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You get what you measure

This is a presentation given by Harriet Wakelam and Ash Donaldson at Next Bank Hong Kong looking at how we find metrics that reflect evolution of product and service experiences.

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You get what you measure

  1. 1. You get what youmeasureHarriet Wakelam @hwakelamAsh Donaldson @ashdonaldson
  2. 2. Every lifecycle follows asimilar process and sometimes metricschange behaviorin the wrong way.
  3. 3. By Sun14916 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons
  4. 4. self determination+feedback+that’s weird moment=curiosity
  5. 5. Evolution.
  6. 6. Science vs BacteriaAdaptation Science BacteriaChangeObservation sparkscuriosity. Hypotheses areformed.Environmental change create thepressure to adapt.VarietyConduct a series ofexperiments to test thehypotheses.Mutations during replicationresults in a variety of genetictraits.SelectionMost fail.Some may be successful.Most die.Some may survive.HeredityDraw conclusions.Publish results for otherscientists to build on.Surviving organisms reproduce.Their genetics are passed on forfurther generations to build on.
  7. 7. US = accountability, standardisationFinland = responsibility autonomyFinland = responsibility autonomyUS = accountability, standardisationFinland = responsibility autonomyFinland = responsibility autonomy
  8. 8. Finland vs USA2009 PISA Scores
  9. 9. “A measurement is used to gauge somequantifiablecomponent of acompanysperformance”
  10. 10. “Companies are dyingas kids”numbers+incentives+accountability=death
  11. 11. Customers arechasing numberstoo
  12. 12. Can’t change thePersonBut can change Behaviourby changing theEnvironmentB = f( )EPOrganismProductOrganisationIndustry
  13. 13. Intent not incentiveGoodquestions createresponsibility forunderstanding good problems
  14. 14. Harriet WakelamHarriet.Wakelam@auspost.com.au@hwakelamAsh DonaldsonAsh@behaviourdesign.com.au@ashdonaldson