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Thinking shapes and colors

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Authors get the same raw materials, bud end up with different rainbows of thinking patterns and colors. Add your :rainbow fingerprint”

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  • Many thoughts crossed my mind while reading your wonderful presentation dear @Ali Anani. First of all, I couldn’t live in a world without colours. It would be like living in a world without music. I also see the richness of colours of human skin. Like everything that surrounds us humans also come in many shapes and colours! But we live in the world with no respect and tolerance for human diversity. Your presentation on shapes and colours is an inspiration for spreading such tolerance.
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  • @JeffWashburnPE
    Jeff, you are most welcome. I want to thank you for sending me three lovely slides. I also recommend your blog to all readers. I am addicted to your posts.
    The slides have been uploaded (Slides 51-53)
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  • Jeff Long has some interesting presentations regarding notational systems (http://www.slideshare.net/jeffreyglong). There's a great deal to explore in shapes and colors.
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Thinking shapes and colors

  1. 1. Thinking Shapes and Colors Ali Anani, PhD Vibrancy Creativity Wisdom Nature Divinity Infinity Spirituality
  2. 2. GramaKeshava Ananthram Ananthram wrote to me: Mark it please; Dr Ali, you said: Refreshing; Tone: Tune! Tools for lyrics, literary creation; Colour Canvas: musical composition - etc! Now please continue your discussions on these metaphysical aspects in your narratives!
  3. 3. The interesting coincidence was that two rainbows shone on two neighboring walls of my room during sunny daytime
  4. 4. These Were
  5. 5. So, writers receive the same information (rainbows), but they have different capacities to make them into Different shapes Repeating shapes Different clarity of color separation
  6. 6. Your turns now What ideas cross your mind?
  7. 7. @GramaKeshava Ananthram made the following comment: @Dr Ali Anani , Ph D My thoughts took me elsewhere! Very Good Idea to moot the point with two rainbows! Gradually unknown to readers and unaware to the author the arrows from the bows cris cross; create and recreate; supplementing and complimenting each other to develop into the brilliantly lit soothing sight on large canvas of the Sky! Best of the Luck Dr Ali!
  8. 8. @GramaKeshava Ananthram made the following comment: Heart moves Heart when on the love length! Soul connects soul while on spiritual axis! Thank you: I wish and pray all people on this planet Earth come together!!!
  9. 9. @GramaKeshava Ananthram made the following comment: Rainbow colour supplement and merge with each other to produce the third vibrancy and similar Seven hues! What does this tell us? Mix and mingle the human emotions with each other person, one and another race and colour!
  10. 10. @GramaKeshava Ananthram made the following comment: Even vegetation too do cross pollination; absolutely necessary! Human races have thus come together to produce better progenies! But alas minds and hearts have not yet succeeded! I keep on and on and on hoping: hoping: hoping-------- Hoping!
  11. 11. Abdi Osman Jama - Founder of Institute for Strategic Initiatives, co-author of LEAD LIKE A LION Contributed the following: Dr. Ali, "Yes, thinking shapes, indeed. That is why training the mind by reading good contents and practicing what is learned helps the mind rain more and support the heart feel better. This combination then bears beautiful rainbows. And your rainbows are results of your work."
  12. 12. Contribution of: GramaKeshava Ananthram Let us go back to our childhood and neighbourhood days! Do you remember having danced in the rains getting wet and all drenched and dripping with broad smiles from ear to ear in spite of the reprimands of the elders, particularly of Grand Mother's anxious cries! Do you remember picking up the little hail stones and enjoying sucking the ice pebbles? You will get hailstorms of ideas Dr Ali; Go, once again; dance in the rains!
  13. 13. Contribution of: Rod King, Ph.D. I believe that the fundamental language of thinking is in primal shapes and colors. As I look at the presentation, I was reminded of one of my favorite artists: the abstract Russian Painter, Wassily Kandinsky. And it's the second time in three days that I'm reminded of Kandinsky's soul and contribution. The first was a feature of Kandinsky's art last Friday during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. My second reminder of Kandinsky is your presentation, "Thinking Shapes and Colors.“ I believe that as in Kandinsky's art, we express our innermost thoughts and desires through the use of simple shapes and colors.
