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Patrick Couch - Intelligenta Maskiner & Smartare Tjänster

  1. © 2014 IBM Corporation BusinessConnect A New Era of Smart Intelligenta Maskiner & Smarter Tjänster Patrick Couch, IBM
  2. A New Era of Smart The Elevator Pitch 1. Ni vet hur maskiner & apparater av alla slag blir allt mer instrumenterade? 2. Och ni vet hur dessa maskiner och apparater blir allt mer ihopkopplade med varandra? 3. Och ni känner säkert alla till att dessa maskiner & apparter blir alltmer intelligenta? 4. Ni förstår givetvis att detta öppnar upp för en mängd helt nya affärsmöjligheter. 5. Och även att både era konkurrenter och era kunder förstår detta. 6. Den stora frågan är: Vad gör ni av detta? Hur gör ni dessa aspekter till framgångsfaktorer för just er verksamhet, för just ert företag? © 2014 2 IBM Corporation
  3. A New Era of Smart The Internet of Things “In 2020, Over 30 Billion Connected Devices Will Be In Use.” – Gartner (link) “Driven by reducing price per connection and the consequent rapid growth in the number of machine-to-machine (M2M) connections, we expect the number of connected objects to reach 50bn by 2020 (2.7% of things in the world).” – Cisco (link) “There will be 212 B devices or things connected to networks by 2020” - IDC (link) “There are more than 10 billion wirelessly connected devices in the market today; with over 30 billion devices expected by 2020..” – ABI Research (link) Business Insider Intelligence: Global Internet Device Installed Base Forecast “From vehicles and smart phones to containers and machines – by 2015 more than six billion things will be connected to the internet.” – Bosch (link) Source: Installed base forecast: © 2014 3 IBM Corporation
  4. A New Era of Smart Big Data – ones and zeros... Exabytes % of machine generated data Size of machine generated data 2005 2010 2015 2020  The exabyte is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information. The prefix exa indicates multiplication by the sixth power of. Therefore one exabyte is one quintillion bytes (short scale).  1 EB = B = 1.000 Peta Bytes = 1 million TeraBytes = 1 billion Giga Bytes. Sources: OECD Broadband Statistics, June 2013; IDC, “ Internet of Things (IoT): Realizing Value Through Intelligent Business Transformation,” March 2014; IBM GTO 2014; Forrester, “Mapping The Connected World,” October 2013; IBM HorizonWatch, “Internet of Things,” January 2013, Wikipedia © 2014 4 IBM Corporation
  5. A New Era of Smart Big Data – How big is Big?  Ford Fusion: 145 actuators*, 4.700 relays and 70 sensors, including radar, sonar, accelerometer, camera, rain sensors. Collectively, these devices generate more than 25 gigabytes of data per hour, which is processed by more than 70 on-board computers. * According to the Wikipedia; An actuator is a type of motor that is responsible for moving or controlling a mechanism or system. © 2014 5 IBM Corporation
  6. A New Era of Smart The opportunity: Services “Service Revenues for the IoT will reach $500 Billion by 2018, dwarfing the $33 Billion in revenue expected from devices in 2018” - Harbor Research (link) “IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion, mostly in services, in 2020.” – Gartner (link) “Sized applications of the Internet of Things could have direct economic impact of $2.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion per year in 2025.” – McKinsey (link) Bloomberg Article: Cisco CEO Pegs Internet of Things as $19 Trillion Market ZDNet Article: Internet of things: $8.9 trillion market in 2020, 212 billion connected things “IoT technology and services spending to generate global revenues of $4.8 trillion in 2012 and $8.9 trillion by 2020, growing at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 7.9%.” – IDC (link) “Economic value-add (which represents the aggregate benefits that businesses derive through the sale and usage of IoT technology) is forecast to be $1.9 trillion across sectors in 2020. The verticals that are leading its adoption are manufacturing (15 percent), healthcare (15 percent) and insurance (11 percent)..” – Gartner (link) © 2014 6 IBM Corporation
  7. A New Era of Smart The Challenge: Customers & Competitors Individuals are more connected and empowered  Increased consumer expectations  Different ways to engage digitally  Expanded information transparency Business Challenges Competition is coming from new and different areas  New competitors from different industries  Changes in value migration; new winners and losers  New types of collaboration Business Challenges Operations and business models are being transformed  Redefined consumer value  Integration across digital with physical  Concerns around risk, security, compliance and privacy Business Challenges Forces Social media explosion Mobile revolution Power of analytics Cloud Enablement Source: 2011 IBM Digital Transformation Study, IBV Analysis © 2014 7 IBM Corporation
