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Internal communications

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Internal communication practices at the example of Azercell.

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Internal communications

  2. 2. 30/01/20152 HR Account Management Staff number: 199 Account Management & Internal Communication Staff number: 345 OD Internal Communication Staff number: 622 As the scope of HR/ Organizational Development started to grow, Internal Communication transferred from merely HR communication into Organization-wide Communication INTERNAL COMMUNICATION DEVELOPMENT HISTORY 2000 2003 2008
  3. 3. 30/01/20153 3 MAIN ROLES OF INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Strategic Communication Employee researches Employer Brand promotion
  4. 4. 30/01/20154 STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION & RELATIONS TO ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Strategic Planning Workshop Targets deployment Performance Appraisal Division targets, prioritized projects Strategy Planning & Performance Management timeline Performance reviews Strategic Communication Agenda: Directions, Key priorities & company goals Year end results Targets and projects implementation status, main achievements
  5. 5. 30/01/20155 STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION MEDIUM CEO messages Internal magazine Video-messages Presentations Infoday Intranet Q&A sessions
  6. 6. 30/01/20156 STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION BENEFITS • Employees know company vision and business goals • See direct alignment between their individual targets & company goals • Show high commitment in going extra mile to achieve desired business results and finally • ARE ENGAGED WHAT ARE WE ABLE TO GAIN?
  7. 7. 30/01/20157 3 MAIN ROLES OF INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Strategic Communication Employee researches Employer Brand promotion
  8. 8. 30/01/20158 Employer Brand Style of Management LeadershipValues Competencies Recruitment Orientation & Induction Communication Working Environment Performance & Development Measurement Reward & Recognition Retention Corporate Culture Employee Engagement EMPLOYER BRANDING
  9. 9. 30/01/20159 Values Competition: Values Competencies GOOD brand Cross-functional cooperation Meeting management Email etiquette Dress code 1 Design 2 Branding 3 Delivery 4 Maintenance CORPORATE CULTURE Employee Movies CODE OF CONDUCT Day celebration
  10. 10. 30/01/201510 7% 32% 61% Formal Media Infrastructure Leadership • WHAT REALLY CHANGE EMPLOYEE BEHAVIOR? What we do: Coordination meetings Time-out sessions Cross-functional networking Team-briefings • Employees are 9 times more likely to support change if they hear it from line manager compared to company newsletters - TJ Larkin Communicating Big Change Source: Towers Perin & Tom Lee CORPORATE CULTURE
  11. 11. 30/01/201511 • Involve: • Recognize: 5 & 10 years working employees awarding • Enjoy together: New Year staff event Department dinners Employee Performances EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Football • Build Communities: Forum in Intranet Message box
  12. 12. 30/01/201512 3 MAIN ROLES OF INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS Strategic Communication Employee researches Employer Brand promotion
  13. 13. 30/01/201513 Commitment &Satisfaction Surveys: • Employee Commitment Survey • Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey Opinion Surveys: • Coordination meetings • Strategy perception • Post-event surveys • Various Intranet polls External Perception Research: • Employer Brand research EMPLOYEE RESEARCHES
  14. 14. 30/01/201514 RELATIONSHIP HIERARCHY Advocacy Loyalty Satisfaction Trust Familiarity Transaction Our goal
  15. 15. 30/01/201515 Employees attribute their loyalty not to money, but to two other factors: - feeling that they belong - feeling that they are part of a mission bigger than their jobs