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What are the key digital Challenges in APAC in 2016? [REPLAY HUBFORUM SINGAPORE]

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HUBFORUM Singapore is an invitation-only summit for digital marketing leaders from local and international companies. Over 300+ attendees and 15 top speakers had gathered last year to share insights, predictions of digital marketing and digital transformation.

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What are the key digital Challenges in APAC in 2016? [REPLAY HUBFORUM SINGAPORE]

  2. 2. 
 How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ?  Aseem  Puri,  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  Unilever
  3. 3. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR3 How  0$  marketers  beat  billions  $  marketers   “You  get  an  promotional  offer  of  3N2D  at  a  leading  Resort.   You  go  online  and  find  reviews    as  2  out  of  5  stars.  Less   than  15%  will  go  ahead  and  book  a  room.” Aseem Puri UNILEVER For  today’s  digital  generation,  power  belongs  to   people.  In  fact  people  trust  perfect  strangers  more   than  any  brands.  More  than  any  brands  ads. How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ?
  4. 4. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR4 #1  Performance  Marketers  create  Funnels How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ? The  first  key  to  success  is  to  build  a  funnel  in   which  your  will  be  able  to  conduct  your   audience  at  every  step.   Michel  Pham’s  strategy    is  a  relevant  example   of  what  you  can  do.  Her  key  of  success  ?  Every   week  she  publishes  a  fresh  piece  of  content.   From  awareness  to  engagement,  in  7  years,   she  has  been  able  to  build  a  strong  community   of  8  million  subscribers  on  her  Youtube   channel.   Once  she  succeed  to  gather  this  amount  of   people,  she  entered  the  purchase  step  of  the   funnel  with  the  launch  of  2  products:  a   cosmetics  line  and  a  delivered  beauty  box   service  to  which  1  million  of  her  community   subscribed  and  that  represents  120mn$   revenue  
  5. 5. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR5 #2  Performance  Marketers  create  Purposeful  brands How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ? The  4  questions  to  answer  to  become  a   purposeful  brand  according  to  Aseem   Puri     • Who  do  we  serve…?   • What  is  their  issue  that  we  want  to   own…?   • What  is  our  point  of  view?   • What  is  our  purpose?   And  that  is  how  Dove  have  become  a   beauty  brand  to  a  publisher  on   inspiration  for  beauty,  from  a  single  bar   of  soap  
  6. 6. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR6 #3  Performance  Marketers  Listen  to  People How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ? Social  listening  is  an  important  stake   to  create  engagement.   What  you  need  for  that:   • A  social  listening  plan   • A  set  of  social  listening  tools   • A  person  or  team  to  analyze  the   results   “Solve  1  person’s  problem  thanks  to   social  listening:  they  will  tell   everyone”    
  7. 7. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR7 #4  Performance  Marketers  Are  Publishers How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ? «  You  have  to  think  differently,  you  have  to  think   yourself  like  a  magazine  and  not  a  brand  that  publish   content.  »  
  8. 8. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR8 #5  Performance  Marketers  Plan  to  convert How  to  turn  looker  into  booker  ? You  have  to  drive  your  audience   from  the  top  to  the  funnel  to  the   bottom  and  for  that  Aseem  Puri   said  «  don’t  launch  things  people   dont  want  ».  Build  a  better  product   &  test.  Unilever  is  putting  10%  of   their  budget  for  experimentation.   When  bad  product  need   marketing,  great  products  can  do   0$  marketing.  Start  where  you  are   badly  needed  –  where  you  will  be   more  successful.  
