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Webinar Deck for 2018 Digital Insurance Predictions

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Listen to an experienced, global panel of insurance professionals present, discuss and answer your questions on the theme of “2018 Digital Insurance Predictions”.
Brought to you by The Digital Insurer and sponsored by KPMG.

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Webinar Deck for 2018 Digital Insurance Predictions

  1. 1. 1 Webinar: 2018 Digital Insurance Predictions
  2. 2. Our Panelists
  3. 3. Framing the debate 1. New Business Models 2. Value Chain Innovations 3. Tech Enablers Strategy 4. People , Culture & Organisational Design Topics for discussion • Quick introduction to the topic and outline the theme • 15+ minute panel discussion with your Q&A • Rapid fire polls – wisdom of the crowd • 90 minutes in total
  4. 4. Questions & Answers How to participate: If you have a question please type into the Q&A area If you have a comment please type into the chat area Session format: The moderator will use a combination of his own questions and those from the audience Each theme will have a group discussion, Q&A and poll
  5. 5. Hugh Terry, The Digital Insurer Digital Business Models
  6. 6. Digital Business Models – Discussion themes 1. Eco-systems to the forefront? 2. Outsiders breaking in – digital distributors or full insurance value chain? 3. Bundling – insurance goes invisible 4. Trend to risk reduction services 5. New models in Asia start to challenge face to face for life insurance? 6. Composites are rising?
  7. 7. Snap Poll 7 Q. Will Lemonade justify its latest valuation? Would you buy at latest valuation of US$600 million? 1. Yes 2. No How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  8. 8. Snap Poll 8 Q. Which business models will generate most value 1. Full stack insurance models 2. Partner models How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  9. 9. David Milligan, Matchi Value Chain Innovations
  10. 10. Value Chain Innovation – Discussion Themes 1. Insurers are beginning to embrace omni-servicing.... 2. ...While insurance ‘platforms as a service’ begin to takes off. 3. At the same time, they are trying to leverage social media concepts for quote and sales engagement... 4. ...And health apps are beginning to hit their stride
  11. 11. Snap Poll 11 Q. Which parts of the overall insurance value chain are most likely to be outsourced over the next couple of years... A. Front office B. Middle office C. Back office How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  12. 12. Snap Poll 12 Q. Which of these hold the most promise for claims innovation in the year ahead? 1. Digital services to allow risks to be mitigated 2. AI applied to flag Fraud Waste & Abuse 3. Chatbots to help make claims easier to submit How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  13. 13. Tom Bobrowski, The Digital Insurer Tech Enablers
  14. 14. Tech enablers – Discussion Themes 1. AI comes of age? 2. Open platforms enable partnerships and rapid development? 3. Data Analytics tools allow faster scale at lower cost? 4. Chatbots as the new UI? 5. Blockchain / DLT is deployed at the core of multiple insurance administration platforms? 6. IoT – Which product lines will mature first? 7. Autonomous vehicles on the road? 8. Platform as a service to become more popular?
  15. 15. Snap Poll 15 Q. Which area of data and analytics do you think will make most progress in the year ahead? 1. Predictive modelling on operational issues 2. Machine learning applied to the claims process 3. Using D&A for targeted marketing 4. D&A starts to be applied to pricing of risks How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  16. 16. Snap Poll 16 Q. What is the key benefit for insurers adopting blockchain/DLT into core operations? 1. Significant Cost savings 2. Transparency and traceability across internal operations for regulatory reporting 3. Reduced cycle times for handling policy and claims 4. Ability to enter new market and launch new products 5. All of the Above How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  17. 17. Paul Merrey, KPMG Culture, People and Organisational Design
  18. 18. Culture, People and OD – Discussion Themes 1. Is the trend to Collaboration firmly set? 2. New BU’s for digital businesses from incumbents? 3. How can insurance appeal to non-insurance expertise to bring in new thinking and ideas? 4. Digital requires a 3-5+ time horizon for success. Are incentives for CEOs aligned to this?
  19. 19. Snap Poll 19 Q. Will the insurance industry be able to change fast enough to compete and partner with the large, agile tech brands 1. Yes 2. No 3. It doesn’t matter as tech companies will partner with incumbents How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  20. 20. Snap Poll 20 Q. Is C Suite compensation still too short term to ensure longer term digital innovations are committed to and maintained? 1. Yes 2. No How to participate: Just respond to the question when it appears on your screen
  21. 21. “We are excited to launch the Global LIVEFEST. Our aim is simple - to celebrate the innovations and innovators of digital insurance around the world using an online format that removes many of the costs and hassles of participating in a physical event. Our virtual exhibition centre when combined with live webinars will create a new standard for both knowledge sharing as well as networking. Its free to attend and free for insurers or insurtech’s to nominate themselves to participate in our awards. Event attendees will vote the winners. So sign up today to participate and / or apply for an award and become part of the worlds’ first global digital insurance festival.” Hugh Terry; Founder, The Digital Insurer 5,000 + ATTENDEES 200 BOOTHS The World’s first online festival on digital insurance in the month of November 2018 INSURER OR INSURTECH? BOTH CAN APPLY FOR AN AWARD – SHARE YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE 5 FREE LIVE EVENTS AROUND THE WORLD IN THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER. REGISTER ONCE FOR A PASSPORT TO ALL EVENTS 100% DIGITAL FORMAT WITH VIRTUAL EXHIBITION CENTRE KNOWLEDGE SHARING, LEARNING AND GLOBAL NETWORKING START-UP INSURTECH & INSURANCE INNOVATION AWARDS WITH LIVE PITCHES 2 AWARDS PER REGION INSURERS & INSURTECHS EASY SELF NOMINATION Q1 2018 ALL AWARD NOMINEES RECEIVE FREE VIRTUAL EVENT BOOTH COMMUNITY VOTING FOR NOMINATIONS AND FINALS! JUN – JUL: SHORTLIST DETERMINED 8 Finalists for each region and each category determined by TDI panel. Community suggestions are considered by the panel. AUG-SEP: PITCH & COMMUNITY VOTING Top 8 participate in closed webinar to record pitch and Q&A. Registered attendees vote online to select top 4 in each region and category for regional finals (companies can vote for themselves) NOV: REGIONAL FINALS Regional and global winners selected by live voting at the LIVEFEST events. Online voting for the winner after 10 minute pitch and Q&A. Regional winners will participate at the global LIVEFEST grand final. All nominees have a complimentary virtual booth. Asia 2 NOV Africa 23 NOV America 16 NOV Europe 9 NOV Global 30 NOV FEB -MAY: NOMINATIONS OPEN Open for self / third party nomination by region (subject to qualifying criteria). Submit nomination, deck and optional video. Event registration opens www.livefest2018.the-digital-insurer.com
  22. 22. Post webinar activities Recording will be emailed to registered participants Our next webinar will be on Wednesday 21st March on the topic of “Health Technology and the Impact on Insurance”. Registration is now open: https://www.the-digital-insurer.com/event/digital-insurer- webinar-health-technology-impact-on-insurance/ OR go to Events / Webinars from the home page! Please give us your feedback If you would like to follow up with any of the panelists - Hugh Terry: hugh.terry@the-digital-insurer.com - Simon Phipps: simon.phipps@the-digital-insurer.com - Paul Merrey: Paul.Merrey@KPMG.co.uk - Dorel Blitz: dblitz@KPMG.com - David Milligan: david.milligan@matchi.biz - Rick Huckstep: rick.huckstep@the-digital-insurer.com - Tom Bobrowski: tom.bobrowski@the-digital-insurer.com