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Search marketing trainee program

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Search marketing trainee program

  1. 1. ARE YOU READY TO BECOME AN iPROSPECTOR?Who You AreYou are looking for a position with a highly reputable company in an exciting, growing industry. Youhave a passion for learning something new every day and for being able to actually see the results ofyour hard work. You are detail-oriented with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. You wantto work with enthusiastic, team-oriented people who trust you to get the job done.If this describes you, you may be the perfect fit for the Search Marketing Trainee Program at iProspectTurkey, a leading global digital marketing agency!Your Skills and Traits • Strong written and communication skills. • Ability to conduct basic-level mathematical analysis of trend data. • Deep data analysis and strong excel skills are a must • A strict eye for detail with the ability to see how details fit into the overall picture. • Excellent time management skills • Ability to work independently with sometimes little oversight, but also a true love of working with teammates to complete projects, since team work is a pivotal part of the job. • Ability to adapt quickly and seamlessly in an ever-changing industry. • Strong computer skills, especially Microsoft Word and Excel.More Specific Responsibilities may include: • Paid Search Keyword expansion/research • Check search keywords for relevancy to landing pages, ensure that landing pages resolve • Ensure that SEM ad copy is relevant • Help build keyword lists/ad copy for clients promotional campaigns • Ad copy writing • Develop negative keywords • Weekly report generationhttp://www.iprospect.com.tr/ http://www.facebook.com/iprospect https://twitter.com/#!/iProspectApply for this position: Didem.Atalay@iprospect.com