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Slide idea

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Slide idea

  1. 1. SlideIdeaSlide your ideas!
  2. 2. Mobility with a touch• New technologies have changed consumer behaviors. We have entered the world of mobility: people can access, connect and share from every corner of the world. Our aim is to make peoples life easier and therefore we created a tool that will enable you to with the touch of your fingers create, edit and finish your presentation wherever you are.• SlideIdea is a great set of tools that has combined the making and showing of your presentation with cool and smart features. The smooth and intuitive design will make your presentation surprisingly easy to make either you are in a train, in a plane, at home or in a rush just before a meeting. SlideIdea includes great features such as whiteboard, a pointer and colored pens to facilitate your presentation and increase interactions with your audience. No need for any external tools to make your point clear, SlideIdea has it all built in!
  3. 3. Put your ideas on slide:If you are using presentations tools in your everydaylife, maybe you are a teacher, a student or a businessrepresentative and you need to make presentations fastand easy using smart touch based features with impressiveresult on PC and tablets, SlideIdea is the perfect tool foryou.Use SlideIdea on your tablet and create your presentationson the go. With our great play function to your advantageyou can also use the tablet during yourpresentations where you have a virtual awhiteboard, pointer and colored pens to help you facilitatefor your audience. With SlideIdea you can impress youraudience with the elegance and smoothness of theinteraction between tools, design and your own creativity.
  4. 4. Touch your ideas• SlideIdea is a presentation tool with a • SlideIdea emphasize simplicity and new approach to how you can create our product is easy and fast to use and play your presentation in a which will increase your efficiency mobile world. Through our new when creating and pleasure when integrated tools you can interact and playing it for others. The smooth engage your audience through great touch based design increases the picture display and with a whiteboard feeling when creating and navigating to assist your presentation. SlideIdea through features and will run on your PC and tablet making presentations, touch have the great it mobile and editable wherever you advantage of master the natural flow. are. Features will be recognized Choose from a variety of themes and through their comfort and suitability templates, edit your pictures and let to use, enabled through the touch them be your background and play a technology. central role in the presentation. Let your creative free and wow your audience with a cool, smooth and interactive presentation
  5. 5. Values- Mobility:We support mobility. Today’s world is filled with opportunities and with thatcomes a busy lifestyle and people always on the run. Through the help of newtechnologies we can save and gain time and money, we want to play a big role inthat development. We want to help people increase their ability to move andbeing flexible.- Touch:What is more natural than just point and touch the things we want with ourfingers? The Touch technology have the advantage of being really easy to use andmaneuver, it enables natural gestures and moves that a mouse does not do. Whenyour touch interaction feels natural the user experience is often great.- Interaction:We are tired of dull presentation. We want to provide tools that can make peoplemake more out of their work and to interact, share and communicate great ideas.We believe that with right tools and features people can make great things fastand easy.
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