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Perfecting Pitches (MozCon)

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Perfecting Pitches (MozCon)

  1. ACT Perfecting Pitches Michael King Director of Inbound Marketing iAcquire www.iacquire.com @ipullrank
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  5. How is your so-…. called “content” gonna make us money?
  6. ….
  8. …OR SMOKE
  10. How can I getthem to buy this contentmarketing stuff?
  15. ACTONERESEARCHDoing research that sticks
  16. CONTENT MARKETING PROCESS @ipullrank This closely mirrors the “New SEO Process” http://www.seomoz.org/blog/the-new-seo-process-quit-being-kanye
  17. OPPORTUNITY DISCOVERY LAND OF OPPORTUNITY Opportunity Discovery is the process of understanding the client’s space in context of the business goals to tailor the content strategy directly to what they need to accomplish. @ipullrank
  18. BUSINESS GOALS ARE PARAMOUNT Understanding and integration of the business objectives throughout the entire process is incredibly important to obtaining buy-in and measuring success. If you’re not speaking in terms of conversion, you will not be speaking much longer. @ipullrank
  19. MARKET RESEARCH Every content creator and SEO should have at least a working knowledge of the space, the company and the audience. At iAcquire we’ve invested heavily in the market research capability and we create client one sheets and influencer reports with objectives, personas, customer insights, market insights, hot topics, key influencers and resources @ipullrank
  20. PERSONAS PERSONA A PERSONA B PERSONA C PERSONA DDEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS DEMOGRAPHICS LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES LIFESTYLES USER STORY USER STORY USER STORY USER STORY USER NEEDS USER NEEDS USER NEEDS USER NEEDS Develop four hypothetical representations of people that exist within the online conversation as related to business goals, give them stories and attributes to which content will be created. The key is to keep it as relevant and actionable to the content you will be creating as possible @ipullrank
  21. QUASI-AD HOC PERSONAS I outlined a process in my “Understanding Your Audience Using Social Media” Mozinar about how to use Keyword Research, Social Media and Discussion Search to develop ad hoc personas. http://www.seomoz.org/webinars/understanding-your-audience-using-social- media @ipullrank
  22. THE PROBLEM WITH AD HOC PERSONAS While this approach can be very effective stakeholders may potentially challenge it because it’s not empirical. However neither is the old method of handing out post-its to stakeholders @ipullrank
  23. “A major virtue of personas is theestablishment of empathy and BUT ALWAYSunderstanding the individual who usesthe product” BE READY TO -Donald A. Norman, Nielsen Norman Group DO THIS …
  24. iACQUIRE’S DATA DRIVEN PERSONAS At iAcquire we have a data-driven approach starting from Nielsen’s PRIZM segments, layering data from Experian Simmons and finally using Social Inventories from Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and DoubleClick to develop empirical and social media-relevant personas. @ipullrank
  25. INTRODUCING NIELSEN PRIZM Nielsen’s PRIZM segments all of the US into 66 predetermined types or “codes” Download this PDF: http://ocair.org/files/KnowledgeBase/HowTo/PRIZM_Code.pdf @ipullrank
  26. INSTANT PERSONAS FOR LOCAL SEARCH USING PRIZM Understand Your Local Audience Now: http://www.claritas.com/MyBestSegments/Default.jsp?ID=20 @ipullrank
  27. EXPERIAN SIMMONS AIO CLUSTERS MOSAIC TYPE MOSAIC TYPE BY BY URL ONLINE ACTIVITY Simmons Mosaic Types: http://www.tetrad.com/pub/documents/agsmosaiclist.pdf @ipullrank
  28. GOOGLE CONSUMER SURVEYS Get very targeted Consumer Data: http://www.google.com/insights/consumersurveys/home @ipullrank
  29. GOOGLE CONSUMER SURVEYS STEP BY STEP DEFINE THE SPECIFY SURVEY TYPE AUDIENCE WRITE QUESTIONS GET DATA Example from Matt Cutts: https://plus.google.com/109412257237874861202/posts/WDzRVDqbevn @ipullrank
  30. COMPARE PERSONAS IN SEARCH WITH YAHOO CLUES DO YOUR PERSONAS ALIGN WITH DATA IN YAHOO CLUES? Leverage Yahoo’s Keyword Demographics: http://clues.yahoo.com @ipullrank
  31. HERE’S A PERSONA WORKSHEET Download the Persona Worksheet: http://www.iacquire.com/resources/worksheets/iAcquire-Persona-Worksheet.xlsx @ipullrank
