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HyoJung K. Garland\'s Portfolio

This includes my professional work samples from Torti Gallas and Partner\'s.

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HyoJung K. Garland\'s Portfolio

  1. 1. Image Source: Livable Street SenSe of Community SuStainability infographiC
  2. 2. HyoJung Kim garland 1311 East Capitol St, SE Washington DC 20003 (H) 202.560.5844 (C): 202.607.6641 hyo_jungk@hotmail.com • Served on the automation committee that instructed staff in various Adobe and 3D Profile graphic programs; initiated and coordinated firm-wide implementation of innovative Planner/designer with a Master of Landscape Architecture from a department of land- media technologies and procedures including Revit, SketchUp and GIS. scape architecture and regional planning and 8 years of experience in master/community • Coordinator for Award Committee. planning and design at the scale from the block to the region. • Founder of the firm’s Trans-national Urbanism Committee to promote new urbanism at the global scale. • Extensive experience in site analysis, code and government regulation analysis, con- ceptual site design, creation of design guidelines, design implementation, and info- SWA LAGUnA BEACh, CA, 2001-2003 graphic. Urban Designer • Superior research and documentation skills utilizing Google Earth, Windows Live, site Participated in the creation and execution of the urban design concept for a 6,000 acre visits, and zoning code analysis. ecological “new town” in a California river delta. Initiated and organized bi-weekly design • Skilled graphic designer producing exhibits for client presentations, public/govern- critique presentations discussing individuals’ portfolios and firm projects. Designed and ment meetings, marketing materials and award submissions. Adept at Adobe Photo- prepared bi-annual firm-wide newsletter. shop, illustrator, InDesign, SketchUp, Revit, Google Earth, Windows Live, Microsta- tion, Power Point, and GIS. RoBERT A.M. STERn nEW YoRk, nY, 2000 Resume • Exceptionally well-organized with an eye for detail that has led to the successful man- landscape Designer agement of projects and development of client relationships. Assisted with private residence garden design (grading, planting design, sectional study, • LEED accredited professional with proven experience incorporating strategies to ad- and compilation of image book and detail library). dress storm water management, solar orientation and other sustainability issues. eDUcation • Seasoned designer with an understanding of site limitations and potentials, and the ability to draw conclusions from the site situation to produce the optimal physical MASTER oF LAnDSCAPE ARChITECTURE, 2001 environment that also honors the inextricable link between architecture and urban University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of fine arts, Philadelphia, Pa design. Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning Susan Coslett Traveling Fellowship emPloyment BAChELoR oF SCIEnCE In hoRTICULTURAL SCIEnCE, 1997 ToRTI GALLAS AnD PARTnERS SILvER SPRInG, MD, 2003-2009 Seoul national University, Seoul, South Korea Urban Designer Finalist in LG Corporation-sponsored interior landscape design competition Responsible for urban design projects from block to town scales in the urban design/plan- Semester abroad in the United States at Pratt Institute and School of visual Art, new ning segment of architecture firm specializing in new Urbanist residential developments. York,nY • Developed Master Plan / Design Code for PUD projects seeking rezoning determina- accreDitation, ProfeSSional memberShiP tion. • Managed Master Plan design and proposal submission for numerous military privatiza- Accredited for Leadership of Environment and Energy Design (LEED) 2003 tion competition entries, including creating the design development plan for military American Planning Association member privatization project awarded to the firm.