  9. 9. E-­‐commerce  challenges  in  APAC  Pierre  Poignant,  Regional  COO,  Lazada   Strictly Confidential Prepare!for!Scale 5Source: ATKearney report “Lifting the Barriers to E-Commerce inASEAN” 7.8% 7.2% 5.8% 4.0% 1.0% 0.6% 0.6% 0.6% 0.6% Europe China United9 States Singapore Malaysia Thailand Philippines Indonesia Vietnam In South East Asia eCommerce is still in infancy… Percentage!of!retail!sales!made!online (2014,9%9of9total9retail9sales) Around9below91%
  10. 10. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR10 10  key  learnings How  to  hack  e-­‐commerce  in  South  East  Asia PREPARE  FOR  SCALE DATA,  DATA,  DATA TEST  &  LEARN THINK  MOBILE  FIRST   ADDRESS  THE  PAIMENT  CHALLENGE   HIGHEST  STANDARDS  OF  CX BUILD  YOUR  ECOSYSTEM   “To  deliver  the  best  solutions  to  ours  sellers  or  consumers,   We  built  a  strong  network  of  partners  for  example  for   transport” SET  THE  BAR  VERY  HIGH  &  KEEP  THE   PACE INVEST  IN-­‐HOUSE  TECH-­‐STACK INVEST  IN  PEOPLE “Penetration  in  ecommercre  is  ONLY  2%,  it  will  explode   soon”   “We  invest  massively  in  the  latest  data  technologies.   Every  decision  we  make  are  settled  on  data” ”We  do  cookie  tracking  to  track  the  customers  behaviours   on  the  day  of  the  launch  of  the  target  campaign  and  we   measure  impact  and  extract  learnings  for  every  campaigns” “60%  of  the  transactions  are  done  on  mobile  for   Customers  in  APAC.  We  think  first  on  the  mobile  and   after  we  adapt  on  the  website”   We  built  an  ecosystem  of  payment  to  offer  choices  to   customers,  in  each  country “It  is  the  ability  to  offer  choices  (logistics,  standard  service,   express  service…)  the  satisfaction  is  higher  –  the  success  to   deliver  the  promises" “We  are  not  looking  for  a  5%  improvement…  but  to  x2   yes!” “We  keep  asking  ourselves  :  Can  I  automate  this  ?  Can  I   outsourced  this  ?  Can  I  invest  in  technology  to  do  this?”   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  11. 11. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR11 Lazada’s  partners  ecosystem How  to  hack  e-­‐commerce  in  South  East  Asia
  12. 12. How  to  scale  up  e-­‐commerce   business  in  APAC  ?
 Adrien  Barthel,  Chief  Marketing  Officer,  Sephora  
  13. 13. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR13 From  Luxola  to  Sephora How  to  scale  up  e-­‐commerce  business  in  APAC  ? Founded  end  of  2011   11  markets   5  offices   3  warehouses   200  people   300+  brands   10,000  SKUs   USD  13M  Fundings   Series  A  –  2013  –  Gree  Ventures  (JP)   Series  B  –  2014  –  Transcosmos  (JP)   Acquisition  –  2015  –  LVMH  Group  (Sephora)  
  14. 14. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR14 The  beauty  market  in  APAC How  to  scale  up  e-­‐commerce  business  in  APAC  ? Beauty  segment  is  a  growing,   defensible  market   Global  online  beauty  market  has   doubled  in  the  last  five  years   Strong  ecommerce  growth  in  South   East  Asia   Consumers  take  a  multi-­‐device  path  to   purchase   Competitive  landscape   Rising  challenge  from  online-­‐only   beauty  retailers
  15. 15. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR15 From  4  issues  to  4  solutions How  to  scale  up  e-­‐commerce  business  in  APAC  ? ISSUE  1  :  AUTHENTICITY ISSUE  2  :  VARIETY ISSUE  3  :  CROSS  BORDER ISSUE  4  :  RELIABILITY ➔ Work  with  brands  directly   ➔ Provide  an  outstanding  customer   experience ➔ Be  customer  centric ➔ Hear  your  customers  and  what   products  they  are  after   ➔ Try  new  things ➔ Seamless  experience
  16. 16. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR16 The  Marketing  Plan  -­‐  Tailored  to  each  step  of  the  customer  acquisition  process   How  to  scale  up  e-­‐commerce  business  in  APAC  ?