  32. CONSUMER DECISION JOURNEY When planning out a content marketing campaign use the consumer decision journey to determine what need state your content will specifically speak to. @ipullrank
  33. MAPPING KEYWORD RESEARCH [flowers] [when do roses bloom][what flowers for a first date] [buying chrysanthemums] [flower a month club] As usual finding the right keywords is important. Mapping them to content, need states and KPIs is paramount to proving the success of a campaign @ipullrank
  34. TYING CONTENT MARKETING TO THE FUNNEL Map the content type directly to the customer decision journey to determine where in the funnel that this content will reach the user @ipullrank
  35. MEASUREMENT PLANNING You will need determine realistic and specific KPIs with regard to where the content is in the funnel and develop reporting that speaks to directly to that value. @ipullrank
  37. FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATIONS PLUGIN DEMO EXTEND THE BOX TO 1000 PIXELS TO VIEW 20 PIECES OF POPULAR CONTENT Get a snapshot of a site’s popular content: @ipullrank http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/recommendations/
  38. SOCIAL CRAWLYTICS SOCIAL CRAWLYTICS GIVES AWESOME GRAPHS OF SHARES BY NETWORK Use Social Crawlytics to find out what the best performing content for competitors @ipullrank http://www.socialcrawlytics.com
  41. ACTTWOGETTING BUY-INBuild a list of people that want thecontent
  42. WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? The big idea should thematically govern the content strategy and keep content from being an “isolated incident” by tying everything to an initiative that fits into the overarching marketing mix and gives creative life @ipullrank
  43. THE 7 STORY ARCHETYPES Content Marketing is about turning the brand into a storyteller. Tap into the Jungian story archetypes and align them with the business to build an effective story. More on story archetypes: http://socialmediatoday.com/tommyismyname/383348/7- story-archetypes-and-how-they-can-dramatically-improve-your-marketing @ipullrank
  44. THE CLIENT-STRATEGIST-AUDIENCE FEEDBACK LOOP Content is not a one-way street, but a cyclical process between the client’s goals, the strategist’s ideas and the influencer’s needs. Take your content to the audience before you ever write a word or place a pixel and get their feedback and buy-in. @ipullrank
  45. CALL YOUR SHOT Using the following tactics find a group of people that will commit to engaging with this content and use that as evidence that the content will appeal to the brand’s audience and drive KPIs @ipullrank
  46. INTRODUCING AUTHORA Find authors and their content by topic and social metrics: http://www.authora.org @ipullrank
  47. USING AUTHORA @ipullrank
  48. GROUPHIGH IS A SIMILAR PRODUCT GroupHigh has a bit of a headstart on Authora, but it’s paid: http://www.grouphigh.com @ipullrank
  49. USE TOPSY TO FIND INTERESTED PARTIES Use Topsy to find people who shared competitor content: http://www.topsy.com @ipullrank
  50. FOLLOWERWONK, ABOUT.ME, ZERP.LY, FINDPEOPLEONPLUS Use the features of your personas (instead of just target keywords) to find people using: @ipullrank http://www.followerwonk.com , http://about.me, http://zerply.com and http://findpeopleonplus.com
  51. SHARE RATE & SCRAPE RATE Determine how far your content will go for a given author by computing the scrape rate and share rate. http://ipullrank.com/scrape-rate- and-shareability-rate/ (original Scrape Rate concept by @pointblankseo) @ipullrank
  52. HERE’S AN AUDIENCE WORKSHEET JUST A LITTLE SOMETHING TO HELP YOU KEEP TRACK OF ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE Download the Audience Worksheet: http://www.iacquire.com/resources/worksheets/iAcquire-Audience-Worksheet.xlsx @ipullrank
  53. INTRODUCING THE BROKEN LINK INDEX Find missing resources by keyword with many links and create better versions: @ipullrank http://www.brokenlinkindex.com
  54. USING THE BROKEN LINK INDEX Use the Broken Link Index to prove that content you are looking to create has a built-in audience that @ipullrank will allow you to hit your inbound link KPI.
  55. CONTENT AS A MAXIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT Pitch content that supports multiple KPIs and need states within the customer journey as well as keeps @ipullrank the barrier to entry high for the competitors.
