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Webhelp’s Customer Experience Lab has gathered innovative solutions & star-ups to reinvent Customer Experience, during VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2016 Conference in Paris (http://www.vivatechnologyparis.com).

Webhelp has been working in partnership with the HUB Institute (http://www.hubinstitute.com), one of the leading think tank in digital transformation.

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  1. 1. DAY 2
  2. 2. P R E S E N TAT I O N
  3. 3. The new international event gathers 5,000 startups with the aim to develop Partnerships with major corporations, investors and partners. To be at Viva Technology Paris is being at the heart of an international event dedicated to innovation. Four spaces : Hack, Imagine, Experience, Connect Viva Technology’s unique mission is to bring the world’s most innovative startups together with the major global players in digital transformation. During three days from June 30th, an expected 30,000 entrepreneurs, corporate executives, venture capitalists and other investors will join us. The goal: to provide an interactive platform for collaboration and discussions around the impact that new technologies have on both businesses and societies. 40 000 m2 30 000 Attendees 20 Wolrd Leaders 5 000 Startups 100 Top VCs 200 Celebreties
  4. 4. • Webhelp is a global business process outsourcer (BPO), specialized in customer experience, payment management, sales and marketing services across voice, social and digital channels. • From 26 countries with a 30,000-strong team, Webhelp collaborates with some of the world’s most progressive brands including Sky, Shop Direct, Bouygues, Direct Energie, KPN, Vodafone, La Redoute, Michael Kors and Valentino. • Headquartered in Paris, France, the company has grown its revenues by 250% in the past 4 years by delivering a transformational outsourcing proposition that addresses the challenges of an omni-channel world.
  5. 5. Webhelp’s Customer Experience Lab enforce innovative processes that propose creative solutions to transform customer experience • Customer Experience’s programs • Multi-skills teams (technology, data analytics) dedicated to operations • Test ideas, validate processes and operate deployment in customer relationship centers 80 m2 180 m2 190 m2 50 m2 #THE OPPORTUNITY • Join other winning startups in the Webhelp “Customer Experience” Lab • Work with Webhelp’s Global R&D Team to develop and test your product • Get to an exclusive event with Webhelp’s Founders and representatives from our major investors KKR • Make joint proposals for your product through Webhelp to organisations selected from our client-base JOIN WEBHELP “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” LAB 6 CHALLENGES PRESENCE ON WEBHELP BOOTH
  6. 6. T H E C O N C E P T
  7. 7. T H E V O I C E A CONCEPT based on
  8. 8. How? Under pressure The startups will pitch in front of a jury. The Jury members will have their backs turned to look to the opposite side of the speaker one’s. Two options : 1. After 1 min pitch, the startup have not convinced the jury, the members buzz > End of the game 2. The startups are convincing, the pitch go on during one more minute. 
 > Ready For Growth?
 IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE # CHALLENGE 1 #VR #Experiences 2016 is a year characterized by an increased in the number of major manufacturers that launched virtual reality devices. This coincides with advances in augmented reality software that allows for the blending of physical and digital environments. What opportunities do these technologies provide organisations to enrich customer experience and create value? The lines between the physical and digital worlds is becoming increasingly blurred. It is clear that this will create new opportunities for immersive customer experiences. The interesting question for us is how this will change the way we shop and how customer services are delivered in the future. Webhelp is interested in hearing from start-ups working with VR and/or AR technologies that have the potential to create value through customer experience, sales and services.
 IN CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE CANDIDATE STARTUPS Serious Factory has sold and implemented software and applications that enhance the operational effectiveness of customer service representatives, from presales to support. Manzalab is one of the most innovative companies on the Serious Games market. Manzalab develops its own technologies and addresses all formats (PC, tablets, online and offline). The company also strongly invests in R&D and produces pioneering VR simulations. Augment is the leading augmented reality platform. 
 It allows you to visualize your products in 3D in your real environment and in real-time through your tablet or smartphone. « Bringing your products to life through reality » « Experience comes to life »« The first immersive learning authoring tool »
  11. 11. Winner Challenge 1!