  3. 3. •MilitaRy• Fort Irwin Sustainability Strategies •1-2 Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood •3-4 Andrews Airforce Competition •5-6 Implementation •7-8 table of contents •PRivate SectoR• Temple Terrace Concept Design •9-10 Design Guidelines •11-14 Westrock PDD (Planned Development District) Concept •15-16 PDD (Planned Development District) Implementation •17-20
  4. 4. Fort Irwin 1 : Sustainability Strategies N Neighborhood Center Sleepy Hollow od Community Center Town Center Military Existing Entry Monument of the Base Sandy Basin I Private Sector Sandy Basin II Neighborhood Center Existing Site Condition Sandy Basin III • high efficiency insulation • efficient appliances • greywater reuse for irrigation Cactus Cove • local building style and tradition Program data: • family housing revitalization • 715 new residential units for officer and enlisted families • renovation of 664 homes • mix of 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom units HyoJung K. Garland • handicapped accessible units • new community clubhouse • sport courts and playing fields Illustrative Master Plan Completed Cactus Cove Street View www.tortigallas.com
  5. 5. 2 1 3 4 Block Facade Cooling Orientation Design Tower 8 AM 10 AM Military North Facade 12 PM 2 PM Completed Cooling Tower in Community Center Private Sector 2 Solar Landscaping Xeriscaping South Facade hyo_jungk@hotmail.com Cooling Tower Mechanism East West Facade
  6. 6. Fort Irwin 3 : Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Existing Recreation Center Military Accessible Unit Fence Height Study Neighborhood Center Picnic Shelter Private Sector Shaded Tot Lot Entry Landscape HyoJung K. Garland N Sleepy Hollow Illustrative Plan Proposed Neighborhood Center
  7. 7. 4 Military Private Sector hyo_jungk@hotmail.com Proposed Curvilinear Street (Sketchup Model)
  8. 8. Andrews Airforce 5 : Competition 1 Connectivity Menoher Drive : No Cul-de-sac ch Ave. o Station B N Belle Chance Belle Chance A 495 Brookey Ave. O Shopping C Center (Upper Section) F St. Colorado Ave. Town Center Arnold Ave. Military Atlanta Avenue Au t h Rd Tuskeegee Drive . ve. D St. aA bam D Ala C (Lower Section) Airfield Base Hospital Arkansas Rd. . e . Av e Av ia rn d d. lifo or rR nc Ca 337 Co ete Menoher Dr. rim Pe Tucson Avenue Tuskeegee Dr. W 5M West Perimeter Road inu te W G Disconnected Neighborhood alk Private Sector Virginia Ave. Atlanta Ave. opping enter Rd. Tucson Ave. Existing R.V. W Perimeter Parking Lot Welcome San Antonio Blvd Center Old San Antonio Blvd. bra alk W nch te inu M Ave Day-care 5 . Center . Rd E a m MARYLAND Yu H Andrews Air Force 5 Base Golf Course Youth W Pe / Teen I rim 5 Min Center et er ute W Rd . alk K S Perimeter Rd. d. yR Kirb J ad Ro HyoJung K. Garland a m Yu Old Alexandria Ferry Rd. Legend N N Shopping Center Renovated Units New Units 0 100 200 400 FT Illustrative Master Plan Interconnected Neighborhood Street © Torti Gallas and Partners, Inc. | Spring Street, th floor, Silver Spring, Maryland Site Analysis September 12, 2008 Illustrative Site Plan andrews AFB AMC East Communities, LLC Torti Gallas and Partners
  10. 10. Andrews Airforce 7 : Implementation Military Private Sector HyoJung K. Garland Upper Parcel C Layout (Revit Study Model)
  11. 11. Lower Parcel E Layout hyo_jungk@hotmail.com 8 Private Sector Military
  12. 12. Temple Terrace 9 : Concept Design Military Private Sector HyoJung K. Garland Waterfront View
  13. 13. 10 1 Phase 1: Phase 1 Phase 3: Phase 2b Phase 4: Phase 3 Phase 5: Phase 4 Phase2: Phase 2a Understanding & and Charrette: Concept Draft Master Plan & Draft Master Plan Review & Charrette: Data Collection Visioning Planning Master Plan Devel- Review and Adoption 2 Analysis Development Implementation Final Presentation The Vision Review Workshop Charrette opment 3 4 Economic and Market 5 Analysis Draft Code 6 City Transport- Review of ation Draft Plan Analysis Draft 7 Final Draft Final Draft Opportun- Master Visioning Project Charrette Presenta- Vision Regulating Master Master ities and Plan Workshop Kick-Off tion Plan Plan 8 Plan Constraints Existing Concepts Physical Draft Plan Conditions Presenta- Draft 9 Analysis tion Implement- Presentation of ation 12 Opportunities and On-site Design Strategy 10 Constraints Studio Stakeholder 8 Review of Best Input Technical Meetings Practices 11 Military Work-in-progress Interactive Vision Presentation Session 12 Mar 16 May 15 to 16 Jun 15 to 19 Oct 15 Nov 15 Jan 15 12 9 Project Schedule 10 10 12 Private Sector 9 12 7 2 11 1 3 1 2 8 7 3 4 5 6 4 7 5 8 9 12 10 8 hyo_jungk@hotmail.com 11 12 12 0 200 400FT 9 Aerial View of the Overall 3D Model Illustrative Master Plan 10 10 12
