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Webinar: Automation of Test Automation

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Webinar to understand the process in developing an automation suite having a self maintaining automation mechanism and which would work for any customization and configuration.

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Webinar: Automation of Test Automation

  1. 1. Automation of Test Automation
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Webinar recordings and slides will be shared with all attendees • Type in your questions and comments using the questions pane on the right hand side • “Special Offer” exclusively for the webinar attendees
  3. 3. Presenters © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Avinash Magdum General Manager Quality Harbinger Systems Eshan Sarpotdar Digital Content Writer Harbinger Systems
  4. 4. Agenda • Progress of Test Automation • Problem Definition • Configurable and Customizable Applications • Challenges of Testing Customized Applications • Harbinger Solution • Harbinger Case Study • Static Automation • Understanding HIHAF • Benefits of HIHAF • Takeaways • Special Offer • Q & A © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  5. 5. Progress of Test Automation © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Record and Play Descriptive Programming Keyword Driven Framework Script-less Automation Automation of Test Automation
  6. 6. Problem Definition © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com New release with new features and bug fixes Consider a customizable application • Deployed for 80+ customers • Having 1000+ test cases • Supported on IE, FF, Chrome, and Safari • To be tested for all the customers • Available time is just 2 weeks • There are 5 QA engineers to certify the new release Possible Test Plan • Select 5 important customers • Identify 200 most critical test cases • Distribute 4 browsers and 200 test cases among 5 engineers The Result • 80% of test cases does not get executed • Some of the PASS test cases for customer A fail for customer B • Defect Leakage is very high – more than 30% • Customer dissatisfaction, more hot-fixes, high maintenance cost
  7. 7. What are Configurable/ Customizable Applications? © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Customer Specific Requirements Build Program Configuration File And / Or Customization UI Database XML / Excel And / Or Customized Application
  8. 8. Automation Challenges of Customized Applications © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Application UI objects could be different for different customers For the same objects, the properties could be different Business rules could be different for each customer Navigation flow could be different It is impossible to develop automation suite for each customer
  9. 9. Harbinger Solution 1 /2 © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Developed a program (DynaGen) to process each type of object, and its actions Understand the implementation of customization Extract the customization information (object, property, sequence) of each page Execute DynaGen program with customization information as input Generate object repository, set of automation scripts and data file templates Create data file/s to include multiple sets of data 1 2 3 4 5 6
  10. 10. Harbinger Solution 2 /2 © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Insert check points and loop to create executable scripts Use Automation Framework to execute these dynamically generated scripts Repeat step 8 for every supported browser / OS combination Perform report analysis to complete the testing Repeat steps 3 – 8 for every customer Repeat steps 4 – 11 for every release 7 8 9 10 11 12
  11. 11. Harbinger Case Study © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Customization Object Information Iterations Dynamic Scripts Generation Using HIHAF Feature SQLs Database Dynamic Scripts Data Templates Reports Data Files Verification Code Executable Scripts DynaGen Program Object Repository HIHAF
  12. 12. Static Test Automation Using HIHAF Analysis: Summary  Detailed Reports  Screen Shots  Defects The test suite is executed which generate summary and detailed reports Creation of data file with multiple data sets for data driven scripts The steps are converted to sequence of kweyWord, objectName, userAction, and data (if any) The flow of test scenario is captured The Object properties on the UI are identified once (e.g. FireBug) © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  13. 13. HIHIAF Architecture © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Report Screenshot Application HIHAF Libraries of Selenium AutoIT Appium Script Builder Object Repository Test Script
  14. 14. HIHAF Overview © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com  Hybrid approach of this Selenium based Framework provides benefits of both Keyword driven and data driven structure  Integrates  Selenium libraries for Web applications,  AutoIT libraries for Windows and CLI applications  Appium for communicating with mobile apps.  Scenario Builder to create the scripts by just selecting Keywords, Objects and their properties through drop down lists  Supports  Operating Systems - Windows, Linux, Mac  Applications - Web, Windows, CLI  Mobile Aps - Android, and iOS (native and Web)  Browsers – IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari
  15. 15. Benefits of HIHAF © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com High degree of re-usability of simple to complex steps Write automation scripts in plain English / MS Excel format Have 80% of automation script ready, even before the build is available Any tester, with no programming skills could develop the automation suite Increase the automation productivity by more than 40% Get the ROI very quickly Develop the automation scripts in the same sprint
  16. 16. Takeaways  Provides a mechanism to address automation challenges of customizable applications  Takes care of changes in UI object properties, navigation flow across releases  Develops automation scripts programmatically except verification code (check points)  Increases test coverage drastically  Minimizes automation maintenance efforts substantially  Helps in reducing defect leakages, and increases customer satisfaction © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  17. 17. Q&A © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com
  18. 18. Special Offer for Webinar Attendees © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com Join us for our speaker session in Cloud Expo on: ‘Harnessing the Power of Linked Open Data Cloud for Better Decision Making’ Date: November 04, 2015, Time: 5:40 PM – 06:15 PM Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center | Santa Clara, CA Write to us at hsinfo@harbingergroup.com to avail your Free VIP Gold Pass to Cloud Expo Get 1 Hour Free Consultation from our Automation Experts to Discuss your Automation Challenges Write to us at hsinfo@harbingergroup.com OR
  19. 19. Thank You! Visit us at: www.harbinger-systems.com Write to us at: hsinfo@harbingergroup.com Blog: blog.harbinger-systems.com Twitter: twitter.com/HarbingerSys (@HarbingerSys) Slideshare: slideshare.net/hsplmkting Facebook: facebook.com/harbingersys LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/382306 © Harbinger Systems | www.harbinger-systems.com