  14. 14. Contribution of: Kim Gosselin I can only think of how often we, as writers sometimes choose a favorite set of words to make our "play" with them. We must not repeat ourselves when writing. Just as a painter strokes his brush, or even the way God "paints" rainbows in the sky, no artist's endeavors are quite the same.
  15. 15. Ali Anani, PhD Tearful hearts have beautifully shaped rainbows!
  16. 16. Hearts filled with grudge don't shine beauty Ali Anani, PhD
  17. 17. Contribution of: GramaKeshava Ananthram When one is extremely happy heart shall fountain out joyful tears!
  18. 18. Contributed by: Karin Hurt As a writer, I find that I experience the rainbow of stories in my life at a deeper level than I did before I was writing. I look more deeply at the colors and shapes, to understand how I may better draw them so others may feel and learn.
  19. 19. Juao Maya, Your contribution (next slide) is touching, moving and is of high value. Thanks for sharing your thoughts
  20. 20. Last days have been the hottest days I have ever experienced in my life. I wake up very early and open doors and windows just to let the fresh morning breeze in and blow outside the heavy and thick air of the night before. I then walk across the garden and gently touch the round, tiny dew drops still covering the deep-green grass and some few flowerbeds of unknown shapes. I look up. The sky is empty and gray. No clouds randomly passing by high above and my thought runs free: are the long, thin, multi-colored dracaenas stairways to heaven? But all I see is a monotonous skyline, shaped by the roof of neighbors’ houses right over my own wall painted into dull concrete color as well. Till the moment the sun slowly rises like a ball of fire behind the poor view and everything around me shines. So I can see all marvelous shapes and colors of my ordinary life. Shapes and colors which seem God created just for me and a new day begins again… I start watering the garden and then I have a little rainbow in my square-shaped front yard.
  21. 21. Cntributed by: Bernie Nagle We all transition to physical existence imbued by Spirit with a unique bounty of gifts. The richness and blending of the colors on the palette is fashioned uniquely as they pass through those gifts, just as water becomes tea by passing through the tea press and dough becomes cookie by the shape of the extruder. Same colors; same ingredients... different gifts; different rainbows.
  22. 22. Ice crystals form rainbows. The quality of ice crystals then determines the quality of the rainbow. We say some ideas are crystal clear. So, ideas form rainbows by deduction. Ali Anani, PhD
  23. 23. Moving one more step: low quality water doesn't form crystals or ones that are distorted. So, are crude "idea crystals". Ali Anani, PhD
  24. 24. If a low quality water is cooled to form crystals in the presence of music, then much higher quality crystals are formed. By extrapolation, if we stay cool and think in a musical and relaxing atmosphere better "Idea crystals" should form. Ali Anani, PhD
  25. 25. Contributed by: GramaKeshava Ananthram Every moment we stay wasted in lowest level of mundane magic, forgetting illusion is not THE REALITY. We tend to take pride in lowest level of crawling! We do not realize we have to walk and climb the highest peak of the mountain and touch the sky! We gloat in what we did, over glorifying the simple things the Ants also do, collecting and hoarding wealth that do belong to all, over lording they are ours! We pronounce judgment without realizing we stand in the docks
  26. 26. Contributed by: Gorg Sciberras It is never easy to map emotions on the body. From scientific studies it resulted that people reported that happiness and love sparked activity across nearly the entire body, while depression had the opposite effect: It dampened feelings in the arms, legs and head. Not everybody paints each emotion in the same way.
  27. 27. Contributed by Isabella M H Wesoly April Shower: Rainbow 2012
  28. 28. Contributed by Isabella M H Wesoly
  29. 29. Contributed by Isabella M H Wesoly
  30. 30. I ask in slide 29 ‘WHAT IS COLOUR?’ after telling you in slide 28. Did you get the point? It concerns pigments, which crystals are. Crystals mined from the earth contain metaphysical properties reputed to subtly assist us on subtle levels. Spectrum field and pigments can help us to shape our lives.
