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Smart home system - Smart Life Town - New Cairo

Imagine yourself dominant everything around. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But this is possible today, with technology that is brought to you by IC Group Smart System solution.

Sitting in one place, you can control the whole house devices with only a click of a button. You can change the lighting mode or adjust the AC temperature settings. You can also play your favorite songs without having to move from your place or go anywhere. And while you think that this is all what is there is to offer, think twice. Think of your home appliances that alter from normal to automatic.

Modes like "Party Mode" where we program to set the sprinklers off at specific times, as well as lights and AC at all times. These are just a few examples of what home automation does.

Controlling all of your household functions with ease and efficiency, with just a click of one command.

Technology has dominated all aspects of our life nowadays. The extra amount paid for the automation solution will in the end turn into a very lavish scene.

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Smart home system - Smart Life Town - New Cairo

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