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hostels in indore

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S.K. Group of Hostels is uniquely built in Indore to provide an ambient environment for the students. We have boys hostel and girls hostel in Indore for the students at the numerous locations of Indore.

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hostels in indore

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  2. 2. . o g, . SK group of hostels welcomes all the students to `. enjoy our remarkable hostel facilities in Indore. Our hostel services are the most desired servicesin Indoie. We have boys hostel and girls hostel in - Indore situated in the city center of Indore. .
  3. 3. SK group of hostels builds hostel near the alleged institutes and coaching centers like Prestige, IPS, Medicaps, Acropolis, Allen, Brain Master, Catalyzer, Ranker's Point, Past, Success Point, Straitght Ford Academy etc. By this students can explore their academic path in an efficient way. Our main focus is on the facilities for the students comes here from different cities and stated. We always make an effort to make the students feel that they are at home. We have a number of facilities such as parking, mess, common TV, security, safety, hot water, water purifier, etc. SK group of hostels invite you to relish all the facilities that we offer you. You can find presence of our hostel in Vijaynagar, Getabhawan, Palasia, Bhawarkua etc.
  4. 4. 'VX/ `Él.1.3,ï SÉIKI ga: ougp of lälíosí; eíllrt“ Fully furnished Spacious rooms including a bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe, etc. A common TV room With DTH for recreation. Wi-Fi facility over the hostel complex provides 24-hours Internet access. ' Security guard, CCTV Cameras and Warden staying 24*7 on premises. 5 Secure and ample two Wheeler parking. K* , Q: Safe, pure and cold drinking Water filtered With Aquagaurd water l x ” purifier. dí" , f ' Location is central and surrounded by College, Shops, Hospital, Bus & i Rickshaw stand, Market etc.
  5. 5. Sur Branches CITY BOYS HOSTEL S. K BOYS HOSTEL : jy: QT_T1')'n"f'1U/ '*xf. }"'j i i; a uil Alk. _i xJ' . ' LJ*
  6. 6. Contact Us Hostel In Indore G For Girls/ Boy Contact Name : - Suníl Jain Mobile No. :-+91 99931 85147 For more details you are free to contact us on given below details. S. K. Group of Hostels 73 Lala Ram Nagar, Near Saint Paul MISHRA viHAH Ê/ ÂÊHIEÊÊÊ SEVA SARDAR E SECTOR School, Indore, Madhya Pradesh A" 452001, India _ . “sk um. . sinun. . 9% Email : - info@hostelsinindore. com i LARAïiJAGWl RED CHURCH PADMAVAT! COLONY COLONY Websitez- http: //hostelsinindore. com