  31. 31. Contributed by Isabella M H Wesoly Intense colour by Nature
  32. 32. Contributed by Isabella M H Wesoly Water splashed
  33. 33. Contribution by: Rod King, PhD Ali, Great thoughts. I like your analogies because they often illustrate one-to-one mapping; there's always a strong logic and parallel between the objects or phenomena being compared. Also, as an observer of the practice of what Edward Wilson calls "Consilience", I like how you are seamlessly combining science and the humanities. I'm therefore looking forward to your addition of other analogies in the presentation.
  34. 34. The next two slides on “The Colors of Sacred Geometry” are contributions of David A. McCuistion Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL)
  35. 35. Quantum Process for Communications Sacred geometry is apparent in the natural realm, depicted by spiral galaxies, hexagonal snowflakes, and even in the commonly seen shapes such as the sunflower and the honeycomb. Light language is a system of sacred geometry, developed and kept alive by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Starr Fuentes introduced this ancient system to the modern era. http://sacredgeometrymandala.com/light-language-sacred-geometry/
  36. 36. 5 Cycles of Balance / Imbalance The Five Elements and their cycles of balance and imbalance are the basis for much of Chinese culture. These elements were used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena: METAL (Jin) Color White for Purity Yin or Zang (Solid) Organ: Lungs Yang or Fu (Hollow) Organ: Large Intestine WOOD (Mu) Color of Nature / Fertility / Life Yin or Zang (Solid) Organ: Liver Yang or Fu (Hollow) Organ: Gall Bladder WATER (Shui) Color Blue for Cleansing / Soothing Yin or Zang (Solid) Organ: Kidneys Yang or Fu (Hollow) Organ: Urinary Bladder FIRE (Huo) Color Red for Zeal / Courage / Heat Yin or Zang (Solid) Organ: Heart and Pericardium Yang or Fu (Hollow) Organ: Small Intestine and Triple Heater EARTH (Tu) Color Yellow for Longing / Awareness Yin or Zang (Solid) Organ: Spleen Yang or Fu (Hollow) Organ: Stomache http://www.northernshaolinacademy.com/new/NsaQigongMeditationFiveElements.asp Color meanings added by D. McCuistion - VOL
  37. 37. Contributed by: Rosa Jordan The Rainbow is mentioned at least twice scripturally. We find it first in the book of Genesis. Finally, it is mentioned is in the book of Revelation. In the book of Genesis verse 9 chapter 11. It is referred to as "Bow" that represents a covenant God made with Noah and all living things This covenant seals the promise that the earth will never again be destroyed by water, as it previously was during the days of Noah. Through obedience, Noah found grace in the eyes of God. Therefore, he survived the flood.
  38. 38. Contributed by: Rosa Jordan When the Rainbow shows up, it commands attention whether it shines through the clouds, or positions on different surfaces. The colors illuminate and are seven in number. Neither the colors Black or White is listed among them. So far as the capacity of the human eye to behold, the colors seen are Red, Orange, yellow, Green, blue, indigo and Violet.
  39. 39. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD The last slide of Rosa Jordan prompted me to add the following slides
  40. 40. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Snow Ice has many shapes. http://www.its.caltech.edu/~atomic/snowcrystals/faqs/faqs.htm
  41. 41. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Snow Ice has many shapes. The shape that a snowflake takes is determined by weather conditions, including temperature, wind and humidity in the atmosphere
  42. 42. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Snow Ice has many shapes. Ice Crystals reflect light inside the body of the cloud's water . The shapes and their reflections of light cause different shapes of rainbows.
  43. 43. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Snow Ice has many shapes. We don’t still understand fully how crystal ice shapes form. It is complexity in action.
