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Shadow IT: Is Unauthorized Software the Biggest Threat to your Business?

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Here are four ways shadow apps can derail collaboration and how to empower innovation with the right
unified collaboration solution through IBM's new eBook.

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Shadow IT: Is Unauthorized Software the Biggest Threat to your Business?

  1. 1. Is unauthorized software the biggest threat to your business? Here are four ways shadow apps can derail collaboration.
  2. 2. Shadow IT can disrupt communication. “I never know which messaging app my team is using.” A sales team can’t message a marketing team about an internal report if the two teams use incompatible collaboration apps. 2
  3. 3. 90% of organizations say employees are using consumer apps for work... of the time without IT approval. Source: IDG, “Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Study 2014”3
  4. 4. 4 Shadow IT can restrict access. “I can’t find the report on our server and it’s due now.” If the marketing team stores its work on a server unapproved by IT, the sales team may not be able to access it.
  5. 5. employees at Fortune 1000 companies stores enterprise data on unapproved cloud-based platforms. Source: IBM Security Cloud Survey, July 20155
  6. 6. 6 Shadow IT can interfere with secure collaboration. “I didn’t know sharing the report with my own app would be a problem.” Employees who collaborate through unapproved cloud apps may put your organization’s intellectual property at risk.
  7. 7. The average North American organization is running 56 high-risk cloud apps right now. Source: eWeek7
  8. 8. 8 Shadow IT can add costs. “Every team uses a different app—trying to collaborate can take so much time and energy.” When your teams use Shadow IT to collaborate, they can lose productivity and raise security risk.
  9. 9. of software and hardware investments are not approved or supported by IT. Source: Computerworld9
  10. 10. When you provide teams with effective collaboration software, you can • improve communication • promote effective teamwork • increase security • lower costs • increase employee retention 10
  11. 11. Give your employees effective collaboration tools, and they won’t compromise your organization with Shadow IT. The right collaboration solution can help you build your business. bit.ly/CollabEBook