  14. 14. Temple Terrace 11 : Design Guidelines TYPE OF USE (1) URBAN CORE (T6 ) URBAN CENTER (T5) GENERAL URBAN (T4) DISTRICT (D) CIVIC / OPEN SPACE (C) ASSEMBLY BAR/TAVERN/NIGHT CLUB CUP - on ground floor of mixed use building x CUP x CUP - on ground floor of mixed use building CITY HALL/COURT HOUSE P P x x P COMMERCIAL RECREATION FACILITY (INDOOR) CUP (2) CUP (2) x P CUP COMMERCIAL RECREATION FACILITY (OUTDOOR) x x x P CUP COMMERCIAL RECREATION FACILITY (OUTDOOR) x x x P CUP CONFERENCE FACILITY LESS THAN 10,000 SF. CUP (2) CUP (2) x P CUP (as part of other Civic Building) FITNESS/HEALTH/STUDIO FOR ART, DANCE, ETC P P x P x LIBRARY/MUSEUM P P x P P-majority of retail frontage shall be lined iclude retail P-majority of retail frontage shall be lined iclude retail uses THEATER - MOVIE OR LIVE PERFORMANCE uses as “liner” box office and and entry doors permitted, as “liner” box office and and entry doors permitted, marquis x x x marquis encouraged encouraged LODGING BED AND BREAKFAST INN P P P - maximum of 8 rooms per building x x HOTEL P P x P x RESIDENTIAL EMERGENCY SHELTER CUP CUP CUP x x HOME OCCUPATION P P P x x LIVE/WORK UNIT x P P x x MULTI-FAMILY HOUSING P (2) P (2) P x x RESIDENTIAL IN MIXED USE BUIDING P P P - at corner lots only x x P - only as a “liner” to a larger building intended to SINGLE FAMILY ATTACHED DWELLING (TOWNHOUSE) P P x x transition to an adjoining area of lesser scale RETAIL P -Drive through must be in back or along one side only - P -Drive through must be in back or along DRIVE-THROUGH RETAIL x x x limited to one drive through retail facility / 700 lf., of frontage one side P - must have pumps and service bay in CUP - must have pumps and service bay in rear yard, retail AUTOMOBILE SERVICE STATION x x rear yard, retail frontage standards apply x frontage standards apply to building along thoroughfares to building along thoroughfares GENERAL RETAIL - 10,000 SF OR LESS P P P - at corner lots only and no more than 5,000 sf P x GENERAL RETAIL - 10,000 - 50,000 SF P P x P x CUP - retail frontages shall be designed in accordance with GENERAL RETAIL - 50,000 SF OR MORE x retail fenestration design standards - may require “liner x P x shops” or multiple floors RESTAURANT/CAFÉ/COFFEE SHOP P P P x CUP - as part of a museum or cultural institution GENERAL RETAIL - 10,000 - 50,000 SF P P P SERVICES ADULT DAY CARE - 6 OR FEWER CLIENTS P (2) P (2) P x x ADULT DAY CARE - 7 OR MORE CLIENTS CUP (2) CUP (2) x CUP x CHILD DAY CARE - FAMILY DAY CARE IN HOME P P P x x CHILD DAY CARE CENTER CUP (2) CUP (2) CUP CUP x MAINTENANCE SERIVE - APPLIANCE AND SMALL EQUUIPMENT REPAIR x P x P x MEDICAL SERVICES OTHER THAN OFFICES: CLINIC, LAB, URGENT CARE x P x P x Military Private Sector HyoJung K. Garland
  15. 15. hyo_jungk@hotmail.com 12 Private Sector Military
  16. 16. Temple Terrace 13 : Design Guidelines (Continued) Military 0 200 400FT Civic Buildings Building Height Parking Proposed Land Use Private Sector HyoJung K. Garland Parking Layer Diagram Example of Fourth and Second Layer Parking
  17. 17. 14 Focal elements allow for architectural emphasis at key location String course to match adjacent face A variety of roof heights and pitches should be used to create and idiosyncratic streetscape Focal elements allow for architectural emphasis at Military key location String course to match adjacent face Six-story height of adjacent buildings is reflected in the façade composition and building massing of high rise buildings Occasional vertical bays Residential courtyards are permitted to provide should be composed as a visual interest complete ensemble Private Sector Formally composed Percentage of ground facades should face major floor façade located on the public open spaces SBL as indicated on the Frontage Condition Plan hyo_jungk@hotmail.com Kit of Parts Diagram for a Block Guideline
  18. 18. Westrock 15 : PDD (Planned Development District) Concept Military Existing Boarded Building Private Sector Existing Deteriorated Street Condition HyoJung K. Garland Proposed Rockview Green Existing Recreation Field . | Kenneth Boroson Architects West Rock Redevelopm Michaels Development Company, L.P. Torti Gallas and partners
  19. 19. hyo_jungk@hotmail.com 16 Private Sector Military
  20. 20. Westrock 17 : PDD (Planned Development District) Implementation Military Private Sector HyoJung K. Garland
  21. 21. hyo_jungk@hotmail.com 18 Private Sector Military
  22. 22. Westrock 19 : PDD (Planned Development District) Implementation (Continued) Military Private Sector HyoJung K. Garland
  23. 23. Streetscape 3 Streetscape 2 Streetscape 1 hyo_jungk@hotmail.com 20 Private Sector Military