  44. 44. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Snow Ice has many shapes. The wind determines the shape of rainbows as they determine the shapes of our” thinking rainbows”.
  45. 45. Colour has immense power on human mood.. Whilst blue is the world’s most frequently chosen colour (most corporate logos are blue) mainly signifying calm and stability – other colours have extraordinary power. Here are just a few…. Green the human eye can distinguish many shades of green (hence why night vision goggles are green). It relaxes the human nervous system and interestingly – when Blackfriars Bridge in London was painted green – suicide rates fell by 34%! Green plant walls and being near greenery is a major productivity booster. Red is energy, passion and considered lucky/beautiful in Asian culture. Hard colour to balance’ as many lighter shades are more symbolic of love and success whereas darker shades may indicate aggression and bloodshed. Yellow a happy colour that stimulates mental creativity & focus. It can also denote approachability. In Indian culture it is sacred (particularly in spring). Over 50% of the pencils sold annually in the USA are yellow! Purple historically a royal colour as it was expensive to produce before William Henry Perkin discovered mauveine. Generally seen as opulent and noble contributed by: Richard J Francis
  46. 46. Colour has immense power on human mood.. A range of treatments linked to colour are beginning to be developed – which alter the state of people’s minds (positive effects are lowered stress, less anxiety greater clarity and even overcoming physical conditions. Have you noticed that sometimes a colour does not ‘fit’ with a shape. An item of clothing, a kitchen implement, a car. This can mean we associate those items with a particular mood or purpose – and the incorrect colour can disrupt that mood, association or purpose. Maybe that explains why most Ferrari’s are not grey, and most mens’ business suits are not pink? Perhaps we are even hard wired to finding materials in our physical world that transmit colour through material that symbolise where we are from. Only recently did I discover that turquoise originated in Turkey – but in ancient Persia it was used to ward off evil spirits. David Icke became a UK ‘figure of ridicule’ for always wearing a turquoise coloured suit – but given his life crusade – maybe this is why! contributed by: Richard J Francis
  47. 47. Colour has immense power on human mood.. As some fun – this ‘day by day’ chart for wearing colours that are best suited to the day of the week – it may be seen as ludicrous by many – but try it…? contributed by: Richard J Francis
  48. 48. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Do you know to whom you talk to? Ice crystals, chemicals and minerals have many polymorphs identical chemical structures with different arrangements
  49. 49. Contributed by: Ali Anani, PhD Which color and shape do we talk to? Flunky People?
  50. 50. True Color of Leadership Leaders belong in the community, not above it Contribution by: Magdalena-Maria Grosu
  51. 51. Contribution by: Jeff Washburn Rainbows combine shape and color. From my somewhat limited perspective, it appears that rainbows universally produce similar results in people when they see a real one. The characteristics of that product include joy and peace. There is no confusion in what people feel.
  52. 52. Contribution by: Jeff Washburn Contrast this with the preceding rainstorm. There can be pleasure and there can be foreboding. These two oppose one another, and, therefore, confusion exists during the storm. No peace exists in the middle of confusion.
  53. 53. Contribution by: Jeff Washburn Other shapes and associated colors that produce good results include: flowers, mountain lakes, springs, creeks, evergreen trees, the young of mammals, very high, contiguous, vertical rock, purple glass bottles, artifacts of bygone civilization.
  54. 54. Same Shapes and Colors and Same Meanings · Traffic Lights • Red means stop • Green means go • Yellow means go faster · Prey Animals Recognize Predators • Eyes in front of head • Smell like they eat meat • Some walk on two legs Contribution by: Jeff Washburn
  55. 55. Same Shapes and Colors Different Meanings · Snow • Children love to play in it • Some adults dread driving in it • Ranchers must feed in too much of it • Skiers think it • Wind drifts it Contribution by: Jeff Washburn
  56. 56. Changing Shapes and Colors Changing Meanings · Complexity encountered · Fire Alarms • One means evacuate • Tenth one in a short interval means go back to sleep Contribution by: Jeff Washburn