  17. 17. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR17 Smart  Data  Analytics How  to  scale  up  e-­‐commerce  business  in  APAC  ? BIG  DATA  IS  LIKE  TEENAGE   SEX:  EVERYONE  TALKS   ABOUT  IT,  NOBODY  REALLY     KNOWS  HOW  TO  DO  IT,   EVERYONE  THINKS   EVERYONE  ELSE  IS  DOING  IT,   SO  EVERYONE  CLAIMS  THEY   ARE  DOING  IT… Dan  Ariely Visit Add  items   to  cart Place   order Retain PRM CRM
  18. 18. Marketing  in  ASEAN  :     WFA  Survey  Results    Ranji  David,  Marketing  Director,  WFA   About the Research • 100 global, regional and local client-side marketers in Asia across 7 different functions • Market size of 618m people • 66 companies were represented in our online survey concluded in Feb 2016 • Regional benchmark on thoughts and actions in relation to Marketing in ASEAN • Thanks to our National Association members for their partnership:
  19. 19. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR19 1.  Conservative  Confidence’  in  Consumer  Insights Marketing  in  ASEAN  :  WFA  Survey  Results  
  20. 20. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR20 2.  Transformation  requires  fresh  Capabilities Marketing  in  ASEAN  :  WFA  Survey  Results  
  21. 21. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR21 3.  Agency  Issues  :  Talent,  Turnover  &  Local  Savvy Marketing  in  ASEAN  :  WFA  Survey  Results  
  22. 22. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR22 Closing  Thoughts  :  ASEAN  Ad  Verbatim Marketing  in  ASEAN  :  WFA  Survey  Results  
  23. 23. 
 Digital  Transformation  Panel:     A  global  challenge
  24. 24. 
 Digital  Transformation  Panel:     A  global  challenge
  25. 25. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR25 Digital  transformation,  a  global  challenge ”Driverless  car,  Google  Health,  they  are  disrupting  business  model  of   insurance  because  it  helps  to  prevent  the  risk.  But  insurance  also   covers  the  risk  too  and  accelerate  recovery.  There  is  an  opportunity  to   rethink  the  value  of  insurance  for  the  customer” When  digital  transforms  old-­‐established  business   LÉO  COSTES Chief  Transformation  Officer,  Axa   ROD  STROTHER   VP,  StarHub RUPERT  YEO VP  e-­‐Commerce  Development  AccorHotels “In  the  digital  world,  a  good  booking  interface  is  not  good  enough.   Consumers  want  more.  There  are  much  more  expectations  than   before" “Digital  transformation  is  about  people.  Starhub  has  to  rely  its  business   driven  by  digital  customers  for  all  customers.  The  speed  of  expectation   is  only  led  by  customers.”
  26. 26. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR26 How  to  keep  track  of  all  the  tech? “Engage  people.  Personal  board  of  new  things  you  discovered.  Cultivate   that  mentality”   “We  took  a  huge  Initiative  (digital  plan),  hundred  topics  focused  on   digital  experience/innovation,  online,  everybody  contributes  and  it  was   provided  by  internal  staff  to  involve  them  into  digital  transformation” When  digital  transforms  old-­‐established  business   ROD  STROTHER   VP,  StarHub RUPERT  YEO VP  e-­‐Commerce  Development  AccorHotels
  27. 27. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR27 Finding  disruptive  technologies “You  need  to  inject  people  and  tech  everywhere  in  the   organization,  redefining  product  based  on  big  data.     Trying  to  find  people  that  you  wouldn’t  hire  at  first  sight  but  who   could  add  value  to  your  business.  Open  to  the  world  and  not   doing  only  “in-­‐house”  business  because  you  need  external  skills,   such  as  startups.  Big  industries  cannot  find  directly  the  perfect   tech-­‐solution,  they  need  outside  help.  And  that’s  why  we  have   AXA  Innovation  Lab.   The  pace  is  much  faster,  you  are  talking  in  week  when  bringing  a   solution  to  the  market.” When  digital  transforms  old-­‐established  business   LÉO  COSTES Chief  Transformation  Officer,  Axa  
  28. 28. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR28 Closer  relationship  with  customer? When  digital  transforms  old-­‐established  business   LÉO  COSTES Chief  Transformation  Officer,  Axa   ROD  STROTHER   VP,  StarHub RUPERT  YEO VP  e-­‐Commerce  Development  AccorHotels “Create  a  engagement.  In  insurance  there  were  only  2  interaction  before.  
 With  digital  devices  :  3  more  points  of  contact  “before  –  during  –  after  the   risk”  (example  of  connected  cars  :  AXA  Drive  that  gives  you  score  of  your   driving  that  will  determine  your  insurance  cost)” “Technologies  cannot  make  you  change  your  CRM,  a  good   CRM  comes  from  company  culture.” “Big  Data  is  a  big  deal  for  CRM.  Make  sure  your  data   tracking  is  accurate.  You  need  good  talent  to  manage  data   and  not  get  “garbage  data”  that  nobody  knows  how  to   handle  it.”
