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Tell about a girl boy that you interested in

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Tell about a girl boy that you interested in

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Tell about a girl boy that you interested in

  1. 1. EDITOR: HUỲNH BÁ HỌC 1 TELL ABOUT A GIRL/BOY THAT YOU INTERESTED IN? http://vi-vn.facebook.com/hoc.huynhba Tell about a girl/boy that you interested in? Hi everyone, my name is Hoc, I have a pen pal. She is a girl who lives in Orange County, California, USA. Her name is Ann Le. She is a Vietnamese - American girl. She is 18 years old, was born in USA. Her parents used to live in Vietnam but now they are living in USA. Her father is a cameraman for a local TV station, and her mother is a teacher at a high school. I have known her for 4 months. We've been chatting on Facebook and now we're best friends. We usually email and chat on internet. We like talking together all the time when we have free time. In the beginning it's hard, because we told different languages, so sometimes we misunderstand each other, but it's not a big problem. She taught me some English and I taught her back some Vietnamese. We find it's the best way to improve ourselves. She told me that her parents often speak Vietnamese at home, so it's very useful for her to speak a little Vietnamese. Besides that, we told a lot of things. Such as: about the work, the holiday, the different culture... For me, she is an interesting girl. She is very sociable; she often spends her free time doing some volunteer works. She is also a hard-working student at school, too. At present, we disconnect, because she is trying to concentrate on preparing for an examination at school. I hope to see her later.