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iBeaken loyalty program

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This slideshow explains how to set up the iBeaken loyalty program

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iBeaken loyalty program

  1. 1. the loyalty program
  2. 2. mission ‘engage and activate to create sustainable relations‘
  3. 3. loyalty program iBeaken’s loyalty program is a part of the ‘visitor engagement and activation program’. It engages with your visitor through the collection of points, driving them to buy localy and re- activate them after their visit.
  4. 4. why use the loyalty ? 1. create your own community 2. make visitors pick up more content & collect points 3. drive visitors to buy in local shop(s) 4. get better visitor profiles & stay in contact 5. promote your venue to new users
  5. 5. iBeaken loyalty program
  6. 6. how to start ? 1. activate loyalty 2. create offers 3. make users redeem
  7. 7. 1. activate loyalty The loyalty program is activated by default. (If you don’t want to participate, you can opt out after logging in, choosing (top right) ‘account’ and uncheck ‘participate in loyalty program’)
  8. 8. loyalty end user ‘club’ feeling collect points view offers navigate to offer
  9. 9. 2. create an offer In your iBeaken admin, there is a new tab ‘loyalty’ with 3 sections : offers, invite vendors, create notifications. Click ‘create new offer’ to create your first offer.
  10. 10. create an offer
  11. 11. print and display QR Display the QR code visibly in your venue, near the cash desk for instance. You can of course create a customized version of the QR code.
  12. 12. print and display QR
  13. 13. 3. visitors redeem points A visitor comes to your shop and wants to redeem the gathered points. He scans the QR code and he shows you the redeem code.
  14. 14. create notifications* Once a visitor has redeemed points, he enters your own notification pool. You can re-activate this user by adding short news, event, interest update or other notifications. *available in end october 2014
  15. 15. remarks * iBeaken’s loyalty program replaces the ‘white iBeakens’... There is NO difference anymore between ‘white’ and ‘green’ iBeakens. Data collected through the white iBeakens stays available. * All visitors will be asked to enter the loyalty program once every day. * The loyalty icon will be visible at all times, stimulating the visitor to start collecting points.
  16. 16. contact Jo Van Hove, founder jvh@ibeaken.com http://ibeaken.com +32 475 44 04 54 twitter : @ibeaken facebook : ibeaken