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Journal article 'Problematizing and Politicizing Smart City-Regions: Is Devolution Smart?'
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Journal article 'Problematizing and Politicizing Smart City-Regions: Is Devolution Smart?'

Dr Calzada has just published the article entitled ‘Problematizing and Politicizing Smart City-Regions: Is Devolution Smart?’ in the journal Territorio. Here is the abstract:


This paper problematizes the meanings, governance implications, and techno-political shortcomings of so-called ‘smart cities’ through pervasive transitions taking place in Europe by presenting a six-dimensional conceptual framework to politicize ‘smart city-regions’ as complex, transcalar, data-driven, multi-stakeholder-focused, experimental, and, supposedly, democratic techno-territorial assemblages. The momentum for smart city-regions is particularly relevant given an increasing number of ongoing reforms of administrative borders and competences of local governments fuelled by devolution in countries such as the UK, Spain, and Italy. Hence, by blending governance with technological and territorial issues, this paper elucidates that devolution should be addressed in the implementation of smart strategies stemming from (i) transcalar overlaps and contradictions; (ii) data literacy, ownership, and management; (iii) multi-stakeholder complex urbanity; and (iv) democratic and digital citizenship. The paper applies this framework to four cases: Bristol and Glasgow (UK) and Barcelona and Bilbao (Spain).

Keywords: Smart City-Regions, Devolution, Techno-Politics of Data

To acquire the article: https://www.francoangeli.it/riviste/Scheda_Rivista.aspx?IDArticolo=61286&Tipo=Articolo%20PDF&lingua=it&idRivista=63

To cite the article:

Calzada, I. (2017), Problematizing and Politicizing Smart City-Regions: Is Devolution Smart?, Territorio 83: 37-47. In the Special Issue ‘From Smart City to Smart Region. Meanings, Governance, Policies and Projects’. (ISSN: 1825-8689). DOI: 10.3280/TR2017-083005.

This publication is a result of a EU-Marie Curie funding project in collaboration with Bilbao Metrópoli 30 (BM30), Bilbao Metropolitan Agency.

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