  29. 29. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR29 Creating  digital  Mindset? When  digital  transforms  old-­‐established  business   LÉO  COSTES Chief  Transformation  Officer,  Axa   ROD  STROTHER   VP,  StarHub RUPERT  YEO VP  e-­‐Commerce  Development  AccorHotels “2  years  ago,  we  settled  a  digital  plan.  Big  discussion  has  been  opened   about  that,  every  level  of  the  hotel  process  was  invited  to  participate   instead  of  hiring  a  consultant” “Making  the  link  between  the  employee’s  digital  skills  in  their  everyday   life  and  to  make  the  connection  to  use  them  as  a  job.  Facebook  Insight,   Google  Analytics…  the  gap  can  be  crossed  easily.” “By  demonstrating  that  digital  has  an  impact  in  the  company.  Start  and   learn  approach  with  the  digital  chanel.  If  you  can  demonstrate  that  a   new  prospect  is  acquired  by  the  digital  chanel,  you  have  the  attention  of   everybody.”
  30. 30. Social  media  strategy  in  APAC  Benjamin  Duvall,  Chief  Evangelist  Officer,  Linkfluence  
  31. 31. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR31 APAC  Social  Media  Map Social  media  strategy  in  APAC
  32. 32. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR32 Social  intelligence  is  crucial  to  bring  customer  data  into  the  business Every  region  has  its  own  favorite  social  plateform.  There  is  unique  template  for  each  social  network.   In  the  APAC  web,  there  is  no  traditional  consumer  segmentation  techniques…   …  But  several  targeting  such  as  :  What  people  are  talking  about  regionally,  what  people  think  about  one   product?  What  kind  of  issues  people  talking  about  one  product?   Mapping  of  communities,  mapping  of  influencers  to  get  the  best  insights   Insights  enable  the  most  relevant  editorial  strategy  (for  instance  Danone  created  Nutrijournal)   The  “Listen  –  Reach  –  Engage  –  Sell”  framework  works  better  with  social  listening.  It  enables  companies  to  go   beyond  paid  media  and  reach  own  media  and  earned  media   To  achieve  this  relevance,  the  team  is  made  of  multicultural  and  multinational  employees  who  handle  every   insight  of  every  topic.   Social  media  strategy  in  APAC How  to  capture  this  public  conversation? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  33. 33. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR33 ”Remember  Social  Intelligence  is  about  people” For  digitally  proactive  brands,  social  intelligence  is  critical  for   bringing  consumer  data  into  the  business   But  APAC  is  the  most  diverse  market  globally  and  needs  a   special  approach  to  be  consistent  and  relevant   But  both  local  data  capture  technology  and  local  analysis  is   needed  for  consistency  and  relevance Social  media  strategy  in  APAC 1 2 3
  34. 34. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR34 Case  Study  :  Danone’s  Digital  Initiative Social  media  strategy  in  APAC
  35. 35. How  to  engage  with  influencers  for  a   luxury  company  ?  Rachel  Tann,  Senior  Marketing  Executive  /  Digital  Manager,   Remy  Cointreau  
  36. 36. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR36 How  do  we  work  with  influencers  ?  What  kind  of  ROI  ? How  to  engage  with  influencers  for  a  luxury  company  ?                                                Identity  the  influencers     REACH  :  how  many  followers  do  they  have  ?   ENGAGEMENT  :  quality  of  their  interactions  with   their  community   POTENTIAL   1
  37. 37. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR37 How  do  we  work  with  influencers  ?  What  kind  of  ROI  ? How  to  engage  with  influencers  for  a  luxury  company  ?                          build  Build  the  relationship   A  real  opportunity  to  connect  -­‐  know  when  are   their  birthday,  follow  them  on  social  networks,   humanize  them,  they  are  not  just  content  creators! 2
  38. 38. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR38 How  do  we  work  with  influencers  ?  What  kind  of  ROI  ? How  to  engage  with  influencers  for  a  luxury  company  ?                          build  Turn  them  into  partners     What  you  can  do  for  them,  what  you  can  do   together   2
  39. 39. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR39 The  Cointreau  x  influencers  series  campaign How  to  engage  with  influencers  for  a  luxury  company  ?
