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Final project

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Final project

  1. 1. Final Project Setting Aims, Building Research and Identifying planning
  2. 2. Learning Aims: • All of you will be able to research for your final project • Most of you will be able to identify the key stages involved in making your final project. • Some of you will be able to set aims for your project in a self-assessment.
  3. 3. Smart Targets • SMART stands for: • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Realistic • Timely
  4. 4. Smart Targets • SMART means: • the exact thing you want to do • how much do you need to do • will you be able to succeed at doing it • is your target correct and relevant • how long will it take you to achieve it
  5. 5. Can you remember what SMART stands for? • S • M • A • R • T
  6. 6. key stages of your project • Pre-production: Planning and preparing • Production: Creating, Making and putting it together. • Post-production: Editing, Altering and Refining
  7. 7. What does the word Technique mean? • A technique is a method or practice and a way of doing things.
  8. 8. What you need to do today: Use the worksheet on Moodle called “Production Milestones” 1. Copy and paste research into your research portfolio 2. Read and find information about the following related to your media area: • Pre-production Techniques • Production Techniques • Post-production Techniques 3. Set a SMART target for your project