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Secure your place with our ultra-early bird passes andSAVE $895 on your ticket at www.incitemc.com/marketingThe Incite: Ma...
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Incite: Marketing Summit 2013 - Sneak Peek

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This slide gives you a sneak peak into the forthcoming Incite: Marketing Summit, taking place in NYC o the 18-19 September.

With 12+ C-suite executives, 40+ speakers and ALL the core marketing issues in 2013 debated and discussed, you can't afford to miss it.

More at http://bit.ly/ZRS2u5

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Incite: Marketing Summit 2013 - Sneak Peek

  1. 1. Secure your place with our ultra-early bird passes andSAVE $895 on your ticket at www.incitemc.com/marketingThe Incite: Marketing Summitincitemc.com/marketing #IMCSummitSeptember 18-19, New YorkYour sneak peek into how the Incite: Marketing Summit is shaping up!Map the Future of Multi-channel,Customer-centric Marketingat a glance: Insight on the issues we’ll be discussingAGENDAThe Customer-Centric FutureChange yourcorporate culture tofocus better on thecustomerMoving Customer-Centric WithoutCausing ChaosGet a customer-centricinternal organisationthat’s simple, notcomplexHow To Listen,So You Can TalkBack BetterGet more usefulinsight about yourcustomers, anduse it to do betterCommunicationsBuild UniqueCustomer ExperiencesManage a complexCommunicationslandscape and integratemany channels to buildone effective stake-holder experienceLess Silos =More SuccessBreak down internalbarriers and geteveryone singing fromthe same hymn sheetData DrivenCreativityLet what youlearn help you dobetter marketingcampaignsKeeping ItSuper-RelevantSegment andtarget yourcustomer-based- and get morerelevant to everyone of themHit ThemWhen They’reListeningChoose the rightchannels, and usethem at the righttime for betterengagementThink Fast, ActFasterUse real-timeinsight for quick-decision makingand responsivemarketingDefine YourImpact On TheBottom LineHow new datasources giveyou moredetail on howeffective yourmarketing isWork BetterWith YourCheerleadersSpot importantbrand advocatesand get themonsideSolomo ForCompetitiveAdvantagePointlessportmanteauor the new wayto beat thecompetition?we have already confirmed to contributeSPEAKERSSony ElectronicsMike FasuloChief Marketing OfficerAflacMichael ZunaChief Marketing OfficerSearsJennifer DominiquiniChief Marketing Officer(Seasonal and OutdoorLiving)Restaurant.comChristopher KrohnChief Marketing OfficerArby’sRussell KleinChief Marketing OfficerBASFRobin RotenbergChief CommunicationsOfficerMetLifeClaire BurnsChief Customer OfficerChobaniNicki BriggsChief CommunicationsOfficerEricsson/CoinstarNora DenzelNon-Executive DirectorCitigroupBen EylerVice-President, Marketingand CommunicationsBarnes & NobleSasha NorkinVice-President, Digitaland Channel MarketingHome DepotFred NeilVice-President,Marketing, CRM andCustomer InsightsDiageoMichelle KleinVice-President, GlobalMarketing (Smirnoff)Hewlett PackardRob WaitVice-President, MarketingWhole FoodsBill TolanyHead of IntegratedMarketing