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How to Increase eLearning ROI through Offline Learning

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In the current work environment, where the team is dispersed or mobile, how do you ensure that your learning and development initiatives benefit each and every team member?

In this fast paced life where learning is a continuous affair, eLearning empowers the new age learner. Internet acts as a facilitator for this continuous learning process and has become indispensable for eLearning. However, there are many real life scenarios where network connectivity is either unavailable or intermittent, thus hampering the learning experience and in turn have an adverse impact on the training and development efforts of an organization.

So, what is the solution to this?

Can an organization provide its learner Anytime-Anywhere-Any device access to its training courses?

An Offline Player (OLP) can be an apt answer to the question asked. An offline player integrated with an organization’s learning management system (LMS), can provide a seamless and a secure way to deliver access to your SCORM compliant learning content without the need of a continuous internet connection

Learners can have access to training/Learning content from anywhere, anytime and on any device in a secure mode.
This is the time to move beyond awareness.

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How to Increase eLearning ROI through Offline Learning

  1. 1. How To Increase eLearning ROI Through Offline Learning
  2. 2. Presenters Vinod Ganjoo eLearning Evangelist Harbinger Systems © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Akash Motwani Marketing Executive Harbinger Systems
  3. 3. Agenda • Challenges in Learning • Solution Concept – Key Considerations for Solution Design – Solution Overview • Harbinger Offline Player • Increase your L&D ROI through Offline Learning – The Advantages – Success Stories • Special Offer for Attendees • Q&A © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  4. 4. Challenges in Learning © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  5. 5. Challenges in Learning © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com No performance tracking if training content is on user’s PC or mobile device Bandwidth is a constant issue Extensive training needs for large # of employees traveling regularly In-house training of on field staff jeopardizes entire operations
  6. 6. The Solution • To make content available on Learner’s device so that learner can access it even without connectivity • Sync the progress back to the LMS © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  7. 7. Key Considerations For Solution Design © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Follows applicable industry Standards Ability to download content on different storage devices Ability to Synchronize latest updates between LMS and user’s device Secures data on user’s device Multiple OS Support Multiple Browser Support
  8. 8. Solution Overview © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Content Repository LMS Offline Player Launch & Course Completion Online Offline (User’s PC) • Initialize • User Profile &ALC • Sync Progress • Download Package • Finish • Error handling Course Catalog & Progress Tracking
  9. 9. Harbinger Offline Player An innovation for facilitating disconnected learning! © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  10. 10. Harbinger Offline Player • Harbinger Offline Player is an easy-to-use, secure, standards- based player for accessing rich multimedia content when offline. • It provides enterprises a seamless and highly secure way to deliver access to existing eLearning content without need of continuous internet connectivity. – Enables anytime, anywhere access – Integrates with any LMS – Provides end-to-end security – Enhances user experience and engagement – Supports auto synchronization of user’s progress It is world’s first standards compliant Offline Content Player! © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  11. 11. Key Features of Offline Player © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Standards Compliance •SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 •AICC HACP Level 1 Multiple OS Support •Windows XP / Vista / 7 •Supports 64-bit OS Multiple Browser Support •Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome Secure •Encryption of Content & User Data •HTTPS / SSL Support Plug-and-Play Version •Launch and Track courses using USB drive without installing Offline Player Multiple Download Options •Web (HTTP/File), CD, USB, Hard Drive and Shared Network Locations Synchronization •2-way progress synchronization between Offline Player and LMS •Automatic or Manual Customized for You •Custom Branding •Supports 22+ languages • Additional customizations as per your need
  12. 12. Offline Player : Solution Overview © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Local Storage Download User & Progress Info Download Course Download API Content Repository LMS Course Catalog Play & Track Content Repository Download Online Player CourseInternet Content Player CourseSync API Course Catalog Download API Offline Player Installer Sync API Sync Online Offline (User’s PC) Additional Download Options Launch Track Install Offline Player *
  13. 13. Offline Player : Mobile Version • Download, play and track HTML or HTML 5 content packaged as per SCORM specs • Improved user experience with device optimized features, multi-touch navigation • Content and user data is always in encrypted format © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  14. 14. How offline eLearning can increase your L&D ROI ? © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  15. 15. Learning and Development facts © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com 18% of all training is now delivered through mobile devices The Oil and Gas industry needs 60,000 petrochemical engineers by 2016 yet only few 1000s graduate every year Firms that invest the most in training had a stockholder return 86% higher than firms who had invested the least in training The Middle Eastern eLearning market is growing rapidly
  16. 16. Advantages of Offline eLearning Cost Beneficial Time Efficient Enable anytime anywhere learning with multiple device access © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  17. 17. Success Stories • Harbinger has provided offline learning solutions based on Offline Player to following type of companies:  LMS ISVs  Digital Publishing  Airlines  Petrochemical  Pharmaceuticals  Universities  NGOs © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  18. 18. Case Study © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  19. 19. Case Study: OLP Integration with LMS • Situation – A leading Learning Management System (LMS) vendor with 200+ customers across the globe – Most customers have a large travelling staff with extensive training needs • Challenge – Provide a seamless way to deliver training content to users who have no/limited internet connectivity – Ensure complete security and privacy of downloaded training content, user profile and local data – No dependency or conflicts with existing JRE on user's workstation © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com • Solution – Integrated Harbinger Offline Player, customized as per LMS’s branding – Auto Updater for upgrading Offline Player with latest features – Embedded JRE to avoid conflicts with existing JREs – Provided support for 15+ languages • Benefits – Ability to access training content in offline mode – Maximized return on existing training investments – End-to-end security through SSL, Encryption/DRM – Enhanced user experience
  20. 20. Special Offer for Webinar Attendees © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Free Consultation for Offline eLearning - Avail 2 Hours of Free Consultation! Write to vinodg@harbingergroup.com to avail this exciting opportunity.
  21. 21. Q&A © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  22. 22. Thank You! Visit us at: www.harbinger-systems.com Write to us at: hsplinfo@harbingergroup.com Blog: blog.harbinger-systems.com Twitter: twitter.com/HarbingerSys (@HarbingerSys) Slideshare: slideshare.net/hsplmkting Facebook: facebook.com/harbingersys LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/382306 © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com