  12. 12. DAVID PATTMAN Director Global R&D # CHALLENGE 2 It is clear that A.I., Digital Assistants, Virtual Agents, Messaging Bots etc are going to transform how customers and organisations interact with each other. How can organisations adopt these technologies cost- effectively to provide outstanding customer experiences and increase customer value? Automation and Robotics are already starting to manage interactions between customers and organisations. Understanding how and when to blend machine and human agents to optimise experience and value will become increasingly important. Webhelp is interested in hearing from startups working in fields such as artificial intelligence, biometrics, machine learning and messaging Bots Connectivity, range of digital services, innovative experience are the priority axes of our innovation strategy. #Bots #Automation MARCH OF BOTS
  13. 13. MARCH OF BOTS CANDIDATE STARTUPS Julie Desk is a virtual assistant who schedules appointments for you. You will delegate to her your calendar-related tasks with a simple email to her. Recast.AI is a collaborative platform capable of adding Artificial Intelligence features like speech understanding and conversations understanding to your applications. Zelros Bridge is a collaborative platform allowing organizations to quickly create useful machine learning applications for their strategic business needs. Craft ai proposes an app that is « smart enough » to feel like a personal assistant: always aware of your environment, learning from what you act according to you. « The personal assistant of your everyday task » « Build your own conversational bot » « Stop POC. Start using data » « Tune your app to each user »
  14. 14. MARCH OF BOTS CANDIDATE STARTUPS Sam is your dedicated 24/7 travel expert that assists you during your trip and sends you smart notifications. It anticipates emergency situations (flight delays, cancellations, strikes, ...) and delivers customized solutions Destygo is a personalized travel concierge. They build an artificial intelligence that can naturally interact with the traveler to suggest flights, accommodation and help them find what they need during their stay. Legal Robot uses Artificial Intelligence to make legal documents less difficult to understand for everyone and improve Access to Justice. Consumers can use our iOS or Android app to understand legal language. « All travel assistant » « Chat. Book. Travel » « Know what you sign »
  15. 15. MARCH OF BOTS CANDIDATE STARTUPS Do You Dream Up, Helpdesk and Customer Relationship Software Publisher develops an intuitive platform to create, manage and monitor Automatic Chat, Dynamic FAQ and Live Chat. Focused on business websites and corporate intranets, Inbenta is a global pioneer in a new class of enterprise semantic search technology that's aimed to dramatically improve the experience of online customers. « Empowering self-service experience » « Help your customer help themselves »
  16. 16. Winner Challenge 2!
  17. 17. VIRGINIE MARCO Business Development Director Insights & Analytics BIG DATA + CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE# CHALLENGE 3 What can be done to make it easier for organisations to capture, analyse and act upon the enormous quantities of data that are generated by the interactions they have with their customers across multiple channels in order to improve experience and generate value? Dave Pattman, Director of Global R&D at Webhelp says ”Creating value from data is fundamental to the way in which Webhelp is seeking to help our clients to become leaders in Customer Experience. We are keen to work with innovative companies that can compliment the significant investments we are making in data and analytics capabilities” Webhelp is interested in hearing from startups that are working on ideas related to customer experience data and analytics who believe that they have identified ways to detect the signals amidst the noise when it comes to creating actionable Customer Experience and CRM strategies and tactics from ‘Big-Data’ #Bots #Automation
  18. 18. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Civiliz develops solutions enabling businesses and services to listen to customers and employees with the aim of improving their quality, their customer relation, and their web to store strategy. Vokaturi can measure directly from your voice whether you are happy, sad, afraid, angry, or have a neutral state of mind. It has 61,4 percent accuracy if it hears the speaker for the first time. BIG DATA + CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Fluo offers immediate diagnostic of insurance cover to users : Customers buy the right insurance and stop paying twice for the same cover. « The insurance good genius » « Value in customer listening. On the spot » « Emotion recognition by speech » Synomia has a unique innovative technology that makes the exploitation of unstructured data accessible to any company . « A story about a crack »
  19. 19. CANDIDATE STARTUPS Diduenjoy provides an online customer satisfaction survey that is the fastest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customers. BIG DATA + CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE « The fatest and easiest way to gather actionable feedback from your customer » GuestViews collects, analyses and enhances data and comments from your visitors. Reputation VIP is an agency specialising in online reputation working for customers in France as well as internationally. Since 2006, the digital marketing agency Notify has been designing, operating and optimising digital acquisition and engagement strategies. « Always on top » « Know your visitors»« Digital Fortress solutions »
  20. 20. Winner Challenge 3!
  21. 21. The Webhelp Winners!