  40. 40. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR40 The  Cointreau  x  influencer  series  campaign  :  Objectives  vs  Achievements How  to  engage  with  influencers  for  a  luxury  company  ?
  41. 41. Waze  in  APAC:  Location-­‐Based   Marketing     Edward  Ling,  Sales  Manager,  Waze   

  42. 42. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR42 Waze  in  APAC:  Location-­‐Based  Marketing   «  We  use  everybody's  data  to  save  5  minutes  or  more  in   your  everyday  moves  » Edward  Ling,   WAZE
  43. 43. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR43 Waze  Milestones  from  foundation  to  Carpool  &  Waze  Rider Waze  in  APAC:  Location-­‐Based  Marketing  
  44. 44. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR44 Location  Based  Marketing  :  to  be  at  the  right  time  to  the  right  place  to  show  a  message   Waze  in  APAC:  Location-­‐Based  Marketing
  45. 45. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR45 The  Context-­‐Aware  Location  Based  Mobile  Marketing Waze  in  APAC:  Location-­‐Based  Marketing  
  46. 46. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR46 Location-­‐Based  Marketing  Formats  for  Waze Waze  in  APAC:  Location-­‐Based  Marketing   BRANDED  PIN   Waze  pins  are  like  digital   billboards,educating  and  reminding  drivers   of  places  near  their  drive.   *capped  to  max  3  pins  per  screen   ZERO-­‐SPEED  TAKEOVER   Reach  drivers  on-­‐the-­‐go  with  our  highest   impact  ad  format.   *capped  to  4  takeovers  per  drive   NEARBY  ARROW   Arrows  point  Wazers  to  your  nearby  location   during  the  first  few  moments  after  opening   the  app. SEARCH  PROMOTION   Your  locations  are  eligible  to  show  at  the   top  of  search  results,  along  with  your   brand  logo,  when  users  search  for  relevant   brand  and  category  terms.
  47. 47. The  6  challenges  behind  Digital   Transformation  Emmanuel  Vivier,  Cofounder,  HUB  Institute

  48. 48. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR48 Digital  disruption  =  a  combination  of  factors The  6  challenges  behind  Digital  Transformation DIGITAL  DISRUPTION  is  due  to  a  combination  of  technology  innovations DIGITAL  DISRUPTION  is  due  to  the  Connected  Consumer DIGITAL  DISRUPTION  is  due  to  the  advent  of  new  startups DIGITAL  DISRUPTION  is  due  to  Digital  Giants  (The  GAFA/  The  Chinese  BAT)
  49. 49. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR49 The  range  and  speed  of  Change  is  Faster,  Bigger,  Smarter,  Better  than  you  might  expect The  6  challenges  behind  Digital  Transformation 10X  is  easier  
 than  10% Astro  Teller
 Captain  of  Moonshots
  50. 50. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR50 Disruption  is  only  beginning….  Fasten  your  seatbelt! The  6  challenges  behind  Digital  Transformation
  51. 51. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR51 The  6  key  challenges  for  a  successful  digital  transformation The  6  challenges  behind  Digital  Transformation
  52. 52. LEARN  MORE Hubinstitute.com  
  54. 54. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR54 Tuesday  4th  &  Wednesday  5th      October  2016 Let’s  meet  at  HUBFORUM  Paris  
  55. 55. REPLAY  2016HUBFORUM  SINGAPOUR55 Let’s  keep  in  touch THE  HUB  INSTITUTE  TEAM  @  HUBFORUM  SINGAPORE 55   VINCENT  DUCREY   CO-­‐FOUNDER EMMANUEL  VIVIER   CO-­‐FOUNDER @vincent_ducrey   @emmanuelvivier   PERLE  BAGOT   ASSOCIATE  DIRECTOR   perle.bagot@hubinstitute.com CHARLOTTE  DAUCHEZ   CONTENT  MANAGER   charlotte.dauchez@hubinstitute.com ROMAIN  DUSSART     DIGITAL  CONSULTANT     romain.dussart@hubinstitute.com WWW.HUBINSTITUTE.COM /HUBINSTITUTE @HUBINSTITUTE