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Best practices-in-responsive-web-design-webinar

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An engaging interactive session on Responsive Web Design. Get insights that will be helpful in your journey to RWD. Discover how to confidently move to a RWD, what tools to use and what care should be taken while designing the website.

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Best practices-in-responsive-web-design-webinar

  1. 1. Copyright © Harbinger Systems www.harbinger-systems.com
  2. 2. Key TakeawaysUnderstanding RWD: What exactly is Responsive Web Design – thephilosophy, the conceptTechniques and tools for RWD - Details about Media queries and CSSaswell as various frameworks and tools for creating RWD designAdvantages and Limitations in RWDConceptual Knowledge of Server Side Responsive Design (RESS)Copyright © Harbinger Systems www.harbinger-systems.com
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  4. 4. Click to edit Master title styleWebinar Details• Topic: Best Practices in Responsive Web design• Date: June 26th, 2013• Time: 11:00 am PST | 1:00 pm CST | 2:00 pm ESTRegister NowCopyright © Harbinger Systems www.harbinger-systems.com