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Keynote Conference Smart Travel 2016 (Bragança, Portugal).pptx

Dr Calzada delivered on 2nd December the keynote conference in the Smart Travel 2016 event in Portugal. The title of the keynote was 'Translocal Strategies: Connecting (Talented) Citizens in Remote (Smart) Regions'. He aimed to focus on the special circumstances of remote regiones far from the centre by encouraging new translocal strategies based on connecting local/mobile talent in a new term called translocalism. Notion that is connected with the smartness in territories these days. He suggested that tourism and traveling should be rethought according to new patterns of mobility, technology and work/leisure such as millenials, knowmads, highly mobile professionals and so on. He also underlined the changing pattern of on-going disruptive socio-political processes that will have negative consequences by imposing borders and walls between cities and territories: Brexit, Trump, ... New strategies are needed for rurban regions such as Bragança by embracing challenges of connecting territories. The conclusion: Small could be Beautiful...as long as is smartly well connected.

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Keynote Conference Smart Travel 2016 (Bragança, Portugal).pptx

  1. 1. Estratégias Translocais: Conectando Cidadãos (Talentos) em Regiões Remotas (Smart) Translocal Strategies: Connec:ng (Talented) Ci:zens in Remote (Smart) Regions Dr Igor Calzada, MBA Lecturer & Senior Research Fellow, Future of Ci:es & Urban Transforma:ons, University of Oxford Lecturer, Ins:tute for Future Ci:es, University of Strathclyde Associate Fellow, Brussels Centre for Urban Studies, Vrije Universiteit @icalzada www.igorcalzada.com igor.calzada@compas.ox.ac.uk Smart Travel 2016 9:45 – 10:30 Bragança (Portugal), 2nd December 2016
  2. 2. #Remote 1. situated far from the main centers of populaJon; distant. 2. unlikely to occur
  3. 3. #Remote
  4. 4. #Remote
  5. 5. Being grounded is not necessarily about being fixed; being mobile is not necessarily about being detached Brickell & Datta, 2011
  6. 6. Nilüfer/Bursa (Turkey) #Bursa #Nilufer metropolitan urban exponenJal populaJon growth 32% in 5 years {2010-2015} #Turkey #SmartCiJes @ReplicateEU #H2020 282,991 (2009) > 375,474 (2014) +92,483
  7. 7. Bragança (Portugal) Oliveira, E. (2015)
  8. 8. Calzada, I. (2013), Knowledge Building & OrganizaJonal Behaviour: Mondragon Case, Chapter in the Book Moulaert, F., MacCallum, D., Mehmood, A. and Hamdouch, A. InternaJonal Handbook of Social InnovaJon. Social innovaJon: CollecJve acJon, Social learning and Transdisciplinary research. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar (UK) Publishing. DOI: 10.13140/RG. 2.2.30748.69766.
  9. 9. #Remote #Rurban
  10. 10. #Connectography
  11. 11. #Trump #EU #Brexit #Refugees #Fidel #Erdogan
  12. 12. Life is what we make of it. Travel is the traveler. What we see isn’t what we see but what we are. Fernando Pessoa
  13. 13. Wise (smart?) is he/she who enjoys the show offered by the world Fernando Pessoa
  14. 14. #Travel #Tourism #Mobility #Cities #Smart ?
  15. 15. #PlanIT Valley http://www.living-planit.com Smart City Strategy: PlanlT Valley (Portugal) PlanIT Valley is endorsed by the Municipality of Paredes and has been designated a ‘Project of National Interest’ by the Portuguese Government. However, the project has not commenced yet due to funding difficulties.
  16. 16. By @EU_H2020 To get out from the ‘smart city-in-the-box’ approach
  17. 17. Via @FT #dataism 'You have to be somebody before you can share yourself' (J. Lanier) hlps://www.m.com/content/50bb4830-6a4c-11e6-ae5b-a7cc5dd5a28c #dataism We are already becoming tiny chips inside a giant system that nobody really understands
  18. 18. ‘I have no problem with technological solutions to social problems. The key question for me is: ‘Who gets to implement them?’ and, ‘What kinds of politics of reform do technological solutions smuggle through the back door?’ (Morozov, 2013)
  19. 19. #HER
  20. 20. @perjovschi
  21. 21. UNPLUGGING 2 notions ①  Being digitally connected/plugged in is no guarantee of being smart (Evans 2002: 34) ②  Technology is never neutral, and it has the potential and capacity to be used socially and politically for quite different purpose (Williams 1983: 128)
  23. 23. 1,852 views 6th Most Read ArJcle
  24. 24. #SmartCitizens ? #HospitalityManagement #Knowmads #ExperienceEconomy #HighlyMobileProfessionals #Millenials #ConnectingTalent
  25. 25. #SystemsOfAlgorithms #EcoSystemsOfCitizens
  26. 26. #TechnologicalDisobedience
  27. 27. #CitizensMakers
  28. 28. TRANSLOKAL Bragança
  29. 29. S. XXI = Siglo de las Ciudades 1.  Única esperanza para la convivencia y la prosperidad democrática 2. Mentalidad metropolitana: Cosmopolitismo, diversidad, respeto, curiosidad, reciprocidad/interdependencia e innovación. 3. R-Urbanidad = Rural + Urbano: Metabolismo, equilibrio y sostenibilidad. By @CdF_IM
  30. 30. #Translocalism #Smartourism #Smartravel Small is BeauJful… …as long as is Smartly well Connected
  31. 31. 10 Estratégias Translocais
  32. 32. Social Entrepreneurs By @icalzada #MultiStakeholders Calzada, I. (2013), Critical Social Innovation in the Smart City era for a City-Regional European Horizon 2020. Journal of Public Policies & Territory P3T. Vol 2, Nº 6 (2013): Social Innovation & Territory. Winter. pp. 1-20. #PENTAHELIX Calzada, I. (2016), (Un)Plugging Smart Cities with Urban Transformations: Towards Multistakeholder City-Regional Complex Urbanity?, URBS, Revista de Estudios Urbanos y Ciencias Sociales Journal, 6(2), 25-45. 6(2). 25-45. < Accessed on 10th November 2016 http://www2.ual.es/urbs/index.php/urbs/article/view/calzada >
  33. 33. hlp://www.regionalstudies.org/conferences/special-sessions/ss-dublin-2017 #CallForPapers #CfP
  34. 34. hlp:// www.urbantransformaJons.ox.ac.uk/ blog/2016/unplugging-data-in-smart- city-regions-bridging-european-urban- transformaJons-esrc-workshop-series- european-smart-ciJzens-as-decision- makers-rather-than-data-providers/
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  37. 37. Dr Igor Calzada, MBA Urban Transforma:ons & Future of Ci:es University of Oxford @icalzada www.igorcalzada.com igor.calzada@compas.ox.ac.uk Skype: icalzada (0) 1865 274687 Obrigado Thanks Eskerrik asko Gracias