  57. ACTTHREEPUT IT ALL TOGETHER5 tips for highly-effective, actionableand data-driven content marketingpitches
  58. THE FOCUS IS THE STORY Tell a compelling story and answer a key issue using your data as a to drive it home @ipullrank
  59. TIE EVERYTHING DIRECTLY TO ROI Everything you suggest should be directly explained in context of the ROI @ipullrank
  60. TAILOR IT DIRECTLY TO THE STAKEHOLDERS Everything you show should address the concerns of the stakeholders; anticipate their questions @ipullrank
  61. IT BETTER BE BEAUTIFUL Invest the time to make your pitch look beautiful and professional @ipullrank
  62. SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE Speak in terms the stakeholders understand for example “share of voice” rather than number of rankings @ipullrank
  63. ACTFOURVALIDATEValidate what you’ve done throughmeasurement
  64. WTF IS SHARE OF VOICE? Share of Voice (SoV) is a traditional advertising term defined as the percentage of possible positions in a channel occupied. As it pertains to the SEO it is the percentage available search volume captured. Use it when explaining the opportunity to non-SEOs. @ipullrank
  65. KEYWORD-LEVEL DEMOGRAPHICS To date this is the most powerful thing I’ve contributed to the SEO community. Use it! http://www.seomoz.org/blog/keyword-level-demographics @ipullrank
  66. KEYWORD-LEVEL DEMOGRAPHICS BEST PRACTICES Incentivize the Opt-In Just track the persona (Communities or Coupons) Use the appID Cross Property Cookie and Remarket I have a half-finished Wordpress plugin. If you’d find that useful tweet at me and let me know. @ipullrank
  67. MAP SITE PROFILES TO CONVERSIONS Does your site require some sort of profile? Tie the fields of that profile to measurement. @ipullrank
  68. USERREPORT.COM Survey your users for free and get their demographic data into GA: http://www.userreports.com @ipullrank
  69. CHANGING KEYWORD DEMOGRAPHICS AS A KPI The goal of your campaign can be to change the type of people searching for a given keyword @ipullrank
  70. ACTFIVEOVERCOMING FAILUREContent pitches that failed and how toovercome them
  71. FAIL #1: WEAK PRESENTATION A marketer presents the creation of infographics via email and phone, but doesn’t succeed and ultimately the client sees them as “complicated” or “expensive” measures. @ipullrank
  72. RESOLUTION #1: PRESENT A DECK IN-PERSON Your presentation should not be an email or a phone call, it should be an in-person presentation with all the stakeholders. @ipullrank
  73. FAIL #2: LEAVING OUT KEY STAKEHOLDERS A marketer sells in an idea neglecting to invite key stakeholders only to have that content strategy fall apart once the miss stakeholders review it. @ipullrank
  74. RESOLUTION #2: INVITE THEM ALL Get all of the key stakeholders on board so you don’t have to repeat steps or risk the engagement falling apart after you believe you’re good to go. @ipullrank
  75. FAIL #3: NOT SHOWING THE VALUE A marketer explains the content strategy using the wrong KPIs and the stakeholders respond that content is “nice to have” not as beneficial as “bombarding people with 100k email communications.” @ipullrank
  76. RESOLUTION #3: BETTER MEASUREMENT PLANNING Build your measurement around the business objectives and things that actually show the positive affects of revenue. @ipullrank
  77. FAIL #4: RELYING ON TOO MUCH DATA A marketer relies heavily on data to make her case and lambasts the regarded accomplishments of the key stakeholders. @ipullrank
  78. RESOLUTION #4: LET THE STORY DO THE WORK Don’t use numbers as a weapon to insult your stakeholders, tell a compelling story using the data as an aside that drive the points of ineffectiveness. @ipullrank
  79. ACTSIXTHE PITCHJamie, Adam, Rand, I’ve gotan idea for you
  80. THE USER’S DILEMMA There is an underserved user out there – the procrastinator. Some key moz’s solutions expect that users have the time to plan ahead, but inbound marketers need data now! @ipullrank
  81. THE PROCRASTINATOR’S RESOLUTION In the absence of certain real-time solutions from Moz the procrastinator turn to other sources. @ipullrank
  83. RAND, YOU SAID IT YOURSELF @ipullrank
  84. MOZ’S PROBLEM MozScape API Open Apps Domain Authority Trust Flow Page Authority Citation Flow Keyword Difficulty Search Flow Majestic is rapidly chipping away at Moz’s advantages and solving the procrastinator’s dilemma. Their new Search Flow tool allows users to see a keyword difficulty score for 150 keywords at once. @ipullrank
  85. MOZ’S KEYWORD DIFFICULTY Moz has the opportunity to continue to lead the pack by improving the keyword difficulty tool. @ipullrank
  86. THE PEOPLE WANT A KEYWORD DIFFICULTY API The people have wanted a keyword difficulty API for years, but I understand that scraping Google on-demand at that scale is completely unreasonable. @ipullrank
  87. YOU GUYS KNOW IT’S AWESOME The secret is that it’s underrated because you can only do 5 keywords at a time! @ipullrank
  88. USERS EXPECT MORE OF MOZ NOW With the new funding, users expect Moz to be able to work magic. @ipullrank
  89. ADD KEYWORD DIFFICULTY TO THE MOZBAR Add batch keyword difficulty to the Mozbar so that any Google scraping is done on the client side. @ipullrank
  90. MEASUREMENT PLAN ACCOUNT USER CHURN UPGRADES MOZBOARD DOWNLOADS LINKS SOCIAL SHARES Make it PRO only feature and measure the effect it has on user churn, account upgrades, mozbar @ipullrank downloads and links and social shares of the Mozbar download page in context of the user profile
  93. THANK YOU Direct Contributors People Who Helped Me Get Here Brittan Bright SEOmoz Kyle Bastian Rand Fishkin Distilled Robb Dorr Tom Critchlow Josh Giardino John Doherty Jeff Nappi SEER Interactive iAcquire Wil Reynolds Chris Le Rhea Drysdale Outspoken Media SMX THE MOZ COMMUNITY @ipullrank
  94. ACT Michael King Director of Inbound Marketing iAcquire www.iacquire.com @ipullrank