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Corporate Social Responsibility

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  2. 2. ITC Limited • ITC Ltd is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal. • 1910- established as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. • 1970- it diversified into non-tobacco businesses. • 1975- acquired a hotel in Chennai, and renamed as the 'ITC-Welcomgroup Hotel Chola' (now known MyFortune, Chennai). • 1985- Set up Surya Tobacco Co. in Nepal as an Indo- Nepali and British Joint Venture.
  3. 3. • 2000- Launched the Expressions range , Wills Sport and ITC InfoTech India Limited. • 2001- Introduced ready-to-eat Gourmet Indian recipes. • 2002- ITC entered the confectionery and staples segments, acquired Bhadrachalam Paperboards Division and WIMCO Ltd. • 2003- Entered the incense sticks business with Mangaldeep brand. • 2005- Diversified into body care products. • 2010- Launched handrolled cigar Armenteros . • 2014- Began online sales
  4. 4. Core Activities • Its diversified business includes five segments: - Fast-Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG)- Foods, Education & Stationary, Personal Care, Safety Matches & Incense Sticks, Lifestyles Retailing and Ciggrattes. - Hotels- ITC Grand Bharat, ITC Maurya, WelcomeGroup, Fortune Park Hotels and WelcomHeritage Hotels. - Paperboards & Packaging- Classmate, Paperkraft, Saathi. - Agri Business- Karnataka Green Leaf Threshing Plant, Bhadrachalam and Kovai Unit - Information Technology- ITC InfoTech India Limited
  5. 5. Social Outreach • E-Choupal • Social & Farm Forestry • Watershed Development • Women's Empowerment • Livestock Development • Primary Education
  6. 6. e-Choupal • A knowledge portal providing farmers with a range of information and services. • Bargaining as virtual buyers' co-operatives, adopting best practices, matching up to food safety norms. • 6,500 e-Choupal centres spread across 40,000 villages and 4 million farmers empowered.
  7. 7. Social & Farm Forestry • To source effective pulp wood from sustainable sources to enhance its competitiveness. • A large green cover contributing significantly to groundwater recharge, soil conservation and carbon sequestration. • 114,428 hectares greened, generating 51.48 million person - days of employment.
  8. 8. Integrated Watershed Development • Facilitates building, reviving and maintaining water harvesting structures. • Management of water resources to reverse land degradation, provide critical irrigation and increase agricultural productivity. • 56,951 hectares brought under soil and moisture conservation
  9. 9. Women's Empowerment • Sustainable economic opportunities to poor women in rural areas • Assisting to form self help groups. • The extra income is largely invested in children's education, health and nutrition. • 15,378 women members 1183 self - help groups
  10. 10. Primary Education • Provides infrastructure support to government run primary schools and coaching through Supplementary Learning Centers. • Poor children receive school uniforms and text/exercise books. • A network of rural libraries and resource centers. • An innovative roaming laptop programme provided to government schools in rural areas. • 252,329 children covered through 2,334 Supplementary Learning Centres.
  11. 11. Relationship Between Core and CSR Activity • The business of ITC is diversified into five segments: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG), Hotels, Paperboards & Packaging, Agri Business & Information Technology. • The CSR activities is connected to the core business of ITC. Its linkage with farmers for maintaing the quality of their products through their agricultural farm and other social works.