •  Reinforce  message  of  responsible  consumpLon     with  the  help  of  original  funny  comics,  which  content     is  close  and  understandable  to  young  people  •  Use  the  format  “event  in  24  hours”  –     a  one-­‐day-­‐long  marathon,  which  aim  is  to  create  comics   involving  experts  and  student  leaders  Crea7ve  component:     Communica7on  component:  •  Team  of  the  bright   •  Use  of  online-­‐mirror     personaliLes   of  the  event  •  CreaLng  the  plot  and   •  Expanding  the  audience     characters   of  the  event  through  •  Help  of  experienced   communicaLon  in  Facebook   designers  in  creaLng   •  Forming  atmosphere  of   sketches   emoLonal  excitement   From  idea  to  product  –  in  24  hours!  
  6. 6. ImplementaLon  stages  Informing  about  the  progress  of  the  project  at  all  stages  through  youth’s  favorite:  
  7. 7. Comic  book  in  24  hours.  How  it  was?  
  8. 8. Facebook-­‐app  and  project  blog   ration Regist for ation p articip ct e in proj blog Project t- yo ung-no ua unk.co m. dr
  9. 9. Announcement  for  students  With  the  assistance    of  the  following  organiza7ons:  Student  councils:       –  KNU     –  NaUKMA   –  NТUU  «КPІ»  •   Student  Parliament  •   AIESEC  •   AEGEE  •   GeneraLon  2020  •   AssociaLon     of  Lawyers  of  Ukraine  •   Unistudy  •   Beerplace.com.ua  
  10. 10. Expert  team  Oleksiy  Olin   Serhii  Brusentsov   Yana  Baranova   Oleksiy  MasarLst,  illustrator  of  magazines   Chief  editor  of  project  about   member  of  the  Ukrainian   founder  of  the  “Ukrainian  X3M,  Moloko,  art  director     beer  in  Ukraine   Union  of  Psychotherapists,   banner  network”  and  9  WORLD  studio   beerplace.com.ua.   the  founder  of    Center     Infostore.org,  a  great  fan     of  psychological  counseling   of  comics   Max  Kushnir   Vladyslav  Vavilov   Max  Lebedev Olya  Yurachkivska   Deputy  Director  for   Vice-­‐President  of  Kyiv  Fitness   Deputy  Head  of  Kyiv  City  branch   brand-­‐manager,   MarkeLng,  CorporaLon   Union   of  the  NaLonal  Scout   ТМ  hike   “Obolon”   OrganizaLon  of  Ukraine,   a  pracLcing  lawyer  
  11. 11. Comics  Consists  of  24  pages,  A5  format    (comfortable  to  carry  in  a  pocket  —      favorite  youth  format)   Contains  a  specially  created   infographic  about  the  norms  of  safe   consumpLon  of  Obolon  products  
  12. 12. Еefficiency  of  the  campaign   60  applica7ons      to  parLcipate  in  the  PR-­‐team   more  than  1000    interacLons  with  users  on  Facebook   more  than  180,000         views  of  publica7ons,      dedicated  to  the  project              on  Facebook  
  13. 13. Еefficiency  of  the  campaign  The  level  of  fans’  involvement  on  the  Facebook-­‐page     +371%  for  the  period  of  the  project     The  growth  of  the  community     during  the  project     +357%  Reach  of  the  adver7sing  campaign    on  Facebook  —  two  waves     800K  of  adverLsing  400  000  сontacts  each   Involvement  of  opinions  leaders     24   to  parLcipaLon  in  the  project     persons   on  a  public  basis  
  14. 14. Еefficiency  of  the  campaign  Number  of  visits  to  the  project  blog   1900   The  number  of  pages  viewed  on  the  blog   4300   The  total  number  of  contacts   Direct  Mail  contacts,  spreading     >500K   leaflets,  online  communicaLon   The  number  of  men7ons  on  the  web   100  
  15. 15. InnovaLons  Event  format  «in  24  hours»  used  in  the  creaLon  of  comics  for  the  first  Lme   Comics  on  the  topic  of  responsible  drinking  were   created  for  the  first  Lme   Event  format  «in  24  hours»  was  used  as  the  CSR   iniLaLve  and  for  the  PR-­‐project  for  the  first  Lme   Results  became  possible  due  to  original  format   and  creaLve  idea  which  was  widely  supported  
  16. 16. Thanks!   “This  comics-­‐book  was  created  by  young  people  for  young   people,  therefore  it  speaks  their  language,  and  is  more   effecAve  than  the  standard  social  ads”   “It  was  cool  and  fun    Max  Kushnir   –  excellent  Deputy  Director  of  MarkeLng,   experience:)”  CorporaLon  “Obolon”   Artem  Trawkin   project  parLcipant   “‘Comics  for  24  hours’  was  a  unique  project   of  social  responsibility  when  the  beer   company  is  ready  to  form  a  proper  market   consumpAon  of  alcoholic  products”  Taras  Parandii    project  parLcipant