  8. A New Era of Smart The Solution: Transformation Organizations transition from intense focus on operating costs toward growth and transformation1 New business models are impacting organizations and industries 64% of executives believe new business models will impact their industries more profoundly than ever before2 37% of executives say new disruptive business models will be the biggest organizational impact on their companies3 Anticipated change (%) between previous 3 years and next 3 years Sources [1] 2013 CEO Study Q5: “What are the top priorities in your business strategy”; (n=4183); [2] 2013 Global Digital Reinvention Executive Study Q12: “Please rate the extent to which the following trends will have an impact on your business” (n = 1089); [3] 2013 Global Digital Reinvention Executive Study Q24: “What is your biggest organizational change likely to be caused by digitization?” (n = 1090); © 2014 8 IBM Corporation
  9. A New Era of Smart Transformation: It’s all around Pervasive Degree of economic impact (functions, industries, geographies) Digital products and infrastructure • Digital products (e.g. Music, Entertainment) • Infrastructure (e.g. Telco, Software, IT Infrastructure) Digital distribution and web strategy • e-commerce (e.g. Retail, Electronics) • Efficiency through web strategy (e.g. Government) Digital transformation of business models • Mobile revolution • Social media • “Hyper digitization” • Power of analytics Late 1990s 2000s 2010s Limited Time SSoouurrccee:: BM Institute for Business Value: Digital Transformation Creating new business models where digital meets physical © 2014 9 IBM Corporation
  10. A New Era of Smart Transformation: That means business model innovation Industry Model Innovation Changing the way your industry works or changing your value chain  Redefine existing industries Business Model Innovation Enterprise Model Innovation Revenue Model Innovation Changing what you do and where you collaborate  Do as much as possible within your organization Changing your value proposition or the way you price for products/services  Pricing innovation  Move into new industries  Payer innovation  Specialize by focusing on  Create entirely new industries differentiating activities  Intensively collaborate with external partners  Package innovation © 2014 10 IBM Corporation
  11. A New Era of Smart The Enabler: Analytics Understanding how to create value from data (…has been the focus of IBM’s analytics studies for 5 years) Analytics: The new path to value 2010 2011 2012 2013 Operationalizing analytics in sophisticated organizations Analytics: The widening divide Mastering analytic competencies Analytics: The real world use of big data Fundamentals of big data Analytics: A blueprint for value Extracting value from data and analytics The intelligent enterprise and Breaking away with BAO 2009 Defining analytics as a strategic asset © 2014 11 IBM Corporation
  12. A New Era of Smart Analytics: What is it? How can everyone be more right… ….more often? Cognitive Tell me the best course of action? Prescriptive How can we achieve the best outcome? Predictive What could happen? Descriptive What has happened? Big Data & Analytics Information Layer How is data managed and stored? Business Value © 2014 12 IBM Corporation
  13. A New Era of Smart Analytics Success Factors: Characteristics of a Leader  80% of Leaders measure the impact of analytic investments.  66% of Leaders see analytics investment ROI of under 12 months measurement.  60% of Leaders have predictive analytic capabilities.  Leaders are 166% more likely to make most decisions based on data.  Almost two-thirds of Leaders are confident enough with the data and analytics available to them to use it in their day-to-day decision-making processes.  57% of business executives within Leader organizations oversee the use of data and analytics within their own departments, guided by an enterprise-level strategy, common policies and metrics, and standardized methodologies.  Leaders are 221% more likely to have formal career path for analysts, and 130% more likely to think analytics talent is very import Identifying Leaders Leaders were defined based on their self-reported performance within their industry and market and who attribute much of their success to analytics. Source: Analytics: A blueprint for value – Converting big data and analytics into results, IBM Institute for Business Value © 2014 13 IBM Corporation
  14. A New Era of Smart Wrapping up and returning to Ford Fusion  Mike Tinskey, director of vehicle electrification and infrastructure, describes the data collected from the vehicles as “small but growing” (Ref: 25GB/Hour). He says “We gather data every time the customer plugs in. We know where they’re plugging in, how many gas miles they drove, how many electric miles, how often they plug in and how often they take trips. It’s helping to shape where we go next with products.” One proposed use of this data is to work out ‘peak times’ of energy usage, and charge customers a lower rate if they refrain from plugging in when power demand is high. Source: © 2014 14 IBM Corporation

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